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Tuesday, 24 November 2009

My review of Semester 2 (Year 1)

Again, I took 5 subjects for this semester.

1. Malaysian Studies (compulsory subject)
2. Introduction to Financial Accounting
3. Introductory Macroeconomics
4. Marketing Theory & Practice
5. Business Law

1. Malaysian Studies

I can say it's a boring subject. More like a repeat of History in secondary school if you ask me, except that everything is in English. That's the only difference I guess. I can't even remember my lecturer's name for this subject.

At first, I would sit in the class for 2 hours each time. Then, the trick is to come for like 10-15 minutes or so and sign your attendance. After that, I went back to the library to study something else. And guess what? I got a 100% attendance certificate! Sounds fake, right? ;P I don't even come for the whole 2 hours.

Come exam time, it wasn't bad at all. I just hope to get at least a Distinction for this subject, even though we are only required to pass it.

-Internal assessment: 36/50
-Exam: 37/50 (based on how I felt I did)
-Total: 73/100 (Distinction)

2. Introduction to Financial Accounting

Well, compared to the Principles of Accounting & Finance last time, I'd be happy to settle for this one. There's more theory this time around, so I have to remember them like hell. However, there are some recalls from what I learned last semester, but this time, it is deeper than it was before. It's more focused on Financial Accounting specifically.

My lecturer is Dr. Mohana and my tutor was Dr. Eu-Gene. They're really cool people, especially Dr Eu-Gene. He's so active in class and it's hard to fall asleep during tutorials. However, it is easier to fall asleep during lecture time because it started at 8.00am, which is too early for most of us. Oh well, but they still rock my world! ;P

Come exam time, the questions were relatively doable. There's this 1 question where I really screwed up, so yeah, some marks lost there. Oh well, at least I'm mostly confident with how I answered. I'm going for a HD on this one.

-Internal assessment: 25/30
-Exam: 56/70 (based on how I felt I did)
-Total: 81/100 (High Distinction)

3. Introductory Macroeconomics

Aaa... finally. Back into the realms of familiarity breeds contempt. I learned Macroecons before back in pre-U, so yeah, it's just a matter of recalling what I learned. But it's never easy, I can tell myself that. To squeeze within 3 months is a mammoth task. Somehow, I slacked real badly in the run-up to exams.

My lecturer is Dr. Grace while my tutor is Mr. Wilson Ow (a few would pronounce it Ow Ow, which is by confusion somehow). Dr Grace is quite strict when it comes to noises during lectures. However, she's a good lecturer and I can understand what she says most of the time.

In my tutorial class, there were only about 6 students in my class, which is quite unusual. The less, the better. The key is to do your tutorial work everytime before you come to tutorials so that you won't get lost. I slacked in the last few weeks and skipped tutorial works. Darn it, how lazy can I get?

Come exam time, the questions were quite tricky. I hope I can do it well in the end. I reap what I sow. I'm really hoping for a HD, but I feel pessimistic for now.

-Internal assessment: 26/30
-Exam: 50/70 (based on how I felt I did)
-Total: 76/100 (Distinction)

4. Marketing Theory & Practice

Marketing is something totally new for me. It's a subject revolving around our daily lives such as ads, prices, promotions, etc... Practically, it's easy to understand, but theoretically, it's a bit hard.

My lecturer is Ms. Crystal Yap while my tutor is Ms. Norbaizura. Ms. Crystal would always wake us up with her funny videos she showed during our lecture. I would normally seat near the front of the lecture hall. She recognised me when I first came for her tutorial class, which was a chaotic situation in timetables for tutors. We played a game during tutorial and I somehow won. ;P So yeah, Puteri Nur Sarah, you are so going to sing in front of everyone (if only I had recognised your signature). Just kidding.

Ms. Norbaizura on the other hand, has an unbelievable knowledge of real life marketing. This can be seen during presentations done by the students in my class, myself included. She would bombard us with questions that seemed impossible to answer. LOL! If only you look at their faces... But yeah, she's cool.

