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Monday, 31 October 2011

Internal marks for 2011 (Sem 2)

AFW3021 - 34.5/40 (HD)
AFW3041 - 20/30 (C)
AFW3050 - 29/40 (D)
ECW3143 - 25.5/30 (HD)

My internal marks are already known with certainty now, with my 1st paper coming up this Wednesday, which is AFW3021 (Performance Measurement & Control), followed by ECW3143 (Economics of Money & Banking) on Friday, followed by AFW3050 (Financial Accounting Issues) next Tuesday, and finally AFW3041 (Auditing & Assurance) on the 15th, also on a Tuesday.

And so, if you noticed the sequence, they arranged my exam papers according to how strong my internal marks is by chance. I just hope the AFW3021 paper won't be as screwed up as last year (I saw the past year, it was hell). I need to practice a lot for AFW3050, or I'll forget what entries to put in. It's a good thing I got 1 whole week to study Auditing, so that ain't so bad. For ECW3143, I finished most of my notes, as it's just a matter of remembering it.

Wednesday, 5 October 2011

P195 - Bandar Kuching

N9 - Padungan
Wong King Wei (DAP) = 11,957 votes (+11,957)
Sim Kiang Chiok (SUPP-BN) = 4,073 votes (-2,512)
Dominique Ng Kim Ho (Bebas) = 439 votes (-7,563)

Majority = 7,884 votes [2006 = 1,417 votes]
No. of voters = 23,499
Voters turnout (without spoilt votes) = 70.08%

Chinese 91%; Melanau 5%; Iban 1.6%; Bidayuh 1.1%; Others 1%; Orang Ulu 0.1%

This seat was previously held by the now independent Ng Kim Ho, who had quit PKR due to the dispute for this seat with the DAP. When DAP had agreed with PKR to fight in this seat, he left. Regardless, it shows that voters vote based on party, and almost no emphasis on candidate, as he had found out to his cost. Due to the wave of anti-Taib, the urbanites rose to the call and gave DAP a thumping majority over the waning SUPP. However, one must note that this is a Chinese majority seat, and it is no surprise that the sentiments of the East Malaysian Chinese are similar to those of the counterparts of West Malaysia.

N10 - Pending
Violet Yong Wui Wui (DAP) = 14,375 votes (+3,223)
Sim Kui Hian (SUPP-BN) = 6,780 votes (-480)

Majority = 7,595 votes [2006 = 4,372 votes]
No. of voters = 29,375
Voters turnout [without spoilt votes] = 72.02%

Chinese 90%; Melanau 5%; Iban 3%; Bidayuh 1.4%; Others 0.5%; Orang Ulu 0.1%

This seat is still a stronghold of DAP, a fortress that became even more formidable as the recent state elections suggest. It also suggests that the urban areas are mostly anti-establishment, making it very difficult for BN to regain their footing due to the age of the Internet. But like the Padungan seat, this is another Chinese majority seat, and it's no surprise to see DAP having a strong foothold on it. They are recruiting as many non-Chinese members as they can, but I don't believe that they still have the confidence to fight in seats that are not Chinese majority. But one thing is for sure, parties like MCA and SUPP are depending upon UMNO and PBB for their survival in this difficult political climate.

To sum it all up, all I can say to BN is that they can forget Kuching. It's so urban that for them to win, they have to ask the pigs to literally fly. That is how impossible it is.

Total: Non-BN 26,332 - 10,853 BN

Prediction for next GE: DAP to retain Bandar Kuching hands down...