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Friday, 24 April 2009

My thoughts about solat

Hmm...I've decided to blog a bit about solat today. I have to ask myself (& those who are reading this post) a few questions about solat in this post.

1. When the word 'solat' comes to your mind, what is your first thought about solat?
-Hmm... Solat is compulsory?

2. What is your definition of solat?
-Hmm... I know it is something to do with 'perbuatan' and 'perkataan', but I forgot the technical definition of solat, honestly.

3. How ideal should the solat be?
-Hmm... Solat should always be done the moment the prayer calls are done. (I'll have to work to improve on this for I have a bad habit of leaving it late)
-All criterias of solat should be met from 'niat' until 'salam' completely (referring to rukun solat)
-If possible, do supererogatory (sunat) prayers as well such as prayers before and after Zohor

4. Do you feel that you have fulfilled the necessary criteria?
-No, I feel otherwise as there are a lot of things to be improved in solat.

5. Do you always feel sorry for yourself if you missed the prayer time (if any)?
-Yes, I do. I will always feel if I hadn't do this and that, I wouldn't miss my solat.

6. What will you do after this? What steps will you take to improve your solat?
-I'll have to apply willpower onto myself just to make the effort to go into the toilet and take my ablution as the time for prayers are called. But, I still need guidance from family and friends so that I won't stray from my target.

As I end this post, a thought comes to mind: Solat is an assignment for life. If we don't meet the necessary criteria for solat, our assignment (solat) will be rejected by the moderator (Allah). Thus, essential stuff other than solat will be rejected as well.

That is why the first question that will be asked in the hereafter is 'solat'. If you or me fail the 'solat' question, we will be filled with so much regret for not following the proper criteria. Therefore, I remind myself and other Muslims to improve our solat. Do it because of Allah, not because of something/someone else. Insya-Allah.