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Saturday, 28 February 2009


Alright, first the Work Minister announces that there will be a toll hike at 5 highways, with the North-South Expressway expected to have the highest toll hike. Then, with the public outcry, the Cabinet decided to DEFER (postpone, not abandon) the toll hikes indefinitely (till the end of this year).

With by-elections coming up on 7 April, this move is more likely to save themselves from embarassment. If they go on with the toll hike, they would look like idiots because we're in technical recession and the low-income people have already more than enough burden on their shoulders. Why make them suffer more? (Ya, protector of Malays... ironic I must say)

Anyway, deferment does not swing votes to BN. (Don't insult people's intelligence) Petrol hike, necessities price hike (mind you, it stays high until now), Valuecap (RM5 billion from KWSP into a volatile market), unconstitutional takeover of Perak, the pre-agreement to privatise IJN (only to suffer a setback, thank God), Perak crisis, etc... Now those issues are vote swingers from BN to PR.

Back to the toll story. PLUS Expressways Berhad made a profit before tax of RM1.5 billion for the year ended 31 December 2008. That's way better than the RM1.3 billion profit before tax for the previous year.

The government to pay RM287 million in compensation to the concessionaires:
1. PLUS - RM195 million
2. Sprint - RM36 million
3. Akleh - RM27 million
4. Besraya - RM9 million
5. NPE - RM20 million

Yup, that RM287 million is the people's money. Either we pay for the toll hike, or the government uses public funds to compensate the CONcessionaires. What a CONcessionaire deal it was. Either way, we still lose.

Now, the question is, should our national highways be nationalised once more? YES.

Look, the government owns 64% of PLUS via Khazanah/UEM. Another 10% is held by the EPF. Another 7% is owned by th government-run unit trust and pension funds. So, why not nationalise? By nationalising, we can reduce the toll rates while maintaining employment at the same time. SMART DEAL, right? From the toll collection, we can then use the money to improve public transport and do public projects to help the poor people.

However, our government seemed reluctant to nationalise the highways. Why kill the golden goose then? And so, it remains privatised till now, for whatever the interest in keeping the highways privatised is a BIG BIG question. For cronies and nepotists? Hmm... All seemed fishy... Since the government is reluctant to reform itself, the only way to nationalise the highway is to bring down the government during the next general election. Or it will be BN (Bad News) for most of the 'rakyat'.

Orientation week at Monash (Part 5)

Today is the MOlympic Games at Monash. I woke up early and went to uni early. I arrived at the uni at 8.30am and I still see preparations ongoing for the games. So, I head to the library but it's still closed. It opened a few minutes later and into the library I went. I studied a bit of management again like the previous days and talked politics with Yu Win. At this point, I found 4 opposition supporters (including me) and 4 fence sitters in Monash. Swell...

At 9.30am, I exited the library with Yu Win and watched the start if the Games. Since we both belong to the School of Business Alpha group, we thought that we're not gonna participate in the games. So, we went to the tent.

Then, the Alpha group lacked people for blindfold football. So I joined that. It was real hard playing football while blindfolded. I couldn't see a thing. In the end, my team lost to the other school (couldn't remember whether it was engineering or arts).

There were other events as well. The most exciting is hydro-balloon war, where we see people get wet. Haha. After the war was over, it was then chaos. Everyone was running away to avoid getting wet. Some managed to escape. But I was caught wet anyhow as I try to get one of the water balloons to throw at anyone in sight of my radar.

At 11.30am, Chun Meng, Yu Win and I went to the MUSA lounge to play ping pong. Yu Win doesn't play ping pong but Chun Meng does. It's safe to say that Chun Meng is better than I do because of his backhand smashes (I was defenceless against this attack). Then, we were done with playing at 12.15pm. Then Amy saw us and asked us where we went. We said we were at the lounge playing ping pong. "No wonder I couldn't find you guys," Amy said. Hahahaha.

Then, I went back home to do Friday prayers after that. After Friday prayers, I went straight back to school to attend a compulsory workshop for Business and Commerce students. By the time I arrived at the auditorium, the place was really full. So, I had no choice but to sit at the stairs like the others who didn't get a seat. I listened to the speaker attentively as the talk was really useful and lots of humour included. I was really laughing my ass off. LOL!

After the workshop is over, I went back home. It was a really tiring day and I retired to sleep. ZZZZZZZZZZZZZZZZZZZZZZZZZZZZZZZZZZZZZZZZZZZZZZZZZZZZZZZZZZZZZZZZZZ

Thursday, 26 February 2009

Orientation week at Monash (Part 4)

I got nothing much to do at home as I woke up at 10am [Before that, I already woke up at 4.15am and slept back at 7.30am]. So, I ate Quaker Oats for breakfast and I decided that I should come for the transitional and assertive skills workshop which is to be held at 2pm.

So, I exited my house from 11am and I went to drop by Jasema, where I buy some of my stationary. After that, off to Monash I go using the LDP.

I arrived at 11.30am and proceeded to the library to continue studying management. At 1pm, I exited the library and had my lunch at the cafeteria. Well, the food is not that bad. I wonder which students would complain about the food there...

Anyhow, as I'm done with lunch, I proceeded to level 3 of the School of Business where the workshop is to be held in 2 of the tutorial rooms. Transitional skills workshop was presented by the MUSA president. It was really interesting and with lots of humour at the same time. The station games held after the presentation was less interesting though.

And so, off I go to the Assertive skills workshop with the other students in the other tutorial room. The workshop was presented by the Counselling of Monash Uni. It was a pretty useful talk which helps me to indicate whether I am an aggressive person, an assertive person or a passive person. I met new friends at the same time like Jonathan, Anson (sounds like handsome), etc...

After the workshop is over, I head off to the library with Amy to help another new friend with his allocation of the timetable. This new friend's name was Ken. And bingo, another pro-opposition supporter. Looks like it is reaping benefits almost every time I meet a new friend. Haha. Anyway, me and Amy helped Ken with his timetable and then we're done. Then, I introduced my blog to Ken and he links it on his blog. My blog is mostly political but I do post some personal stories of mine, such as this. Haha.

Library closed at 5.30pm and I went home after that. On my journey home, I was stuck in a traffic jam. Ouch. Luckily for me it's a slow moving traffic, so it's not that bad. I reached home at 6.30pm and I did some laundry after that. From there, I surfed the Net.

Tomorrow is the MOlympic Games and I've decided to come because Chun Meng wants to play ping pong with me. So, I'm bringing my bats and ball tomorrow. Haha.

Wednesday, 25 February 2009

Orientation week at Monash (Part 3)

So, I have nothing much on on Wednesday. I went to Midvalley with my mom in the morning. Then, in the afternoon, I went to Monash in order to collect my student ID. Before I do that, I went to the library to do some reading on Management, which will be one of the units that I will be learning in Monash. Then, I went down to Level 1 of the library to find Yu Win. After that, we chatted for while and head off to the Admin building to collect our ID. We took the stairs to Level 2 of the Admin building where the Student Administration counter is located. It was quite a long line but fast.

As me and Yu Win lined up, a girl popped out of nowhere and said to both of us: "Is this where we collect out student IDs?" Me and Yu Win said, "Yup." Then we introduced ourselves to Amy. After collecting our IDs we sat down on the chairs near the counter and have a little chat, especially on politics. She's a fence sitter so, she's not on anyone's side. Haha, it's very interesting to talk to Amy. Yup, it's quite easy to find common ground in what we discussed. Then, at 3pm, she had to go somewhere else and pick up her brother and send him for his futsal. So, goodbye greetings were exchanged.

After she left, me and Yu Win went to explore the campus where our lessons will be held. Since we have to adjust our own timetable, we have classes at different times. And so, we explored for any possible shortcuts and locate the tutorial rooms. It was quite worth it actually as we get to know the campus better.

After we're done with exploring, we went to the library and I continued reading on Management. We had a chat at the same time so it's a bit hard to focus. Haha. At 4.40pm, I went home feeling tired again. But not as tired as the day before. Thank God.

And so, tomorrow, I will attend a transitional issues & assertive skills workshop at 2pm. I just can't wait to meet more new friends. I'm still adapting to the conditions at Monash and sooner or later, I will break out of the shy barrier.

Orientation week at Monash (Part 2)

On Tuesday, there's another orientation. This time is specifically for Business and Commerce students like me. And so, before the orientation starts at 10am, I was in the admin building waiting for Yu Win as he applies for PTPTN loan. So, I talked to this Australian girl, Emily. Yup, the first Australian I've talked to within Monash. She's a nice girl from Perth. She came to Monash because her dad works in Malaysia. We had a little chat about other stuff as well.

After that, orientation starts in Auditorium 2 with all the welcome addresses and also briefings by each of the department majors for Business and Commerce. So, for the moment, I have decided to do a major in accounting.

At 11.40am, I exited the auditorium with Yu Win because I haven't sorted out my timetable yet and I need to retrieve my Authcate ID and password which was lost in a freak accident. So, we went to the library and used the library computers there to allocate our timetable.

Then, an hour later, we exited the library to have our lunch at the cafeteria. And so, I was introduced by Yu Win to his senior friend, Andy Choong, who knows Monash at the point of his fingertips. Yu Win said that the Sunway campus is Najib's pet project and this university has pro-BN leanings. So he said to me that I had to be careful with what I say or I'll end up in ISA. LOL! Yea, Yu Win knows better than I do. Anyway, the three of us are pro-opposition. So that's a start. Haha.

Anyway, it doesn't matter what political affliations that we belong to. As long as we can make friends with the others based on common ground, then I'm fine with it. Who says BN and PR supporters cannot get along together, eh? Where's the peace man... Haha.

After that, we had our library orientation at the same auditorium until 2pm. Then, we are to be sorted in groups for our Monash tour around the campus. And so, I'm in group A41. From there, I met new friends. They introduced themselves to me and I introduced myself to them. And so, touring the campus we go. We were exposed to the inside-outs of Monash. So, yea, the tour is quite interesting. Lastly, we are to have our photos taken for our student ID. Also, I meet new friends who are Petronas scholars introduced by Aleen and Fatin. Ati, Sarah and Izah. Yup, those were the names. Nice to know them. Haha. =)

After getting my photo taken, I went home feeling really really tired. Fuh...letih gila aa.. Let's see what Wednesday has in store for me.

