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Sunday, 28 June 2009

My review of Semester 1 (Year 1)

First things first. I took 5 subjects for this semester. Islamic Studies, Intro to Management, Principles of Accounting & Finance, Biz & Econs Stats, and Introductory Micro. I've already explained about my orientation day in uni. Just check out my previous posts at the side of my blog.

1. Intro to Management

Management is what I'm going to talk about first. My lecturer is Dr. Elaine Chew and my tutor is Puan Noor Aziana. They're two really cool people. I've learned part of management before back in my pre-U, so I hoped I would learn more new things about management at the time. The theories such as scientific management by Taylor and Maslow's hierarchy of needs has come back to haunt me somehow in this subject. I did learn something new about Fayol's management functions. Planning, organising, leading, controlling. Whatever we do involves at least one of the functions no matter what. At first, I was really into this subject. Then... I got bored because of the huge textbook. Darn it, I said. How the hell am I going to know which is going to come out for exams? During the last week before exam, I only realised that what I need to read is in the outline. OH NO!!! How can I be so stupid at this point? After all, it's been in the guideline. *Sigh* Oh well, come exam time, I think I did OK. It's just that I had trouble managing time when it comes to exams.

2. Business & Economics Statistics

Hmm...seems like a new subject to me, although probability is nothing new. To know which factors are significant or not depends on the p-value. Hmm...sounds simple ain't it? I bet you don't even know what it means. ;P Oh well, it doesn't matter. Now I have another unrealistic life-long dream. To write a book about which factors are significant in determining the results of the general and by-elections. Sounds silly alright. My lecturer is Dr. Soo Siew Choo and my comp-lab tutor is Ms. Jane Teh. Lucky for me, I had allocated my tutorial first before the 2 lectures. It helps me in understanding what I learn in the lectures, although I have to admit that I sometimes fall asleep in lectures. Darn it, I wish I could have paid more attention in my lecture. Overall, statistics is interesting. I don't think anyone can run away from statistics. It's there for the taking. This is the only subject that I rarely studied except when it is near exams. I also thought I did OK for this exam, although I did leave a few blanks because I didn't studied them. *Sigh* what a waste it was.

3. Principles of Accounting & Finance

Welcome back to secondary school. It was almost like what I did last time around. Although, finance is something new to me and fun as well because of the calculations involved. Oh yes, who could forget the add maths formula of compound and simple interest? Yes, it applies in our life. Savings and loans especially. My lecturer and tutor was Dr. Ravi Narayanan. A really cool tutor I must say. He called me the "dominant one" in class because I was always the first to answer, especially for financial accounting. For me, it is important when possible to have the same tutor and lecturer so that I can get used to his teaching style and understang better. However, one part of Accounting that really killed me literally was Management accounting. That involves a lot of memorising, and an integral part of the exams. *Sigh* I knew I screwed up that part during my exam. I don't even know the definition of corporate governance. Great! Hurrah to my ownself for screwing up pretty good.

4. Introductory Microeconomics

Aaaa....the realms of IBDP. *Sigh* Almost everything was child's play to me in this part of economics. Opportunity cost, taxes, subsidies, trade, who wouldn't know it? Even supply and demand. Hehe, I like drawing the diagrams because, the picture tells a 1000 words. My lecturer and tutor is Dr. Ergun Dogan. Quite a boring one, well, almost. :P I can easily get distracted in my microecons lecture, although I did try my best to pay attention in his tutorial and be proactive. I mean...that's what students are supposed to do, right? However, I will always thread my subjects with caution... One of my friends got Distinction grade for every subject except Microecons. Credit only for Microecons. What the... and that's the only subject that he has solid background in. Wow, what a turnaround. Looks like I can't take Microecons as easy as it looked. Na'ah, it's harder than you think. Back to square one. So, I studied this from day one onwards and I don't want to screw this up like I screwed Management accounting. So, for the exams, I exited 40 minutes early before the 3 hour mark was up because I had finished by then and feel good about most of my answers, I think.

