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Wednesday, 25 February 2009

Orientation week at Monash (Part 2)

On Tuesday, there's another orientation. This time is specifically for Business and Commerce students like me. And so, before the orientation starts at 10am, I was in the admin building waiting for Yu Win as he applies for PTPTN loan. So, I talked to this Australian girl, Emily. Yup, the first Australian I've talked to within Monash. She's a nice girl from Perth. She came to Monash because her dad works in Malaysia. We had a little chat about other stuff as well.

After that, orientation starts in Auditorium 2 with all the welcome addresses and also briefings by each of the department majors for Business and Commerce. So, for the moment, I have decided to do a major in accounting.

At 11.40am, I exited the auditorium with Yu Win because I haven't sorted out my timetable yet and I need to retrieve my Authcate ID and password which was lost in a freak accident. So, we went to the library and used the library computers there to allocate our timetable.

Then, an hour later, we exited the library to have our lunch at the cafeteria. And so, I was introduced by Yu Win to his senior friend, Andy Choong, who knows Monash at the point of his fingertips. Yu Win said that the Sunway campus is Najib's pet project and this university has pro-BN leanings. So he said to me that I had to be careful with what I say or I'll end up in ISA. LOL! Yea, Yu Win knows better than I do. Anyway, the three of us are pro-opposition. So that's a start. Haha.

Anyway, it doesn't matter what political affliations that we belong to. As long as we can make friends with the others based on common ground, then I'm fine with it. Who says BN and PR supporters cannot get along together, eh? Where's the peace man... Haha.

After that, we had our library orientation at the same auditorium until 2pm. Then, we are to be sorted in groups for our Monash tour around the campus. And so, I'm in group A41. From there, I met new friends. They introduced themselves to me and I introduced myself to them. And so, touring the campus we go. We were exposed to the inside-outs of Monash. So, yea, the tour is quite interesting. Lastly, we are to have our photos taken for our student ID. Also, I meet new friends who are Petronas scholars introduced by Aleen and Fatin. Ati, Sarah and Izah. Yup, those were the names. Nice to know them. Haha. =)

After getting my photo taken, I went home feeling really really tired. Fuh...letih gila aa.. Let's see what Wednesday has in store for me.