Orientation week at Monash (Part 1)

This week is orientation week at Monash. Monday was the general orientation. So, I managed to meet up with my IB friends from Petronas. Aleen, Kay, Fatin and Amin. They say Hafiz is joining Monash but he didn't came for the orientation. Pity. Also, I met up with my 2 new friends I made from the course counselling session on 11 Feb. They are Yu Win and Chun Meng. Yup, both are Arsenal fans. But yea, they're cool. Also, I met my best friend from secondary school, Hazwan Khalis, during the orientation.

So, this is how it went on Monday:

9-9.30am: Registration at Concourse Area
9.30-9.35am: Welcome to Monash by MC (Student Council Representative)
9.35-9.40am: Welcome address by Pro-Vice Chancellor and President
9.40-9.45am: Monash University Student Association (MUSA) President welcome address
9.45-10am: Introduction to Campus and Services
10-10.30am: Introduction to MUSA
10.30-11am: MOlympic Games Recruitment
11am-1pm: Outdoor activities, carnival games, refreshments.

And so, during the carnival games, I manage to win myself a pen and 2 notebooks. Haha. Anyway, at this point, I'm still shy to mix with the other students. Maybe tomorrow, I might be able to break out of the shy barrier.

Sunday, 22 February 2009

Ambillah sebagai pengajaran...

Anak kepada Ahmad Said Hamdan Pengerusi Suruhanjaya Rasuah Malaysia bernama AHMAD SHAUQI BIN AHMAD SAID yang bekerja sebagai seorang Juruterbang MAS telah ditangkap dan didenda oleh mahkamah Australia kerana kesalahan membawa masuk bahan lucah kanak-kanak bawah umur (child ponography) ke negara Australia .

Ahmad Shauqi bin Ahmad Said kelihatan digari di Mahkamah Majistret Adelaide kerana dituduh mengimpot bahan yang dilarang. Pegawai kastam Australia menahan Shauqi yang berumur 25 di Lapangan Terbang Antarabangsa Adelaide semalam, selepas menemui 3 fail video mengandungi bahan lucah kanak-kanak bawah umur.

Video-video itu bertajuk "Reped (sic) Virgin', "10-Year Old" dan "High School Students." "Bahan-bahan itu menjijikkan dan sangat tidak boleh diterima - sesiapa yang baik akan menerima kesan buruknya," kata Majistret Simon Smart.

Mr Smart berkata terdapat satu adegan rogol yang memaparkan seorang kanak-kanak perempuan bawah 18 tahun yang dipaksa untuk mengadakan hubungan seks dengan seorang lelaki yang lebih tua usianya.

Sementara itu, Syarikat Penerbangan MAS telah menggantung Ahmad Shauqi nombor kakitangannya 1086993 daripada melakukan penerbangan bagi membolehkan satu siasatan dalaman diambil oleh syarikat penerbangan nasional berkenaan.

Beberapa forum di internet melihat kehinaan yang menimpa Ahmad Said Hamdan ini adalah sebagai satu "balasan" terhadap sikap Pengerusi SPRM yang telah menjadi bahan kritikan rakyat yang dianggap terlalu "banyak melakukan kesalahan pilih kasih dan bias" di dalam tindakannya.
Baru-baru ini Ahmad Said Hamdan dengan terang-terangan telah melakukan kesalahan apabila dilihat cuba bertindak mencemarkan nama-nama pemimpin Pakatan Rakyat dengan membuat kenyataan berbaur politik."Beliau akan terus ditimpa kehinaan dan keaiban jika beliau tidak berhenti dari melakukan kerja-kerja hina bagi pihak UMNO/BN, kita akan berdoa agar Allah akan dedahkan kebenarannya," tegas seorang forummer yang berang dengan gelagat pengampu-pengampu seperti Ahmad Said hamdan ini. - Greenboc (link)

Friday, 20 February 2009

My name is UMNO (by Mr. Smith)

LOLOLOLOLOLOLOLOLOLOLOL..... It's so funny that I couldn't stop laughing... Hahahahahahahahahahahahahaha.........................................................

My name is UMNO.
And this is my message to all you People of Malaysia who think I can be defeated by you.

Remember everyone shudders at the mere mention of my name - the Police, MACC, the Election Commission, the AG chambers, the Judiciary, the newspaper editors and even the Rulers.

I order them and they obey me. Now, how is that you people of Malaysia are so stubborn and refuse to respect me and allow me to rule this country as I please.

You think I am bothered by all your police reports against me? You think the police will investigate me. You think all your reports on my corrupt practices bother me? You think the MACC will have the guts to investigate me?

You think you can bring me to court. Which court will rule against me? You stupid people! I am the Law. I am above the Constitution. Don’t you forget that.

Oh! the Rulers? When I feel like it I criticize them. When I am in need of them I cry ‘Daulat Tuanku’ night and day. You see, I can do different things in different situations and my stupid children,the Mat Rempits, will come out in full force with yellow ribbons tight around their heads and shout ‘Daulat Tuanku’. All they need is a few ringgit and they will echo whatever I say.

These school dropouts are my obedient children. It’s only your educated, internet savvy people who give me trouble.

You see, stupid People of Malaysia, when I want the Malays to unite behind me, my children will wave the Jagur Gemilang and scream ‘Hidup Malaysia’. If I am threatened by you further I will get them to wave the UMNO flag, wield the keris and cry ‘Hidup Melayu’ and call you ‘Derhaka, Derhaka’.

So you see, I can use the yellow ribbon, the Jalur Gemilang, the UMNO flag and the keris to frighten my children into believing that they will have no future in this country if I am defeated.

Oh, you want to defeat me through elections? Ha! I have postal votes, phantom voters, and damn it, even if I lose I have the money to buy the victors. I can frighten them will bullets, nude pictures, sodomy/khalwat allegations and even kidnap them and their families if they refuse my offers.

If they are still stubborn I will make them disappear or take them in under the ISA. With the police at my beck and call, how can you ever win me, you stupid people.

HOW CAN YOU DEFEAT ME!!!!. EVEN GOD CANNOT DEFEAT ME!!!!!!!!!I am immortal and I will rule this country till Judgement Day. Got it?

Salah tafsir sembah derhaka oleh media arus perdana

Beliau adalah antara ulama terkemuka yang masih berhubung rapat dengan Istana dan Raja-Raja Melayu, tetapi tetap dekat di hati rakyat. Justeru, Dato' Dr Haron Din dirasakan tokoh paling sesuai yang boleh mengupas situasi gawat di Perak terutama berkaitan hal yang digembar-gemburkan media, iaitu isu taat setia kepada kepimpinan dan masalah derhaka kepada Raja-Raja Melayu, dari perspektif agama.

Ketua Pengarang Kumpulan Harakah AHMAD LUTFI OTHMAN dan Penolong Pengarang Harakahdaily AZAMIN AMIN beserta jurugambar WAN ZAHARI WAN SALLEH sempat mewawancara Timbalan Mursyidul Am PAS itu, di kediamannya di Bandar Baru Bangi, pagi 16 Februari lalu.

HARAKAH: Insiden di Perak, terutama berkaitan kegagalan Menteri Besar, Dato' Seri Mohamamd Nizar Jamaluddin untuk mematuhi titah Sultan agar meletakkan jawatan disorot dari pelbagai sudut. Ada pihak merujuk kepada maksud surah an-Nisa ayat 59 yang bermaksud, "Taatilah Allah, taatilah Rasul dan pemimpin di kalangan kamu," bagi menempelak tindakan Nizar yang dianggap melanggar tuntutan al-Quran itu. Minta Dato' jelaskan.

DR HARON DIN: Telah berlaku beberapa kali dalam peristiwa di Malaysia, PAS menggunakan ayat-ayat al-Quran itu sebagai suatu hujah untuk mengajak manusia mengikut perintah Allah sesuai dengan dasar PAS sendiri untuk merealisasikan hukum Allah SWT. Adapun Umno-BN menggunakan ayat ini dan ayat al-Quran yang lain hanya untuk kepentingan dan memberi keuntungan kepada mereka semata-mata.

Ayat al-Quran sememangnya boleh dijadikan sandaran hujah dan ianya ayat 'muhkam.' Namun kita nampak sangat bahawa mereka hanya guna yang di hujungnya sahaja iaitu 'pemimpin di kalangan kamu' tetapi tidak memberi perhatian kepada pangkal ayat iaitu 'Taatilah Allah dan taatilah Rasul", seolah-olah menggambarkan bahawa perintah Allah dan Rasul boleh dilanggar namun, jangan langgar arahan pemerintah.

Mereka sengaja tidak mahu melihat, istilah yang Allah guna, pertamanya kalimah 'taat' hanya kepada Allah. Kali kedua disebut 'taat' hanya pada Rasul dan kali yang ketiga tiada perkataan 'taat' kepada pemimpin. Diulang dua kali perkataan 'taat'. Kali ketiga bila menyebut perkataan pemimpin, tiada perkataan 'taat'.

Ahli-ahli tafsir menafsirkan ayat ini bahawa perintah Allah dan Rasul wajib ditaati secara mutlak, adapun taat kepada pemerintah adalah tidak secara mutlak. Maknanya, taat kepada pemimpin selama mana ia tidak bercanggah dengan perintah Allah dan Rasul.

Untuk mentaati perintah Ulil Amri ataupun pemerintah, ada kaedahnya iaitu yang Nabi sebut,taatlah kepada pemerintah selagi ia tidak menderhaka kepada Allah SWT. Kalau ada derhaka kepada Allah maka perintah taat tadi gugur. Ada hadis bermaksud, tidak boleh taat pada mana-mana makhluk dalam melaksanakan kemaksiatan kepada Allah.

Dalam Islam, tiada orang yang maksum selain daripada Rasullulah. Pemerintah Islam iaitu Ulil Amri ataupun khalifah-khalifah, tidak maksum. Contohnya, Umar al-Khatab pernah dibawa ke mahkamah dalam beberapa kes. Hatta Saidina Ali Abi Talib pun pernah dibawa ke mahkamah semasa jadi khalifah. Mereka boleh terima keadaan begitu dengan berlapang dada tanpa timbulisu atau masalah derhaka kepada pemerintah atau khalifah.

