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Monday, 11 July 2011

My recent uni results

1st of all, I can't praise Allah highly enough for His endless bliss in my life.

AFW3040 - Accounting Theory
Internal marks: 18.5/30
Exam marks: 52.5/70
Total: 71/100 (Distinction)

BTW3221 - Taxation Law & Practice
Internal marks: 21/30
Exam marks: 49/70
Total: 70/100 (Distinction)

ECW3146 - Regional Development & Policy
Internal marks: 33/40
Exam marks: 48/60
Total: 81/100 (High Distinction)

ECW3830 - Business, Competition & Regulation
Internal marks: 24/30
Exam marks: 57/70
Total: 81/100 (High Distinction)

Friday, 8 July 2011

P194 - Petra Jaya

N6 - Tupong
Daud bin Abdul Rahman (PBB-BN) = 8,304 votes (+1,419)
Baharuddin @ Din Shah bin Mokhsen (PKR) = 3,753 votes (+1,440)

Majority = 4,551 votes [2006 = 4,572 votes]
No. of voters = 17,253
Voters turnout (without spoilt votes) = 69.88%

Melanau 79.6%; Chinese 19%; Iban 0.5%; Others 0.5%; Bidayuh 0.4%

BN's majority in Tupong has relatively remained around the same level as in 2006, albeit reduced by only 21 votes. Both parties have increased their vote base, although PBB still has a strong footing among the Melanau voters.

N7 - Samariang
Sharifah Hasidah bt Sayeed Aman Ghazali (PBB-BN) = 8,008 votes (+2,643)
Zulrusdi bin Mohamad Hol (PKR) = 2,577 votes (-300)

Majority = 5,431 votes (2006 = 2,488 votes)
No. of voters = 15,543
Voters turnout (without spoilt votes) = 68.1%

Melanau 89.19%; Bidayuh 7.14%; Others 1.84%; Chinese 1.83%

PBB had a big swing in its favour, further consolidating their position in Sarawak with the ever present influence of Taib Mahmud among the Samariang voters. PKR suffered a decline in support here, due partly to the announcement of appointing Baru Bian as new CM if PR had won in Sarawak.

N8 - Satok
Abg Abd Rahman Zohari bin Abg Openg (PBB-BN) = 4,691 votes (+469)
Ahmad Nazib bin Johari (PKR) = 1,891 votes (+467)

Majority = 2,800 votes (2006 = 2,798 votes)
No. of voters = 10,447
Voters turnout (without spoilt votes) = 63%

Melanau 80.3%; Chinese 19%; Iban 0.4%; Others 0.2%; Bidayuh 0.1%

PBB's majority increased by 2 votes from 2006, as both parties gained an increase in vote base. With this being another majority Melanau seat, it is no surprise that PBB has a firm footing in Sarawak for a long time.

To sum it all up, I have only 2 words to say to PKR: FORGET IT!

BN 21,003 - 8,221 Non-BN

Prediction for next GE: BN to retain Petra Jaya hands down...

Tuesday, 5 July 2011

BERSIH 2.0 compromise

I would just like to make a statement to say a job well done to the Yang di-Pertuan Agong for intervening in the BERSIH crisis and to allow BERSIH and Najib to reach a compromise. At least BERSIH are now able to rally in the stadium without really affecting KL traffic on July 9, and to Najib, well done for being able to show that you are a leader that can compromise, although I am still not happy as a citizen that the PSM6 (including the Sungai Siput MP) are still being held under the draconian Emergency Ordinance. As much as you want to leave it to the police, you have to intervene to show your good side of democracy. It is high time to correct the wrongs that you made in the 1st place.


Waiting for results

AFW3040 - Accounting Theory
Internals: 18.5/30

BTW3221 - Income Tax Law
Internals: 21/30

ECW3830 - Business, Competition & Regulation
Internals: 24/30

ECW3146 - Regional Development & Policy
Internals: 33/40

Results will be coming out this Sunday night... Pray hard for good results...