Marketing was never my favourite subject, so I study for the sake of it. Come exams, it worked like clockwork until... I forgot to include STP (Segmentation, Targeting, Positioning). Darn it, I lost 6% because of that. Oh well, I can still aim for a HD in this case. Anything is possible.

-Internal assessment: 40/50
-Exam: 40/50 (based on how I felt I did)
-Total: 80/100 (High Distinction)

5. Business Law

I can't believe how much I hate Biz Law. It was so practically easy, and they the theory is so hard... I pretty much screwed up during exam time, so in the very least I can hope to only pass it.

My lecturer is Dr. Vanitha while my tutor is Ms. Sunitha. Dr Vanitha is distinctive for her examples using the Disney characters (Mickey Mouse, Donald Duck, Goofy, etc...). My tutor on the other hand, is very strict about her students coming prepared for class. She'll explode if some of them didn't do their tutorials and just hope for answers. That's where she hit them hard.

-Internal assessment: 20/30
-Exam: 40/70 (based on how I felt I did)
-Total: 60/100 (Credit)

Well, that's the end of my Semester 2 review. Basically, I had plenty of ups and downs during my 1st year in uni. Time flies so fast that pre-U only seemed to finish just yesterday. I started to miss uni life during this long summer break. I lost my discipline (ex. mandi lambat, main game, etc...) completely. I HATE HOLIDAYS!

On the political side, I really hope there will be a by-election in Kota Siputeh, Kedah. The people loves it when there's a 'buy-election'. This is because the BN government would give back what it stole from them. MONEY. It's basically an UMNO seat, but not by much. But I'm still cautious about this place. It's hard to predict who will win and by how much. The most important thing is that, people would get their money back. It's an economic stimulus, increasing consumption and thus, increase GDP. Time and time again, 'buy-elections' are good for the economy.

Monday, 23 November 2009

Azab koma di Tanah Suci (Part 1)

Januari 1998
Haji Mazlan Nasron

Selama hampir 9 tahun menetap di Mekah dan membantu ayah saya menguruskan jemaah haji dan umrah, saya telah melalui pelbagai pengalaman menarik dan pelik. Bagaimanapun, dalam banyak-banyak peristiwa itu, ada 1 kejadian yang pasti tidak akan saya lupakan sampai bila-bila. Ia berlaku kepada seorang wanita yang berusia pertengahan 30-an.

Kejadian itu berlaku pada pertengahan 1980-an semasa saya menguruskan satu rombongan haji. Ketika itu umur saya 20 tahun dan masih menuntut di Universiti Al-Azhar, Kaherah. Kebetulan ketika itu saya balik ke Mekah sekejap untuk menghabiskan cuti semester. Saya menetap di Mekah mulai 1981 selepas menamatkan pengajian di Sekolah Agama Gunung Semonggol, Perak. Keluarga saya semuanya di Mekah, cuma saya seorang saja tinggal dengan nenek saya di Perak.

Walaupun masih muda, saya ditugaskan oleh bapa saya, Haji Nasron untuk menguruskan jemaah haji dan umrah memandangkan saya adalah anak sulung dalam keluarga.

Berbalik kepada cerita tadi, ketibaan wanita tersebut dan rombongan haji itu di Lapangan Terbang Jeddah kami sambut dengan sebuah bas. Semuanya nampak riang sebab itulah kali pertama mereka mengerjakan haji. Sebaik sampai, saya membawa mereka menaiki bas dan dari situ, kami menuju ke Madinah. Alhamdulillah, segalanya berjalan lancar hinggalah kami sampai di Madinah.

Tiba di Madinah, semua orang turun dari bas berkenaan. Turunlah seorang demi seorang sehingga tiba kepada giliran wanita terbabit. Tapi tanpa apa-apa sebab, sebaik saja kakinya mencecah bumi Madinah, wanita itu tumbang tidak sedarkan diri.

Source: Buku Mastika

Thursday, 12 November 2009

Exams are over


This is a date I would remember that I have finally finished Semester 2 of my 1st year. It is time to reflect on how I did during exams.