Dalam satu kes, Ali pernah mendakwa baju besinya dicuri oleh seorang Yahudi. Dan Yahudi itumembawanya ke mahkamah untuk dibicarakan. Hakim bertanya Ali tentang bukti Yahudi itu mencuri, namun Ali gagal membawa bukti yang cukup dan mahkamah memutuskan bahawa baju besi itu kepunyaan Yahudi.

Ali kalah dalam perbicaraan tetapi tidak timbul masalah dengan seperti yang dibebankan hari ini. Oleh itu pengunaan ayat itu sepatutnya difahami secara menyeluruh. Bahawa yang tidak boleh dipersoalkan ialah ketaatan pada Allah dan Rasul. Adapun kepada mana-mana makhluk ianya tidak mutlak. Ada ketikanya boleh dan ada masanya tidak boleh. Bergantung kepada keadaan dan suasana ketika itu.

Elok sangat jangan disalah-tafsirkan ayat itu sehingga memaknakan ia seolah-olah perintah yang dikeluarkan pemerintah selama-lamanya tidak boleh disanggah. Itu kefahaman yang silap. Ia perlu diperbetulkan.Lagi satu, maksud "pemimpin di kalangan kamu". Perkataan "di kalangan kamu" membawa maksud "di kalangan orang-orang yang beriman yang taat pada Allah dan taat Rasul".

Bukan setakat itu, dalam konteks di Perak ini, Nizar merujuk tindakannya adalah mengikut kehendak Perlembagaan dan Undang-Undang Tubuh Negeri Perak, iaitu Sultan tidak mempunyai kuasa memerintahkan ia meletakkan jawatan. Sultan hanya ada kuasa membenarkan permohonannya untuk membubarkan Dewan Undangan Negeri ataupun tidak.

Maknanya, selain tafsiran ayat Quran di atas, Nizar mempunyai hujah kukuh dari segi undang-undang yang berjalan hari ini?

Saya sendiri melihat senario politik Perak itu berbalik kepada kefahaman terhadap Undang-Undang Tubuh Negeri. Kefahaman dan tafsiran yang berbeza boleh berlaku. Oleh yangdemikian kelainan tafsiran sepatutnya tidaklah sampai mengatakan ianya satu penderhakaan.

Tafsiran yang ada pada orang awam mungkin lain kepada tafsiran yang dibuat oleh pakar undang-undang. Tafsiran pengamal undang-undang juga mungkin lain seperti yang ditafsirkan oleh hakim-hakim di mahkamah. Semua ini kena ambil kira.

Kes Perak, saya sendiri faham bahawa seorang menteri besar yang dilantik secara sah mengikut amalan negeri, akan gugur jawatannya hanya melalui tiga sebab sahaja.Yang pertama, jika dia letak jawatan, kedua kalau Dun dibubarkan dan ketiga jika ada undi tidak percaya yang dikemukakan dalam sidang Dun. Itu saja tiga cara untuk memberhentikan seorang menteri besar. Jadi, tidak berlaku satu pun daripada tiga itu.

Dengan sendirinya, beliau masih lagi Menteri Besar yang sah.Tiba-tiba ada lantikan menteri besar yang kedua. Maka timbul persoalan, sahkah yang kedua itu, dalam keadaan Nizar masih lagi memegang jawatan? Ini memerlukan kepada keputusan yang perlu dibuat oleh pengamal undang-undang rasmi ataupun perintah mahkamah.

Ada kes seumpamanya iaitu kes 1966, membabitkan Ketua Menteri Sarawak Stephen Kalong Ningkan, yang menyebabkan krisis tafsiran perlembangaan di negeri Sarawak. Undang-undang Tubuh Sarawak tidak jauh bezanya macam di Semenanjung seperti di Perak. Akhirnya kes itu sampai di Mahkamah Tinggi Borneo yang memutuskan perlembagaan negeri menyebut bahawa kehilangan kepercayaan seorang Ketua Menteri hanya boleh ditunjukkan melalui undang-undang, iaitu undi tidak percaya dalam dewan.

Oleh kerana ini tidak berlaku dalam Dun Sarawak, maka Kalong Ningkan terus menjadi Ketua Menteri. Tidak berlaku pula kata beliau melawan atau melanggar undang-undang.

Hal sama berlaku di Perak, jika mahu memberhentikan seorang menteri besar, sepatutnya undang-undang tubuh itu jadi penentu. Jika nak digugurkan, gugurkanlah dengan tiga cara itu tadi. Bagi saya, kenapa perlu Nizar letak jawatan sedangkan ketika itu masih ada 28 kerusi Pakatan, juga 28 kerusi BN dan tiga kerusi bebas. Mengapa dia mesti letak jawatan?

Adapun tiga Adun yang bebas itu, selama-lamanya bebas. Mereka boleh undi kekalkan atau singkirkan menteri besar. Yang penting, semua mesti dilakukan dengan undi tidak percaya. Kalau di luar dewan mengaku nak sokong BN, adakah pengakuan luar dewan dikira ada kesan undang-undang atau boleh diguna dari sudut undang-undang tubuh negeri?

Jadi wajar Dun dibubarkan dan kembali mandat pada rakyat. Rakyat yang pilih, biar rakyat yang menentukan semula. Nizar tidak meletakkan jawatan kerana dia memegang amanah rakyat,dia hendak kembalikan semula kepada rakyat. Itu tafsirannnya.Saya tidak nafikan Tuanku Sultan ada tafsirannya.

Jadi jika ada perselisihan tafsiran undang-undang, maka saya tidak fikir itu boleh dinamakan sebagai derhaka. Itu proses biasa dalam amalam demokrasi, telah berlaku di Malaysia dan mana-mana negara di dunia. Ini bukan kali pertama di Perak. Ini sepatutnya diselesaikan dengan cara paling baik iaitu, kembalikan kepada rakyat. Biar rakyat yang menentukan.

Atau kita berlapang dada dan bersabar sedikit, biar Mahkamah Tinggi memutuskan kesahihan perlantikan menteri besar kedua.

Dengan membawa isu ini ke mahkamah, sesetengah pihak melihat tindakan undang-undang itu boleh meletakkan kedudukan Raja-Raja Melayu terjejas dan menyebabkan institusi istana tercalar dari segi kemuliaan dan penghormatan rakyat. Apa pandangan Dato?

Dalam sejarah di Malaysia, sudah ada beberapa kes membabitkan raja yang dibawa ke mahkamah, maka ia bukan kali pertama berlaku. Ini pada saya tidak menjejaskan kemuliaan Raja-raja.Saya ingin menegaskan Raja-Raja Melayu perlu kekal pada takhta mereka. Rakyat perlu bersatu dan mengekalkan kedudukan mereka. Tetapi itu tidak bermakna secara mutlak ataupun dianggap peluang untuk melakukan apa saja oleh seorang raja.

Merujuk kes di Perak, tidak timbul terjejasnya institusi raja. Keputusan Sultan Perak dikira wajar bagi pihak sultan dan kewajaran Nizar juga ada dipihak rakyat. Kedua-duanya memikirkan kewajaran masing-masing. Ia proses biasa dalam sistem demokrasi berParlimen dan raja berperlembagaan.

Jika perlu, ia seharusnya diputuskan di mahkamah, tetapi pilihan lebih terbaik adalah bubarkan Dun, untuk diadakan pilihan raya seluruh negeri semula.Memang tidak terjejas institusi raja-raja kerana kita kembalikan hak kepada rakyat yang ikhlas mahu membuat pilihan pemimpin mereka sendiri. Kita perlu sangat menjaga raja-raja tetapi bukanlah sesuatu yang ganjil pada masa sama diadakan pilihan raya negeri.

Istilah 'sembah derhaka' yang dilafazkan Dato' Ser Nizar ketika menghadap Sultan telah menimbulkan tanggapan negatif, terutama oleh pihak media, walaupun sudah dijelaskan oleh pakar perundangan juga pakar bahasa. Malah Dato' sendiri turut mengulasnya, tetapi Menteri Besar Perak itu tetap dilabel penderhaka hanya kerana istilah istana itu. Mohon Dato' jelaskan lebih lanjut maksud sebenar istilah 'sembah derhaka' itu.

Istilah 'sembah derhaka' bukan bermaksud perbuatan menderhaka tetapi sengaja pihak-pihak tertentu dan media arus perdana 'menangguk di air yang keruh'. Mereka telah mengungkit dan membesar-besarkan bahawa apabila Nizar 'sembah derhaka', seolah-olah ianya 'confrim' derhaka kepada raja.

'Sembah derhaka' bermaksud apa yang diminta oleh seorang Raja atau Sultan tidak dapat dipenuhi atau ditunaikan oleh seorang hamba rakyat, sama ada kecil atau yang besar. Justeru, seseorang rakyat akan menuturkan bahawa 'patik sembah derhaka'. Ia bukan bermaksud perbuatan menderhaka, melawan atau menyakiti raja.

Contoh terdekat, minggu lepas saya dititah untuk mengadap seorang Raja di Kuala Lumpur. Tetapi saya tidak dapat hadir kerana ada urusan lain, lalu saya terpaksa memaklumkan bahawasaya terpaksa 'sembah derhaka' dan meminta tarikh lain untuk bertemu.Maknanya, kehendak raja saya tidak boleh tunai. Adakah itu maksudnya saya derhaka?

Begitu juga apabila saya mahu dilantik untuk menjadi Mufti di sebuah negeri, dan waktu saya nak menolak saya sebut 'patik terpaksa sembah derhaka'. Dan bukan sekali saya, dalam konteks berurusan dengan Tuanku Raja-Rama Melayu, yang mana saya terpaksa 'sembah derhaka'. Ia suatu istilah bahasa istana.Dan tidak timbul soal kemurkaan raja kerana itu istilah yang lazim diguna pakai.

