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Monday, 22 February 2010

Semester about to start

3+ months of holidays had passed. Semester is gonna start next week. I'm gonna have to allocate my timetable tomorrow at 10am sharp. But of course, 1st things 1st. Maybe I would settle my fees and buy my books 1st. Then only I will allocate my timetable. After that, I'll pass on my Marketing book to my cousin.

I only have 1 week before the holiday ends for good.

I have to do this wishlist below before the holiday ends:
1. Send my car to the car wash.
2. Send my car for its long overdue service.
3. Buy some stationary for the coming semester.
4. Clean up my study table.
5. Finish up on my Kedah analysis.
6. Submit my part of the work to Kee Thuan Chye for his new edition of "March 8: The Day Malaysia Woke Up" (by mid-March)

Yup, a lot to do in a short space of time. Once the semester starts, I'll hide myself as best as possible in university. It's time to do things quietly. It's time for friends to find me than I find them. It's time to focus fully in lecture and tutorials. It's time to seat in front of the pack. IT IS TIME!

Tuesday, 9 February 2010

My open advice for YB Nizar and his team

I'm a PR supporter like any other. We already felt the injustice all the time, like the Perak case. However, I think it is better to put this case behind us and move forward. If we can wait 1 year for the final jugdment on who is Perak MB, why don't we wait for another year or so for the anticipated snap elections? Only then we'll know who the Perakians want as their MB.

And, we don't want to see BN eating into our support in Perak, which is currently happening. Thus, you and your team will now have to work hard to continue SERVING the people in their respective constituencies. Only then we may have a chance of regaining Perak fair and square. And, I remind you and the others to just come to the State Legislative Assembly as usual, being on the opposition side. Then it will give good public perception that you have accepted the decision with an open mind and it will be business as usual. We must not worry about Perakians forgetting Feb 6 2009. They don't need constant reminding over what had happened. It will be translated into votes.

And cries of injustice is pointless. Injustice happens all the time. We just have to bugger the system then.

Just my wishful thinking.

Sunday, 7 February 2010

UMNO rules by sheer intimidation?

CORRECT. But only if the non-Malays allow them to. So if at all UMNO is guilty of anything, it is the collaborators who should also be penalised.

Ei, musang kerjanya makan ayam, tahu? You nak marah musang ke? I want to know who opened the door to let the musang in. That guy we have to shoot.

You want to blame the musang, he'll say, "God made me memang sifat semulajadi is to eat ayam-lah."

And the same guys, the Chinese, are whacking Melayu ini Melayu itu, unfair apartheid-lah, this that-lah. Hey, guys, why the hell did you give them the power to do it?

MCA, MIC, Gerakan, you are BN, you gave them that passport. So the non-Malays should whack their MCA and MIC leaders and blame them for whatever damage UMNO is doing. UMNO can be checked.

If they realise the non-Malays in BN no longer tolerate any of this shit, UMNO has to change.

Now because we whacked MCA as UMNO's running dog, they want to show they are nobody's running dog and so they speak up a bit more. But they're still in BN, right? Leave-lah!

You make noise sikit-sikit and then you tell UMNO, "I'm going to make a few statements-ah, just to satisfy the Chinese-ah. You just buat tak tahu saja-lah." Then they whack whack whack.

And UMNO says, "OK, and then I will hentam you back as to show the Malays that I also fight." So they play a little wayang here.

So you hold your Chinese, I hold my Malays; together, we are in power.


(Above is part of the hard-hitting interview with Raja Petra Kamaruddin by Kee Thuan Chye, Andrew Sia and Hariati Azizan under the title, "HOW BIG ARE YOUR BALLS?")

Monday, 1 February 2010

Why being a nobody is beneficial


It's easy to become a nobody when people don't know you, or you don't know the people around you.

We, humans, are created by Allah (God) with some flaws/weaknesses. Thus, making humans, imperfect. They can be perfect in some ways, but overall, there is no perfect human.

Since nobody is perfect in this world, and I am a nobody in this case, I am a perfect human being. Hehe, kidding.