The sweet taste of freedom after that because it was my last paper before this short 1 month holiday. Very short indeed... Even 10 days had passed already. Time flies mate. Looks like I'll be wasting the rest of my holiday with games. I wish I would have been in Manek Urai to help the opposition defend its seat. Because my mom can't go, plus my dad doesn't allow me to go because my mom can't go, so I can't help the campaign. How did I plan to help? First, I have to walk among the UMNO people, be an observer at first. Then, if I had the opportunity, I would ask the people discretely to vote for the moon. *Sigh* How can I change events so significantly with that small contribution. Yes, there are no prizes for guessing that party. So...we'll see on July 14.


Friday, 26 June 2009

10 laluan menuju ke akhirat

Oleh : Hazlan hj. Mohammad

10 laluan yg dilalui oleh manusia sehingga akhirat

Hisablah diri kita sama ada kita dapat melepasi 10 imigresen untuk
bertemu Allah...

10 Laluan Yang Bakal Dilalui Oleh
Manusia Dari Dunia Sampai Akhirat:

Bagaimana memudahkannya?

a. Jauhkan dari perbuatan mengumpat & mengeji
b. Hindarkan perasaan irihati (benci)
c. Jangan terpengaruh dengan harta dunia
d. Sucikan kadha' hajat dgn istibra (berdehem selepas buang air

a. Bersihkan diri dengan bertaubat
b. Gembirakan hati orang Mu'min
c. Bayar semula kadha' (solat & puasa) yang tertinggal
d. Kasih sepenuh hati kepada ALLAH Taala

a. Mengucap dua kalimah syahadat
b. Suka memberi sedekah
c. Berkata benar
d. Bersihkan dan perbaiki hati

a. Belajar atau mengajar ilmu yang bermanafaat
b. Sucikan perkataan dan pakaian
c. Bersyukur dengan yang sedikit
d. Suka dan redha dengan yang didatangkan oleh ALLAH

a. Jauhkan perkataan yang sia-sia
b. Pendekkan cita-cita dunia
c. Banyakkan puji-pujian kepada ALLAH
d. Banyakkan sedekah dan khairat

a. Kasihilah aulia ALLAH Ta'ala
b. Berbaktilah kepada kedua ibubapa
c. Berpegang teguh dengan hukum syara'
d. Bercakap perkataan yang baik sesama makhluk

a. Banyakkan membaca al-Quran
b. Banyakkan menangis kerana dosa-dosa yang lalu
c. Tinggalkan perkara yang maksiat
d. Jauhkan segala yang haram

a. Membuat kebajikan seberapa banyak yang boleh
b. Kasihi orang yang soleh
c. Kerjakan segala suruh-suruhan ALLAH
d. Merendahkan diri di antara semua makhluk ALLAH

a. Kasihilah Nabi ALLAH
b. Kasihilah Rasulluah
c. Tuntutilah yang difardhukan oleh ALLAH
d. Banyakkan selawat Nabi S.a.w.

a. Serahkan seluruh jiwa raga kepada ALLAH
b. Hindarkan diri dari menderhaka kepada ALLAH
c. Betulkan dan baikkan i'tiqad kepada ALLAH
d. Bencikan segala yang diharamkan-Nya.

Wednesday, 17 June 2009

Exams in progress

My estimated internal marks for each subject:
1. Islamic Studies - 38/50
2. Accounting & Finance - 33/40
3. Introductory Microecons - 23/30
4. Intro to Management - 35/50
5. Biz & Econs Statistics - 24.6/30

4 subjects down in the exam. 1 to go. Microecons. My best hope for a HD (high distinction). Tomorrow. 1.30pm. I'll be there, or I'll be square, Insya-Allah.

Below is my review over how I felt over the papers done so far:

Islamic Studies - Well, some of the questions are easy and some of the questions have tricky answers up their sleeves. Thus, I hope I can get at least 32/50 from how I answered. 38 + 32 = 70 (Distinction)

Accounting & Finance - I can assure myself I have screwed up in Management accounting. I don't even remember what corporate governance is. *Sigh* I only wish I hadn't slacked in the last 2 weeks leading up to the exam period. My expectations based on how I answered and how I screwed up in Management accounting, I would say 65/100 = 39/60. 33 + 39 = 72 (Distinction)

Intro to Management - I was glad that most of the questions were to my liking. However, my time management is absolutely poor. I couldn't even finish question (a) of Part 3 Essay question. I would estimate I lost 15 marks from there. But from how I answered, I hope I can get at least 70/100 = 35/50 for the paper. 35 + 35 = 70 (Distinction)

