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Sunday, 6 January 2008

Most popular sports in Malaysia

Below is the top 10 most popular sports in Malaysia based on my opinion:
1. Football (it's so obvious that many people supported the Big 4 in EPL)
2. Badminton (will our 1st gold medal arrive in the Olympics this year?)
3. Golf (the businessmen would always conclude deals on the course while playing)
4. F1 (who doesn't like racing? There are already many daring racers on the Malaysian road nowadays, even the police acts as backmarkers)
5. DotA (Who wouldn't resist playing it? You can see it in schools or CC)
6. Counter-strike (There are all kinds of CS games nowadays: classic, Condition-Zero, Source, etc...)
7. Ragnarok Online (I don't really understand why it is so fun to play. I only see characters walking here and there doing lots of crap stuff)
8. Microsoft X-Box 360 (one of the best indoor sports using only your hands and fingers, very addictive)
9. Play Station (from PS to the likes of PS3 and PSP, when will they ever stop?)
10. Nintendo Wii (the best indoor exercising by holding the remote and imagine you're really exercising, it's a health hazard..)

Other outdoor sports that can possibly break into the top 10 if people appreciate outdoors more nowadays..
a) Lawn bowl (just bowl it until it reaches the small target ball for points)
b) Tennis (any Roger Federer wannabes here in Malaysia?)
c) Fishing (it's unfortunate that we are not allowed to fish in public areas, it would have been an instant hit)
d) Boxing (which parents would want to see their children get hurt? sounds crazy enough though)
e) Swimming (it's an essential skill to learn in this flood-hit country)

Well, that's all, I guess. Till then, Assalamualaikum (Peace be upon you)