Malaysian Studies:
-Well, I can say that the questions are OK
-Internal assessment: 36/50
-Exam: 37/50 (based on how I felt I did)
-Total: 73/100 (Distinction)

Marketing Theory & Practice:
-The questions were really spot on with what I studied based on the review slides given by Ms. Crystal
-My only regret is not answering STP in Section A
-Internal assessment: 40/50
-Exam: 40/50 (based on how I felt I did)
-Total: 80/100 (High Distinction)

Introductory Macroeconomics:
-Well, I slacked badly in the run up to this exam, which is not a good sign as I had became complacent at that point
-Questions are doable, but whether the answers are correct remain to be seen
-Internal assessment: 26/30
-Exam: 50/70 (based on how I felt I did)
-Total: 76/100 (Distinction)

Business Law:
-I can explain so many things by practical, and yet, when it comes to the theory, I simply went blank
-I didn't know what to do
-I hate open book tests, it really messed up my mind
-Internal assessment: 20/30
-Exam: 40/70 (based on how I felt I did)
-Total: 60/100 (Credit)

Introduction to Financial Accounting:
-As Ms. Mohana said, 70% of the questions would come out based on practice exam questions
-Well, most of the questions are seriously doable, but I think I screwed up one of the questions, which is theoretical
-I haven't thanked Mr. Eu-Gene for teaching me Accounts
-Internal assessment: 25/30
-Exam: 55/70 (based on how I felt I did)
-Total: 80/100 (High Distinction)

Now I can calculate my predicted GPA and WMA:
GPA = (4 + 3 + 2 + 4)/4 = 3.25
WMA = (80 + 76 + 60 + 80)/4 = 74

Compared to my last semester, my GPA is predicted to be better, but my WMA would be worse because of my Business Law potentially pulling down my average marks significantly.

Oh well, as goes the saying, "I reap what I sow".

The only effort I can do now is to pray to God and hope that I can get real good results for my exams. Insya-Allah.

Monday, 2 November 2009


Today, I had my Macroeconomics paper, which is already the 3rd paper of my exam so far. I must say the questions are real tricky. I can't even determine my exact answer for each question. It seems I've been outgunned by my best hope for a HD.

Internal: 26/30
Exam (based on what I did): 45/70
Total: 71/100 (Distinction)

Based on how I felt I did during the exams so far, that leads to 3 Distinctions out of 3 subjects finished. Another 2 coming up, Business Law and Financial Accounting. So the marks below are how I felt I did so far:

Malaysian Studies - 73%
Marketing - 78%
Macroeconomics - 71%

Although there is a possibility that I may have done better than expected, I prefer to feel pessismistic for now. Only Allah knows the real results. So, I have to pray hard for success after a lot of effort being concentrated for the exams. As the saying goes: "You reap what you sow."

Yup, sounds like a fair proverb. Even if the results does not reflect the hard work you put in, just remember, life is always a challenge.

Sunday, 1 November 2009

Exam progress

I've done 2 papers so far, which are Malaysian Studies and Marketing. I hope I can get at least a distinction for Malaysian Studies and a high distinction (HD) for marketing. Although I answered Section B and C quite well, I cannot be certain about their perfect-ness. It is unlikely that I can get a full 10% and 20% from Section B and C respectively, although I can hope for at least 8% and 19% respectively, which totals up to 27%. My internals were 40% out of 50%, so that makes my total 67%. Thus, I need another 13% from Section A, which carries 20%. However, I forgot to answer STP, which cost me 6% overall, thus leaving only 14% up for grabs, in which I doubt I can get mostly perfect, although I can hope for 13%, but nothing is certain for sure. All I can do now is pray to God that I can get HD for marketing, or it may well be another near miss like last semester.

My prediction (based on what I've done):
Malaysian Studies = 36/50 (IA) + 37/50 (exam) = 73/100 (Distinction)
Marketing = 40/50 (IA) + 38/50 (exam) = 78/100 (Distinction)

Now, I have another 3 papers to go. Macroeconomics, Business Law, and Financial Accounting. From the 3, I think Macroeconomics is my best hope for a HD, but I haven't really put an effort into studying for Macroeconomics exam tomorrow. Oh well, the most important thing for me is that I don't panic.