Tidak sepatutnya pihak-pihak tertentu memperalatkan istilah yang dipakai Nizar, 'sembah derhaka' sebagai perbuatan derhaka yang sebenarnya. Dari sudut bahasa, ia dilafazkan apabila apa yang diminta raja itu tidak boleh ditunaikan. Apabila diberikan sebab-sebab yang munasabah kepada raja maka ia bukanlah derhaka.Kalau itu dianggap derhaka, sebenarnya banyaklah perbuatan derhaka kepada raja, tetapi ia tidak pernah ditonjolkan.

Saya tidak mahu sebut kronologi yang jelas tentang perbuatan menderhaka dan menyakiti raja ini kerana tidak mahu terdedah kepada umum wujudnya pihak-pihak tertentu yang memang benarderhaka kepada raja sehingga menggambarkan wujud masalah antara istana dan pihak-pihak tertentu itu.

Ada menteri besar yang sepatutnya tiap minggu pada hari tertentu menghadap raja untuk memberi taklimat tentang perkembangan negeri, langsung tak datang. Ada yang raja yang minta wang rakyat digunakan untuk projek demi kepentingan rakyat, tetapi menteri besar membazir untuk projek mega yang memperkayakan kroni.

Ada raja yang suruh menteri besar hentikan projek tertentu kerana membazir, tetapi tidak diendahkan. Ada raja suruh bantu ekonomi orang Melayu, dengan menyalurkannya melalui projek tertentu, tetapi tetap diagihkan kepada kroni mereka.

Malah ada seorang raja yang memberitahu saya, ada pemimpin di negerinya yang terajang pintu istana kerana tidak puas hati dengan baginda. Bukankah itu satu tindakan yang jauh lebih menderhaka lagi.

Saturday, 14 February 2009

A vocal critic

we all rakyat, people must wake up, have you paid enough toll ? have you pay enough taxes ? have you pay enough of AP ? everything we do even Pee, we pay. That is the government of Umno, BN, cronies capable, everything every Malaysian, rakyat tak kira siapa, masuk highway bayar toll, pay toll everywhere ? the most toll city/capital in the world ! and jam everywhere, jam in LDP everyday !!! and yet have to pay toll. The Cheras Mahkota, kita bayar buta-buta, untill heavy protest,
they make the 2km road to go out of the highway, became 7km, then charges toll every day, causing jam, rakyat have to go to protest until the cow come home, protest with the police harassment, this is malaysia boleh ! Umno boleh, BN boleh, toll sini, toll di sana, di mana-mana pun ada toll, dan toll naik harga, selalu, toll tak habis-habis.
we rakyat must wake up, yes we can, USA already got a new government, we got this kind of government that take care of cronies, government that is very rich, very corrupt, very korek , korek, korek, yet we vote for them ? we rakyat all very poor by the day, we deserve so much better, we are so poor compared to Singapore, and HK, they don't even have any resources ????? shit when are we going to wake up ?
not enough paying Toll, stuck in the jam ? remember Bandar Mahkota Cheras ? we must demonstrate peacefully, through the vote, we rakyat must make sure in the coming by election and every other election, we choose the alternative Pakatan, pakatan we only will see a better government.
remember, we change the government, we got free water from Selangor,
we got the kedah goverment give 50% discount to our cukai tanah, cukai pintu,
we got free rice for the poor in Penang, we got free water for the hard core poor.
we got the government take out the toll in PJS 2, what else ?
we must change and choose pakatan, we will see better benefit.
goverment is to work for the rakyat, not goverment that make rakyat pay, pay, pay,
BN = Bayar Never finish, Bayar Negara, Bayar Negeri, Bureaucratic Negara,
BN = Banyak Neraka (quite harsh, hahahaha, maybe he just meant it as an expression)
we rakyat must wake up. enough is enough.
this April 7th 2009, we make sure the 2 by election, we send a very powerful message to government, change change change,
the next general election in 2013 or 2012 March 8th we will have a new federal government.
we must make sure our country, is manage properly, clean government,
no more toll,
no more AP,
no more crime,
rakyat live happily , government to make sure rakyat do not suffer !
yes we can !

By: AzizKadir2u (Malaysia-Today reader)

As I read the article on Malaysia Today, this guy's comment received the highest hits of all comments at this point. (+282 [287 agrees, 5 disagrees]) Even the 2nd highest comment hit is only +70 or so... Not bad for a well-argued comment, although his syntax can be improved. Haha.

Friday, 13 February 2009

For fun :P

(Hip-hop music background)

SV: But, the time will come that they will learn a lesson.

BM: Ada pulak ni satu perhimpunan haram BERSIH.
KJ: Menganjurkan satu perhimpunan
BM: Haram
KJ: Haram
BM: Haram
KJ: Haram
BM: Satu perhimpunan
KJ: Haram, di Dataran Merdeka. Pemuda-pemuda AKAN TURUN BERDEPAN dengan mereka!

(Crowd cheering...)

BM: Mereka mencabar...

KJ: Tapi, pemuda-pemuda AKAN TURUN BERDEPAN dengan mereka!

(Crowd cheering...)

BM: Saya PANTANG dicabar!

KJ: Tapi, tapi saudara-saudara, kalau kita turun dan saya percaya kita berani turun dan berdepan dengan mereka...
BM: Mereka nak jugak...
KJ: Kita akan menyusahkan orang ramai kalau PEMUDA turun...
BM: Polis kata JANGAN...
KJ: Sebenarnya tuan-tuan, pada hari ini, kita akan mencetus satu keadaan yang tidak senang...
BM: Polis kata JANGAN...
KJ: TANGKAP MEREKA yang menganjurkan perhimpunan ini!
BM: Polis kata JANGAN...
KJ: Saya anti-demokrasi. Tak nak dengar suara rakyat.
BM: Polis kata JANGAN...
KJ: Sebenarnya tuan-tuan, pada hari ini, kita akan mencetus satu keadaan yang
KJ: Dan sebenarnya tuan-tuan, mesej yang mereka bawak, adalah mesej yang BERSIH. Mesej yang mereka bawak, adalah mesej
BM: yang BERSIH.
KJ: Mesej
BM: yang BERSIH.
KJ: Mesej
BM: yang BERSIH.
KJ: Sebenarnya tuan-tuan, pada 10 hari bulan, kita akan cuba jadi hero di jalan raya.
BM: Polis kata JANGAN...
KJ: Kita akan buat macam beruk-beruk di jalan raya!
BM: Polis kata JANGAN...
KJ: Saya akan cuba jadi hero di jalan raya!
BM: Polis kata JANGAN...
KJ: KITA JUMPA! KITA LAWAN! Dan kita akan berbuat macam beruk-beruk di jalan raya!

(Cheers from the crowd)

BM: Saya PANTANG dicabar... (open this in another tab and compare it to what I write here. Any difference?)


Yes, 2 by-elections simultaneously.
Bukit Gantang (Perak), a parliamentary seat.
Bukit Selambau (Kedah), an ADUN seat.

Yup, the 2 bukits. The people will send the message to either side.

Tuesday, 10 February 2009

Rakyat miskin kian menderita

Kementerian Pembangunan Usahawan dan Koperasi (Enterpreneur and Cooperation Development Ministry) has allowed an increase of 30% in surcharge for public transport fares starting this April. As we know, the same Ministry has already granted a 30% increase in surcharge last October during the Aidilfitri celebrations.

This high increase happened in a time where most citizens are worried about the incoming recession. This is just illogical. 10,000 people in the production industry had just lost their jobs last month. More is to come.

The poor people depend on public transport in a need to go to places that they need to go. Balik kampung ke, pergi kerja dan balik ke, etc... Not to mention that the price of essential goods (necessities) and other services has shot up during the price increase of petrol last June from RM1.92 to RM2.70. The poor people of Malaysia are really suffering.

It's just weird when world petrol prices are at a low. Now it is within the range of $35-$40 per barrel. Around RM145 per barrel based on our currency prices. One barrel of oil is up to about 160 litres. Of course, not all of the oil is suitable for normal vehicle use. Some of it will be used for generating electricity and for other uses as well.

However, isn't it illogical for the Ministry to increase surcharge at a time where world oil prices are decreasing on a whole? Even in the very least, what they can do is maintain the surcharge and not to increase any more burden on those who needs public transport.

As you can see, public transport operators, especially buses, gave a reason that the spare parts and maintenance are getting more and more expensive. And our necessities had risen in price because of the increase in price of petrol last time.

As operation costs increase, the burden is shifted onto the people. This just ain't fair on the low income and the middle but low income earners. Time and time again, the government has claimed that it is protecting the interests of the people. Also, they have given the people a guarantee that the money from the increase in petrol price will be used to improve public transport convenience.

It is also supposed to go for improving the quality of public transports. But what happened to the RM4 billion? Bus and taxi services remained the same and yet, fares continue to increase in price. Furthermore, the bus services in the villages are getting worse until some commuters had to wait for hours for the buses to arrive. Even Rapid Penang had improved in services and quality under the Lim Guan Eng administration. Mainstream media politicises Penang being in Chinese hands when Lim Guan Eng became CM. But they didn't realise or simply put a blind eye that Penang before was under Gerakan, also Chinese-dominated, led by Koh Tsu Koon. And what did the mainstream media do during that period? NOTHING. So why politicise now? Such rhethorics.

This issue of public transport needs the direct involvement of the federal government. Not leave it to some private companies who are not obliged to be socially-responsible. Even if this costs the government some money, why not, if it is for the benefits of the people? We have seen traffic jams everyday because most people used their own cars to go to work. But can we blame them for using their own cars if the services of public transport mostly remains in the dumps?

Of course, carpooling is another solution. But it is just not practical enough when many people go to work in many different places. There are applications of car pooling, but only to a certain extent. Once public transport services improves, more and more people will be attracted to taking public transport in going to work, and thus freeing the roads of valuable roadspace. But in the situation where quality public transport services remain in the dumps and increasing fare prices, we won't see the traffic jams coming to an end in the foreseeable future.


UMNO: Dulu menderhaka, kini taat setia

Malaysiakini melaporkan hampir 1000 orang ahli pemuda Umno dan pertubuhan bukan kerajaan berkumpul di Padang Majlis Bandaraya Ipoh di Jalan Sultan Abdul Jalil dalam apa yang didakwa sebagai perhimpunan menyokong Sultan Perak.