Biz & Econs Stats - Hmm...the nightmare of how I did the past year paper as practice seems to be behind me in this case. However, there's one question where I don't even know how to answer. 14 marks lost from there. But I feel good about most of my answers, I hope. So... I'm hoping to get at least 66/100 = 46.2/70 from that paper. 24.6 + 46.2 = 70.8 --> 71 (Distinction)

Therefore, leaving Microecons up for grabs. Sure, it may sound easy because I've learned it before but I must throw caution to the wind. One of my friends who had a strong background in Microecons last time could only manage to get Credit for that paper, while in other subjects where he doesn't have a background, he got Distinction for each. So... it sounds like either strict marking or carelessness that will creep in. I wouldn't want to let my carelessness sneak into my mind. It will be a recipe for disaster if I let that happen.

Monday, 15 June 2009

Some political news (random)

Just today, Nizar and 6 other MPs were banned from Parliament for 2 days for raising the issue of dissolving the Perak State Assembly. Guess what Nazri called him. "Short-circuited brain." It's so easy to call someone who is short-circuited that has gone through the painful process of regaining the rightful post and failed at the same time. I'm sure you would have been short-circuited as well Nazri if you were in Nizar's position. :P Duh.

Anwar meanwhile, suggests that Chin Peng be allowed to return to Malaysia on humanitarian grounds. But further he said, it does not mean we accept what he did in the past (as expected, mainstream media twisted his words anyhow, especially Utusan). Yes, true. Chin Peng seeded a lot of fear in the hearts of Malaysians at the time. But we must not forget how Japanese soldiers plundered Malaysian citizens during World War 2 and we forgave them somehow. Of course, if Indonesian rebels/communists are allowed back in to their country and live a peaceful life, what about Chin Peng? A man of 85 years is no more a threat to the country. If you all still think he's a threat, why don't you just put him under ISA then? Duh. :P You can all still put Mas Selamat Kastari under ISA even though he belongs to Singapore. Just extradite him back to where he came from.

Zaid the man has somehow joined PKR after floating on the political market for months since being sacked by UMNO for attending PKR and DAP dinners on invitation from friends. Such low tolerance I must say... Close to zero tolerance as far as I'm concerned. Zaid Ibrahim is an asset to any political party in Malaysia. For UMNO to kick him out is just unfortunate. He had big reforms planned for UMNO and yet they didn't listen to him. Same like Ku Li in this case (except that Ku Li is still in UMNO). By the way, it was Ku Li who had first raised the issue of unity government, not Tok Guru Hadi Awang. If Ku Li became PM, only then the unity government can be realised. But that's just not the case.

Ah well, that's all for politics for the day. Back to playing Football Manager 2009. By the way, I suggest you visit this blog who makes fun of both BN and PR. This should bring a smile to your day. It is this blog who had tricked RPK about the police brutality video. LOL! What a joke! So cool wei...

Monday, 8 June 2009

% update before coming exams

As I write this, my exam will start tomorrow (Tuesday, 1-3pm). I have received some of my assignments back.'s the current percentage that I have now for each subject:
1. Islamic Studies - 38/50 (another 50% up for grabs in exam)
2. Business and Economics Statistics - 24/30 (another 70% up for grabs in exam)
3. Principles of Accounting & Finance - 33/40 (another 60% up for grabs in exam)
4. Introduction to Management - 11/15 (still haven't got back my assignment 2 yet, which is 25%, and the remaining 60% is up for grabs in exam)
5. Introductory Microeconomics - 23/30 (another 70% up for grabs in exam)

My target in exam (based on my preparation so far)
1. Islamic Studies - 32/50
2. Biz & Econs Stats - 36/70
3. Accounts - 40/60
4. Management - 50/85
5. Microecons - 60/70

So technically, I'm most confident with microeconomics. However, I must never forget the golden rule in an exam. READ THE QUESTION THOROUGHLY. Once I misread the question, I'm a dead duck. So, I end this post with a prayer.

Ya Allah, permudahkanlah urusanku dalam menjawab soalan peperiksaan nanti. Amin.