Utusan Malaysia yang dimiliki Umno dan Bernama yang diterajui Dato' Seri Anuar Zaini (yang diketahui peranannya dalam pergolakan politik Perak) mendakwa perhimpunan itu dihadiri lebih 5,000 rakyat pelbagai kaum.

'Perhimpunan haram' yang berlangsung selama satu setengah jam itu tidak diganggu polis. Malah demonstrasi jalanan itu diadakan hanya beberapa hari selepas beberapa pemimpin Umno mendakwa BN tidak akan menggunakan kaedah 'demonstrasi jalanan' bagi menyelesaikan krisis politik yang berlaku di Perak.

Seperti biasa, orang yang menjadi hero kepada bantahan anjuran gabungan pertubuhan bukan kerajaan (NGO) pro-Umno negeri ini bersama BN Perak ialah Naib Ketua Pemuda Umno, Khairy Jamaluddin. Khairy disertai Ketua Pemuda Umno Perak, Zainol Padzi Paharuddin dan Ketua Pemuda MIC, G. Shamugavelu.

Pemimpin Umno dan BN yang berucap pada 'perhimpunan haram' itu mendesak supaya tindakan diambil terhadap Pengerusi DAP Karpal Singh yang dilaporkan menyatakan hasratnya menyaman Sultan Azlan Shah.

Mereka turut mendesak bekas Menteri Besar, Dato' Seri Mohammad Nizar Jamaluddin supaya menghentikan segala tindak-tanduk 'menderhakai' titah Sultan Perak.

Drama itu disudahi kemuncak dengan gimik kesediaan berarak ke kediaman rasmi MB Perak bagi 'menghalau' Mohammad Nizar dari situ.

Malah Khairy seperti kebiasaan beretorik kononnya pemuda Umno akan menghalang percubaan Nizar dan anggota exconya untuk ke pejabat mereka di Bangunan SUK Perak.

Khairy juga berikrar untuk kononnya mempertahankan institusi beraja hingga 'ke titisan darah yang terakhir'.

Begitulah hebatnya Khairy dan Pemuda Umno beretorik. Seperti merekalah orang yang paling layak mempertahankan Raja-raja Melayu.

Cuma kita ingin bertanya, jika keengganan Nizar untuk melepaskan jawatannya sebagai MB dianggap 'menderhaka' kepada sultan, bagaimana pula dengan keengganan pemimpin Umno Perlis dan Terengganu, Dato' Seri Shahidan Kassim dan Dato' Seri Idris Jusoh mentaati perintah Raja dan Sultan, 10 bulan lalu?

Pastinya kita masih belum lupa bagaimana Shahidan dan Idris dengan sokongan Umno Pusat khususnya Presiden Umno, Dato' Seri Abdullah Ahmad Badawi membantah calon MB istana.

Malah perhimpunan membantah keputusan istana diadakan di dua negeri terbabit selama beberapa hari. Di Terengganu, satu sepanduk yang dibawa penyokong Idris yang juga Ketua Perhubungan Umno negeri menyifatkan istana sebagai 'natang' (binatang).

Selantang-lantang Karpal Singh tidak sampai ke peringkat menyamakan istana dengan haiwan.

Mengapakah pada waktu itu tiada istilah 'derhaka' terkeluar daripada mulut pemuda Umno, apatah lagi yang menyokong tindakan derhaka itu tidak lain tidak bukan ialah Presiden Umno yang juga bapa mentua Khairy!

Sejarah negara juga memperlihatkan bagaimana institusi istana pernah dipijak dan dihina Umno. Lihat sajalah krisis Perlembagaan yang berlaku pada 1983 apabila perhimpunan-perhimpunan besar dianjurkan Umno untuk berhadapan pihak istana.

Bagaimana pula dengan episod pindaan Perlembagaan bagi menghapuskan imuniti Raja-raja Melayu pada awal dekad 90-an. Bukankah Utusan Malaysia, akhbar yang dimiliki Umno telah menerajui kempen menghina Raja-raja Melayu pada waktu itu?

Setelah sepuluh bulan episod penderhakaan berlaku di Perlis dan Terengganu, tiada sebarang tindakan diambil oleh Umno untuk menghukum si penderhaka. Shahidan terus kekal sebagai Ketua Perhubungan Umno negeri walaupun terlepas jawatan Menteri Besar.

Idris Jusoh diberi habuan sebagai Pengerusi MARA manakala sebahagian Adun Umno Terengganu yang bersama Adun Ajil, Rosol Wahid membantah calon MB pilihan istana, kini menjawat Exco Kerajaan Negeri.

Ketika kedudukan Umno dan BN kukuh, istana diinjak-injak golongan penderhaka ini. Apabila pengaruh Umno mula pudar dan orang Melayu mula meninggalkan parti yang dipenuhi kurap rasuah dan penyelewengan itu, Umno cuba berselindung di sebalik pagar istana dan berpura-pura menjadi pembela institusi Raja.

Jika para pemimpin Umno menganggap hasrat Pengerusi DAP, Karpal Singh untuk menyaman Sultan Perak sebagai 'menderhaka', apakah gelaran paling layak untuk diberi kepada Umno yang bertanggung jawab menghapuskan imuniti Raja-raja dan membolehkan mereka disaman di mahkamah terbuka?

Monday, 9 February 2009


MP Bukit Gantang dari PAS, Roslan Shaharum telah meninggal dunia hari ini. Allahyarham diserang sakit jantung ketika sedang berbasikal dekat rumahnya di Changkat Lallang, Batu Gajah pagi tadi. Allahyarham meninggalkan seorang balu, Safiah Harun bersama 10 orang anak. Ini bermakna, pilihanraya kecil akan diadakan dalam tempoh 60 hari.

2008 GE results in Bukit Gantang:

Number of voters: 55,471
Roslan Shaharum (PAS) - 20,015
Azim Zabidi (BN) - 18,449
M Morgan (Independent) - 872
Majority: 1,566

Now, as we know, BN took over Perak with help from crossovers. 2 of them are the Behrang and Changkat Jering ADUN assemblymen. And, these 2 places are under Bukit Gantang. God has shown us a sign with the significant death of Roslan Shaharum, MP of Bukit Gantang. This by-election will be an indicator of people's confidences towards either PR or BN. If the majority increases significantly, we will know that more and more Perakians will come out in support for PR.

More land issues

Who was given Genting Highlands by BN? LIM GOH TONG. Who was given land on Pangkor by BN? Chinese land bosses.

When Nizar gives grants to POOR Malays and Chinese and Indians (most grants went to poor Malays), BN say Chinese got lots of land. Oo...such the RHETORICS. AND WHAT LIES TOO... Hiding behind the palace. DERHAKA kononnya. PORAH! I say again. PORAH! That's all I have to say about land issues.

Sunday, 8 February 2009


"Langkah pertama kerajaan Kuasa Rakyat ini ialah memberi geran-geran kepada orang-orang kampong yang selama 50 tahun ini tidak di pedulikan. Betapalah sukanya hati rakyat Perak yang telah berpuluh puluh tahun menunggu geran."

"Amat saheh Kuasa Lama tidak berpuas hati. Dendam kesumat berkobar-kobar. Lalu mereka memainkan rasa benci orang Melayu terhadap Orang Cina. Kuasa Lama berpropaganda bahawa geran tanah ini di beri kepada Orang Cina. Orang Cina dijadikan alasan untuk menunjukkan bahawa Kuasa Rakyat ini adalah Kuasa Cina. Para pemimpin politik Kuasa Rakyat di Perak di tuduh sebagai 'hamba Cina'.

Ini TIDAK betul. Data-data dan angka-angka resmi dari Kerajaan Perak menunjukkan Orang Melayulah yang mendapat lebih banyak geran tanah dari Orang Cina. Dalam projek memperbaiki kampong tersusun jumlah Orang Melayu lebih ramai. Pekara ini sengaja di tutup lingkup. Ini kerana Kuasa Lama mahukan Orang Melayu membenci Kuasa Rakyat di Perak."

(Hishamuddin Rais - Dari Jelebu)

I knew there was something fishy about the government propaganda about more Chinese than Malays getting land. And here's to government propaganda: bullshit. Yeah, that's the word. BULLSHIT.

Just because the exco division is more Chinese than Malay (because there are more DAP assemblymen than PKR and PAS has combined), doesn't mean that the Chinese will grab all for themselves. In the leadership of Nizar, the grants for the orang kampung's land was made possible. More Malays than Chinese got the grants for their land. And they have Nizar to thank along with his excos. What did the previous gov't do about the grants? They do no SHIT about it. No SHIT! Yes, you heard me loud and clear. And they are the so-called Malay protectors. BULLSHIT. Power and greed, typical British colonisation mentality.

Also, to the government propaganda in playing up the 'DERHAKA' issues, I have an advice for you all. Never worship the Sultan blindly for he is also a human like all of us and make costly mistakes like we do. As one of our IB friends said: SULTAN YANG ADIL KAMI SEMBAH, SULTAN YANG ZALIM KAMI SANGGAH.

Perutusan MB Perak, YAB Dato’ Seri Ir. Mohamad Nizar Jamaluddin


Saya bersyukur ke hadrat Allah SWT atas kesihatan tubuh badan dan kesabaran yang dianugerahkanNya kepada saya dan seluruh rakyat negeri Perak Darul Ridzuan.

Saya mengambil kesempatan ini untuk menerangkan beberapa perkara berkaitan perkembangan krisis di negeri Perak terutamanya selepas upacara angkat sumpah Menteri Besar baru negeri ini yang berlangsung di Istana Iskandariah petang tadi.

Dengan penuh rasa tanggungjawab, sukacita saya menyatakan bahawa perlantikan Menteri Besar baru itu sesungguhnya adalah tidak mengikut Undang-Undang Perlembagaan Negeri sebagaimana sepatutnya.

Apabila saya tidak meletak jawatan seperti yang dititahkan oleh DYMM Paduka Seri Sultan Perak, sebenarnya saya telah pun meneliti semua undang-undang dan peraturan yang berkaitan serta telah mendapatkan pandangan dan nasihat daripada ahli dan pakar undang-undang.

Permohonan saya kepada DYMM Sultan untuk mendapatkan perkenan membubarkan Dewan Undangan Negeri adalah menepati dan mengikut peruntukan Undang-Undang Perlembagaan Negeri

secara jelas dan pasti. Perlembagaan memperuntukkan dengan jelas bahawa pembubaran DUN sepatutnya telah pun berlaku setelah permohonan perkenan saya kemukakan kepada DYMM Tuanku Sultan.

Saya juga yakin bahawa pembubaran DUN adalah langkah terbaik bagi menyelesaikan kemelut politik negeri Perak. Biarlah rakyat membuat keputusan. Saya percaya bahawa rakyat berhak membuat keputusan berkenaan parti manakah yang rakyat mahu berikan mandat sebagai kerajaan. Keputusan menyerahkan penentuan itu kepada rakyat adalah bertepatan dengan prinsip demokrasi dan sistem Raja berperlembagaan yang dijunjung bersama.

UMNO telah mencemarkan Institusi Raja melalui konspirasi yang sangat kotor semata-mata kerana dendam kesumat dan nafsu melampau untuk memerintah. Mereka sanggup mengheret Institusi Raja kepada kecelaruan yang boleh menjejaskan penghormatan dan sanjungan rakyat terhadap istana.

Tiga Kaedah ‘Lucut Jawatan’ Menteri Besar

Berhubung kecelaruan isu ‘letak jawatan’ atau ‘lucut jawatan’ saya sebagai Menteri Besar, suka saya jelaskan kepada seluruh rakyat negeri Perak bahawa Perkara 16(6) Undang-Undang Perlembagaan Negeri dengan terang menyatakan bahawa ‘lucut jawatan’ saya hanya boleh berlaku melalui 3 kaedah iaitu :

Pertama – pembubaran Dewan Undangan Negeri.

Kedua – undi tidak percaya dalam sidang khas Dewan Undangan Negeri.

Ketiga – saya meletak jawatan secara sukarela.

Tetapi apa yang terjadi sekarang, tiada mana-mana satu pun di antara 3 kaedah itu berlaku. Saya tidak meletak jawatan. Pembubaran DUN tidak berlaku. Belum lagi berlangsung sidang khas atau apa-apa sidang membincangkan usul undi tidak percaya terhadap saya. Maka bagaimana boleh dikatakan saya bukan lagi Menteri Besar Perak?

Apabila saya masih lagi Menteri Besar Perak yang sah mengikut undang-undang, maka adalah ganjil apabila dilantik seorang Menteri Besar yang baru. Bukan saja ganjil, tapi salah. Perlantikan Menteri Besar hanya boleh atau perlu dibuat apabila berlaku kekosongan jawatan itu. Sehingga saat ini saya masih MB mengikut perlembagaan. Belum berlaku kekosongan. Saya MB yang sah manakala Dato’ Dr. Zambry adalah MB tidak sah atau MB haram.

Fitnah Media Kawalan UMNO – Saya Nak Saman Sultan, Saya Arahkan Rakyat Memberontak dan Saya Menjerit Di Pejabat

Hari ini timbul isu bahawa saya akan saman DYMM Tuanku Sultan. TV1 dan TV2 serta semua saluran TV milik Media Prima menyiarkan berita itu. Ini adalah satu fitnah yang sangat dahsyat. Tohmahan jahat ini dicipta oleh UMNO untuk menimbulkan kebencian orang ramai khususnya rakyat negeri Perak terhadap saya dan Pakatan Rakyat. Mereka mengulas isu ini secara terarah untuk menjauhkan kita dari istana. Mereka mencipta tuduhan ini untuk membangkitkan kemarahan orang Melayu terhadap saya dan Pakatan Rakyat dengan tujuan menenggelamkan perbincangan tentang pencabulan undang-undang yang mereka lakukan demi merampas kuasa.

Saya juga dituduh menggerak dan mengarahkan rakyat supaya bangkit menentang istana. Media yang dikuasai UMNO menggambarkan saya bertanggungjawab ke atas perhimpunan rakyat yang berlaku di merata tempat dalam masa beberapa hari ini termasuk himpunan di Kuala Kangsar yang tercetus kekecohan.

Sehubungan dengan itu, saya dengan ini menafikan sekeras-kerasnya segala tuduhan dan fitnah yang dilemparkan terhadap saya. Saya tidak mengeluarkan apa-apa arahan kepada rakyat untuk maksud berhimpun menyatakan bantahan kepada istana. Semua ini adalah propaganda UMNO.

Media elektronik yang dipengaruhi UMNO juga memutarbelit laporan mengenai insiden di pejabat saya iaitu pejabat Menteri Besar pagi tadi. Mereka melaporkan bahawa saya ‘menjerit’ ketika kekecohan semasa kehadiran puluhan wartawan.

Sebenarnya yang menjerit itu bukan saya. Yang menjerit ialah Dato’ Setiausaha Kerajaan Negeri iaitu Dato’ Dr. Abdul Rahman Hashim yang menghalau wartawan supaya keluar dari bilik itu. Wartawan dalam dan luar negeri menjadi saksi tindakan primitif Setiausaha Kerajaan Negeri yang menghalau petugas media di hadapan saya.

Saya tegaskan sekali lagi bahawa bukan saya yang menjerit seperti dilaporkan oleh media elektronik pengampu UMNO. Saya nafikan sekeras-kerasnya tuduhan itu. Anda boleh saksikan sendiri video yang sempat dirakamkan oleh salah seorang wartawan ketika insiden itu. Dato’ Dr. Abdul Rahman Hashim yang menjerit.

Sukacita saya menyatakan sekali lagi bahawa saya menyanjung tinggi Institusi Istana sepanjang sepuluh bulan lebih saya memikul amanah ini dan saya telah memberikan kepatuhan saya kepada DYMM Tuanku Sultan dengan sepenuh jiwa dan raga. Dalam perkara yang sedang berlaku ini, saya sebenarnya bermaksud membela dan mempertahankan Institusi Diraja bahkan Institusi Kesultanan Melayu seluruhnya supaya tidak dipandang memihak kepada mana-mana kumpulan dalam isu ini. Saya tidak rela rakyat menganggap Istana menyebelahi mana-mana pihak. Saya ingin menyelamatkan istana daripada tohmahan rakyat. Saya ingin memelihara kepercayaan rakyat kepada institusi ini iaitu institusi yang luhur dan adil.

Pesanan Kepada Seluruh Rakyat Negeri Perak

Saya merayu kepada seluruh rakyat negeri Perak supaya janganlah bertindak diluar batasan. Apa yang kita lakukan adalah usaha menuntut keadilan serta menuntut diberikan hak kepada rakyat untuk membuat pilihan sepertimana yang dijamin oleh perlembagaan.

Terimakasih kepada semua rakyat negeri Perak atas sokongan, pandangan dan ucap selamat yang diberikan kepada saya. Saya sudahi dengan wabillahi taufiq wal hidayah wassalamu alaikum warahmatullah.

Saturday, 7 February 2009

March 2

I intend to only blog when there's anything interesting to talk about in politics. Other than that, I have nothing else to say. University is looming over the horizon. It's time not to fool around any more as this day comes. Education comes first. Anything else is second.

Friday, 6 February 2009

I say that Malaysians are forgetful

It happened in Kelantan back in 1978. It happened in Sabah in 1994. And it happened in 2009 in Perak.

These three events are linked to defections and demonstrations. Sabah especially when a man no other than Anwar Ibrahim who had engineered the defections of the PBS assemblymen into BN. PBS had held a 25-23 lead in the Sabah assembly. Then, defection after defection happened among the PBS assemblymen. Joseph Pairin asked for a dissolution from the Yang Di-pertua Negeri, but he denied the request. And so, PBS collapses and a new CM of Sabah was elected. There were demonstrations after demonstrations disapproving of the defections. However, it was only anger for a short time, and everything goes blur. As the next state elections come by, the Sabahans had all forgotten about the episode. They gave BN a bigger majority than after the defections, leaving PBS with only 5 seats in the state assembly. the times people easily forget because of their affection for the BN government, who in mythical stories are the only government capable of ruling Malaysia for a 100 years. And then, comes the GE in March 08 when Pak Lah dissolves the Parliament.

As a result of the people's frustrations towards the current government, they voted PR into power in 5 states (Kelantan, Penang, Selangor, Kedah, Perak), plus Wilayah Persekutuan. The young ones were pivotal in denying BN a 2/3 majority in Parliament. And so, that is what we know as the tsunami.

Soon after the GE is over, Anwar Ibrahim has once again started the defection stories. This time, he's in a different party. PKR was the name. Yes, Parti KeADILan Rakyat. After PAS, PKR and DAP had formed the Pakatan Rakyat coalition on 1 April 2008, there begins the defection stories by Anwar Ibrahim.

September 16 was the target. 30 MPs to aim for. But persuading these BN backbenchers is never easy, especially when you're in the Opposition. Anwar says he has the numbers, all Malaysians waited. As September 16 happens, nothing happened. Most were disappointed with that. But before that, let's not forget the Permatang Pauh by-election.

Datin Seri Wan Azizah's majority was 3000+ in the GE. Then, when Anwar contested, he got a whopping 12,000+ majority or so. A big leap. Permatang Pauh was Anwar's territory, regardless of which party he is in. This makes Pak Lah and Najib worried more over September 16.

As I said, September 16 didn't materialise. Anwar may have the numbers but he may have been double-crossed at the same time. Simultaneously, there was some good governance by PR in the states. Free water for the first 20 metre cube. Roads repaired. Poor people are given attention. So, all sounds good. People are happy.

Then, the turn into 2009. Houses in Kampung Plentong were demolished. And that is UMNO territory in Johor. Residents there feel betrayed. The Penan people's land were taken without permission for the 'big-big' companies to develop. We all know about Taib Mahmud's big businesses.

At the same time, 10000-20000 Sarawakians joined PKR. Intentions were clear. Sarawak is the target. And so, state elections are expected to be announced by the end of the year at the earliest. A charismatic leader Anwar was, but he forgotten one thing. Najib, the scandalous Deputy PM who had masterminded the fall of Perak through defections.

All started with the defection of Bota assemblyman into PKR. I don't think PR was smart enough to persuade this man into their team. He entered at his own accord. Then, he persuades the 2 PKR frogs to join BN. And so, they made the jump and Bota made a return journey to UMNO.
There, salt in the wound. 28+3 beats 28. BN are to lead Perak again. Najib has beaten Anwar at his own game. Anwar technically didn't get any defections. While Najib had quietly masterminded 4 defections from PR to BN. Nizar's request to dissolve the assembly was denied by Sultan Azlan. All was lost. Perakians are not happy about it. They want a snap election. And what did they get? A new but unstable government. Protests and demonstrations. Nizar is defiant to remain as MB until he is voted out by the State Assembly or the dissolution of the State Assembly. BUT, Sultan Azlan says that Nizar's post is vacant as he refused to resign, along with the other PR excos. And thus, a start of the constitutional crisis. BN says this and PR says that. What about the majority of the rakyat? They are more along the voices of PR. Snap elections. Legal battles will take a long time to consume.

The 2 PKR frogs have a corruption trial coming up on the 10th of February. 4 days from now. It'll be interesting to see whether there will be a trial at all. Even if there is, it is likely they will be acquitted of all charges. More criticisms will come towards the court, who are said to be influenced by the ruling government. And people will justify their speculation that the 2 PKR frogs joined BN because they want to escape the corruption charges. Thus, enhancing the reputation of UMNO is a corrupt party.

Demonstrations happened near the Iskandariah palace as the sworning-in ceremony was about to take place. Datuk Dr. Zambry Abdul Kadir is to be the new MB. Police blocked off roads to prevent more protesters from coming in. Tear gases, arrests. That sums up the day for gloomy Perakians.

And this is where I want to emphasise my point that Malaysians are forgetful. They will forget whatever happened on the 5th of February 2009. Come the next GE in 2012/2013, they will vote BN into power because of their forgetfulness. And if you think I'm wrong, Malaysians, then prove it that you have not forgotten what happened in Perak. Vote for the opposition if you didn't forget. I'll be waiting for the day. The day BN falls at the mercy of the people. And to Anwar Ibrahim, you have to accept responsibility for messing with the wrong party in defections. Najib knows his stuff and you better be careful not to mention defections ever again. It is now officially a jinx word. Remember this: GOOD GOVERNANCE WILL REAP THE BENEFITS FOR THE PEOPLE. So, PR leaders, focus more on good governance rather than defections. It's pointless. They have the money, we don't. We are better than that. Show it through GOOD GOVERNANCE. And I'm sure the people can be won over because of that factor alone come next GE.

Makkal Sakti! People Power! Pakatan Rakyat! Good governance!

Confusion in the state and federal constitution?

Has the Sultan of Perak read the wrong constitution? Did he make a decision based on the federal constitution, or the state constitution? We must remember that the state and federal constitution are different. Let's look at the difference below:

“After meeting all the 31 assemblymen, DYMM Paduka Seri Sultan of Perak was convinced that YAB Datuk Seri Mohammad Nizar Jamaluddin had ceased to command the confidence of the majority of the State Assembly members”.

This statement would have been a correct interpretation of the constitution if applied to the Prime Minister, but an incorrect interpretation, if applied to the Mentri Besar.

This is because the loss of confidence of the majority is prescribed differently in the two constitutions.

Under the federal constitution, the loss of confidence refers to “members of the House of Representatives” whereas under the state constitution, it refers to “the Legislative Assembly”.

This means that while the ascertainment of loss confidence can be conducted outside Parliament (such as collective appearance before the Agong) in the federal case, it cannot be repeated in state case.

The reason why I said the Sultan could have been misled is that in his statement extracted above, he mentioned “the confidence of the majority of the State Assembly members”. Notice the statement refers to “State Assembly members”, and not to “State Assembly”.

Under the circumstances, the Menteri Besar was right when he said that he was legally obliged to step down only when a motion of no confidence on him has been passed in the state assembly, but not otherwise.

Federal constitution: Article 43 (4): “If the Prime Minister ceases to command the confidence of the majority of the members of the House of Representatives, then, unless at his request the Yang di-Pertuan Agong dissolves Parliament, the Prime Minister shall tender the resignation of the Cabinet.”

Perak state constitution: Artikel XVI(6): “If the Mentri Besar ceases to command the confidence of the majority of the Legislative Assembly, then unless at his request His Royal Highness dissolves the Legislative Assembly, he shall tender the resignation of the Executive Council”.

THINK ABOUT IT. The Sultan Perak may have made a grave mistake.

Thursday, 5 February 2009

Di manakah silap fikrah orang Melayu?

Di sini ingin saya nyatakan bahawa kita tidak perlu ke Palestin untuk menentang kezaliman. Apa yang perlu kita lakukan ialah menentang kezaliman dan kejahatan di mana sahaja ia berada, termasuk dalam negara kita sendiri. Zionisme tidak memiliki sempadan.

Tetapi, saya agak kecewa apabila melihat orang Melayu berlumba-lumba bangun menentang Isreal yang zalim. Mereka bertempik marah apabila rumah diruntuhkan di Hebron. Tetapi mereka tidak bersuara apabila rumah diruntuhkan di Kampong Berembang atau di Plentong atau di Chubadak.

Orang Melayu marah apabila masjid diroboh di Jenin tetapi orang Melayu tidak marah apabila melihat gereja Orang Asli diruntuhkan di Gua Musang.

Orang Melayu keluar berdemonstrasi kerana tanah rakyat Palestin dirampas tetapi mereka tidak pula bersuara apabila tanah-tanah Orang Penan dirampas. Mereka tidak pula bersuara apabila tanah adat di Sarawak satu demi satu dirampas oleh pemodal antarabangsa.

Hairan. Di mana silapnya fikrah Melayu ini? Kenapa bangsa Melayu memiliki nilai yang setengah jalan? Di mana akal fikrah mereka terputus?

Kalau di Palestin mereka yakin rakyat di sana sedang dizalami, kenapa apabila orang Penan dizalimi hati mereka tidak tergerak untuk membantu?

Apakah mereka tidak memahami bahawa kezaliman dan kejahatan itu tidak berbangsa dan tidak beragama? Kebaikan dan keadilan juga tidak berbangsa dan beragama.

Orang Melayu tidak dapat menerima Ketuanan Yahudi tetapi bagaimana orang Melayu yang sama dapat pula menerima Ketuanan Melayu? Di mana songsangnya fikrah Melayu ini? Apakah mereka telah terputus nilai kemanusiaannya?

Justeru sesudah membaca tulisan ini, marilah kita bersama-sama meneliti dan menilai kembali nilai Melayu kita. Apakah kita benar-benar faham tentang kezaliman dan keadilan.

Atau kita hanya menjadi pak turut – ber-Gaza ke hulu ber-Gaza ke hilir. Orang bercakap hal Gaza, maka kita pun bercakap hal Gaza tanpa kita melihat ke dalam hati nurani kita sendiri.

(Hishamuddin Rais -

New MB expected to sworn-in

And so, with the latest political developments in Perak, BN has decided on its candidate for the new MB. Datuk Dr. Zambry Abdul Kadir, 47, will be sworn-in as the new MB of Perak tomorrow at 3.30pm in Istana Iskandariah. With Ir. Mohammad Nizar Jamaluddin still claiming that he is MB by constitutional laws in this political struggle, let's take a look at the new MB in store for Perakians.

1. Pangkor ADUN (2nd term)
2. Chairman of Education, Human Resources and Multimedia Committess (2004-2006)
3. Chairman of Higher Education, Science and Technology and Innovation Committee (2006-2008)
4. Bachelor's Degree in Economics, Master's Degree in Islamic Thinking (from IIUM), Master's Degree in Political Philosophy and Religious Comparison, Doctorate with Distinction in Contemporary Politics (Temple University, US)
5. Won several awards in writing competitions in his student days.
6. Conferred the Royal Malaysian Navy’s Honorary Lt Commander award by Tuanku Syed Sirajuddin Jamalullail who was then the Yang di-Pertuan Agong and became the first Malaysian politican to be given such an award.

Well, that's that for his description. He seems to be a techno kind of guy from his involvement in ICT. It'll be interesting to see how Perakians will react to this new MB. But one thing's for sure, most of them dislike Najib for what he did in obliterating the now ousted PR government.

And yes, we all hope for justice and equality from the new MB. But will that be enough to erase the memory of 4 February 2009? The 4 frogs who jumped ship. 2 of the frogs will be facing corruption charges on 10 February, amounting to RM180 million and also receiving sex bribes. These 4 frogs will always be remembered by Perakians as scapegoats. And... Never forget the decision by Sultan Azlan Shah to not dissolve the State Assembly, thus giving way to the unconstitutional grab by Najib over Perak. And... Never forget how the EC had acted over its jurisdiction by claiming that the resign letters are deemed invalid.

And so, Perakians. With those matters in mind, you know who to vote for in the next GE (2012/2013). Show Najib who has the real power of the people. Only YOU can make a difference.

Wednesday, 4 February 2009

Mystery of Zakaria Deros

(written by raven1958, February 04, 2009 19:56:55, Malaysia Today - No Holds Barred)

And what did the Perak electorate think...that Najib wont cheat, kill, maim, murder, kidnap, blackmail, buy or do any combination of these things to get what he dont know this chap or worse still his scheming wife despite everything out there. Razak has taught him well.....This is a dangerous man and only a massive uprising is going to save the people of Perak for the Sultan is not going to do shit to lift a finger to help the rakyat despite his lofty ideals or qualifications. Read again...


1.On March 8th 2008, Malaysia’s opposition parties had won unexpected victories in the states of Kedah, Penang, Perak, Selangor and PAS maintained Kelantan
2.The BN was in serious trouble and could not believe that the economic powerhouses of Penang and especially Selangor had fallen.
3.Zakaria Deros, the assemblyman who was largely faulted for Selangor’s fall together with Khir Toyo was informed of an emergency UMNO meeting on the night of March 10th 2008 at Najib’s house.
4.However on arrival, Zakaria was surprised to see that there was no one there except for him, Najib and his bodyguards. “Where are the rest?” Zakaria asked. “This is a confidential meeting between the both of us only” Najib replied
5.Najib, then Defence Minister, came straight to the point. Remember 13th May 1969, the incident that my father was involved in? I want you to start a similar incident in Klang. I will call in the army and impose emergency rule afterwards. If you agree, you will be rewarded amply; otherwise you will pay heavily for your corrupt deeds and for the fall of Selangor.
6.Zakaria in his loud and gruff voice not only made it clear that he will not be a party to a riot in Klang but also barked at Najib that he knows well that Rosmah pulled the trigger to kill Altantunya and Najib Oked the C4 of the body.
7.Zakaria further screamed at Najib that he will expose this to the public.
8.The enraged Najib instructed his bodyguards who set upon Zakaria and beat him up till he became unconscious eventually suffocating him by strangling and killing him.
9.The well oiled team covered up the entire incident as Zakaria having a heart attack at just after midnight March 11th 2008.
10.His body was quickly brought back to his mansion in Klang, and sent off for burial in Malacca by late morning March 11th 2008.
11.Corrupted to the core though Zakaria was, he saved the people of Klang from falling for Najib’s evil calling although his sons did try to start an incident unsuccessfully in Telok Gong. Zakaria however paid a heavy price. His own death. If his body was excavated, apart from the strangulation, the injuries include multiple rib fractures, punctured lung and a possible a liver tear.
12.The depth of cruelty and evil that both Najib and Rosmah bear is unknown to many Malaysians. The country is really entering a very dangerous period of its history. UMNO’s culture since Razak, has been that the end justifies the means. Malaysians will now have to decide how bloody this end is going to be.

Alright, I didn't write the seditious post above as I am not a member of Malaysia Today. It's just a comment by one of the Malaysia Today readers about Zakaria Deros. Somehow, I'm starting to think that this theory is crazy. But it is not 100% ruled out. No one knew what actually happened to Zakaria Deros, who died last March, right after the GE08. The mainstream media says it is because of heart attack. Or was it?

Right now, there's just too many possibilities. Whether it is because of a heart attack or any other reason, this death is really suspicious. To implicate Najib and his bodyguards is a matter of national security and interest. I doubt that the guy who wrote the comment above would have solid evidence to implicate the incoming PM anyhow. (Unless he is a witness of course) If they ever caught the guy who wrote the comment above, I think he will be arrested under the ISA for seditious comments. Or, he can write a Statuory Declaration for this case.

A real doubt though; why has this comment about Zakaria Deros only surfaced 11 months after he died? Weird... Something weird is going on around here... And I have a tingling feeling that this is going to get messy...

Perak has fallen to BN :(

It is official. As of 5.08pm today, Najib had announced that they have enough numbers to topple the PR government of Perak. 3 PKR fellas and 1 DAP fella has defected to BN, as revealed in the press conference at 4.30pm today by Najib at Putrajaya. Now, BN has 31 seats compared to PR's 28 seats within the State Assembly.

As the meeting between Nizar Jamaluddin and Sultan Azlan Shah is still on-going, we, PR supporters, can only hope that the Sultan will give consent to Nizar to have a snap election. The people's concern must be taken into account. Does Perakians want the PR government to be toppled? NO. Does PR supporters want the PR government to be toppled? NO. Can we see a silver lining in this matter? WE DON'T KNOW.

We can only hope and pray to Allah, that the Sultan will make a wise decision in the interests of the people of Malaysia, especially Perak. SNAP ELECTIONS! SNAP ELECTIONS! SNAP ELECTIONS!

Tuesday, 3 February 2009

Hey, guess what?

Yo yo yo...

He launched a poll on 28 January 2009 and it is to end on 4 February 2009, which is tomorrow. The poll is about whether Malaysians want Pak Lah to continue as PM or let Najib take over. Guess what? After I submitted my vote as of 1.15pm, this is where we stand:

Total votes: 10,526
Pak Lah as PM: 9,929 (94%)
Najib as PM: 597 (6%)

LOLOLOLOLOLOLOLOLOLOLOLOLOLOLOLOLOL.................................................... 94% to 6%.... Najib being thrashed.... HAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHA.....

Looks like people prefer the less harmful choice. And that's 10000+ votes by people who can vote only once. Compare that to the NST survey which only involved 1000 people (which only 41% went to Najib and 46% went to Pak Lah).

KAKAKAKAKAKAKAKAKAKAKAKA......................................... We do lack choice in the case of leadership now in Malaysia. In terms of opportunity cost, people would prefer the one with less cost. Soooooooooooo............. They go for Pak Lah.


Monday, 2 February 2009

Well Well Well... What do we have here?

As the Perak ADUN Speaker had announced, the 2 PKR MPs have resigned and thus, the seats will be vacant. Suddenly, later that night, the two of them had denied that they resigned. ADUN Behrang said that he had a 'surat sakit' since Wednesday. Ye ke sakit pun? Kalau sakit, kenapa tak bagitau kat keluarga? Can we imagine how the two of them couldn't be contacted by either the state government or their own families? You call that 'sick'? What the fuck...

And if it is BN's wish to see those PKR MPs hop to their party, think again. The Perak PKR assemblymen has a clause that if they quit the party, they will have to resign their posts. And so, BN's plan might have failed to hatch. Instead, if the Perak speaker is right, they will face 2 by-elections. That's a bother. A possible 4 by-elections since the General Election last year. We already had 2. Permatang Pauh and Kuala Terengganu. The People's Alliance won both. So, are the government ready for the tasks at hand?

Or, we can have another possibility. Since Mohammad Nizar, Perak MB will be seeking an audience with the Sultan of Perak to ask for his mandate for a snap election, that will possibly put BN in more murky waters. However, if the Sultan Perak refuses that, then PR's position as state government will be very precarious.

However, we must not forget the rhetorics of UMNO when it comes to party-hopping. When any opposition MPs or ADUN decide to join UMNO, they are welcome (moral). BUT, when it comes to UMNO MPs or ADUN deciding to join the opposition, they condemn it (immoral). It is always in their nature to see only the advantages that come to UMNO and deem it as moral. When it comes to disadvantages, they deem it immoral. WE MUST NEVER FORGET THIS. NEVER!

So, I implore to your Royal Highness, the Sultan of Perak, to give mandate to Nizar Jamaluddin to hold a snap election to clear all uncertainty about the support of Perakians towards the current state government, and to foil the immoral moves by the federal government for approaching the opposition MPs and coax them to join BN.

Sunday, 1 February 2009

Great... Just great... :P

Okay, buying Perak and Selangor State Assemblymen and women from Pakatan Rakyat is not possible. No one is for sale. So, if you can’t buy them, then kill them. And Umno got a certain MIC man who married his boss’s wife after sleeping with her whenever the boss was out of town to do what he is most good at. They wanted PKR men fixed up.

That was easy. He is an expert at fixing up people. He fixed up his boss. He fixed up his boss’s wife who is now his wife. He can fix up PKR men easily enough. He asked to meet two PKR men. He then arranged for his driver to carry a bagful of money to the appointed meeting place with instructions to drop the bag under the table unseen and unnoticed. He did just as he was told.

No sooner had the bagful of money hit the ground when the Anti-Corruption Agency officers rushed in, picked up the bag, and arrested the two PKR men on allegations of corruption. They did not know what hit them. They did not even notice the bagful of money under the table.

These two PKR men are now missing. They have been missing since the last four days and no one knows where they are. But they are not really missing as such. They are safely in the hands of Umno. And Umno wants them to agree to a deal. Accept RM10 million each and cross over to Umno or else go to jail on corruption charges -- the same deal they offered me and which I declined and which resulted in my detention under the Internal Security Act on 12 September 2008.

(Malaysia-Today, Corridors of Power)

Those 2 PKR MPs were set-up. They were trapped. They didn't know what hit them. It's either they crossover or they go to jail. A Catch-22 situation. Even if the 2 chose defection, PR will still be in charge of Perak. Thanks to the Bota man. If they choose jail, there would be two by-elections in Perak. A chance for PR to regain their stranglehold of Perak and further humiliate the reputation of Najib as incoming PM. If the 2 MPs were bought over, BN would face a snap elections in Perak. To see whether the influence of PR is increasing or not. If PR manage to win more seats than they did in March 2008, then Najib's reputation will take a nosedive.

So, the situation now is... is it a catch-22 situation for the 2 MPs, or is it a catch-22 situation for Najib? From what I see, it can go both ways. Let's do the calculation of probability.

For the MPs, they have a 50:50 chance of defection or jail. While Najib has an equal 1/3 chance for 2 by-elections to happen (if the 2 MPs go to jail), a snap election (if the 2 MPs defect), or status quo (if he released the 2 MPs without any harm).

In my opinion, the best chance for the People's Alliance to exert their influence is when the 2 MPs defect. Once the both of them defect, there is a high possibility that Nizar Jamaluddin (Perak MB) will call for a snap election in Perak, to see whether the support for PR in Perak is increasing or not. If increasing is the case, then PR would be able to secure more seats for ADUN and Parliament. If not, PR would lose Perak for sure. This would go either way.

In Najib's case, his best chance is to maintain status quo. If he releases the 2 MPs without any harm done, then there won't be much movement in politics and his reputation would be unaffected. However, if he bought the 2 MPs over, he would risk a snap election by Nizar Jamaluddin, in which case BN could lose more seats than they have in ADUN or Parliament. If the 2 MPs chose jail instead, he would then face 2 by-elections. As we know, PKR won both places during the GE2008. So, the chances of wrestling the seat is slim. Whoever contests there from PR would win there. Therefore, Najib would be back to square one and thus, his reputation battered if PR win the 2 by-elections.

Although mathematically, the Parliament seats would still be the same, more and more people will doubt Najib's credibility as incoming PM and tsunami of change would gain more steam.


Is it a catch-22 situation for the 2 MPs, or is it a catch-22 situation for Najib?