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Wednesday, 31 December 2008

HK journey (Part 3)

Wednesday (31/12/2008)

9.00am - We used the MTR (Mass Transit Railway) from Wanchai station to the Causeway Station to get to Times Square. We did arrive there but my dad is not too happy about seeing familiar things that can be seen in Malaysia. So, we had to make an alternative plan. So, we went back to the Causeway Bay Station and take a train to Tsim Sha Tsui, where there is a big possibility of finding 'halal' food. And so, off we go.

11.30am - We arrived in Tsim Sha Tsui but the distance to the exit from where we embarked from the train was like forever (so tiring, as HK has long walking distances to and from the trains). We exited from the station and we can see the Kowloon mosque on our left. It's quite a big mosque in the middle of Kowloon. So, we asked the people there if they know any whereabouts of obtaining 'halal' food.

12.00pm - Me and my parents walked to Chungking Mansion after the guy at the mosque tells my mom about halal food at the place. And so, we arrived there and went up to the first floor. And there it was, the 'HALAL FOOD' signboard. The name of this small restaurant is Baba Jee Mess, owned by a former Malaysian who has now lived in Hong Kong for 19 years. He was Pakistani-born but he married a Malaysian wife and now has 3 children, all of them in Malaysia.

12.30pm - Lunch is served. My parents shared a plate of white rice with chicken (maybe rendang, I'm not so sure) while I ate nasi briyani with mutton (umm...yum yum). That's the 1st time I had a proper meal since arriving in Hong Kong.

1.00pm - After I paid for lunch, an exchange of "thank you" between the owner and his workers and my family. The food was delicious. If I was to come to Hong Kong again, I would know where to go for eating.

We then took a walk through the Tsim Sha Tsui area. Most of the shops were branded. However, there is a few shops that sell cheap goods. Like this one shop, they sell branded watches which is full of diamonds (whether it is real it remains to be seen) for only HK$49 each. If we buy 2 of it, it becomes HK$80. If we buy 3, it'll be HK$100. I feel a sense of regret of not buying them. Even more regrets when I didn't buy the HK$10 small purse for a known friend of mine. THE REGRET. ARGH!!!

3.30pm - We walked to the Tsim Sha Tsui ferry pier where we had been there before in the previous day. The RM1 ferry ride back to Wan Chai ferry pier. And so, we took the ferry back to Wan Chai and arrived at the hotel in no time. Then, I continued to blog about the 2nd day of my HK journey.

4.00pm - My dad wants to use my laptop so I had to compromise. I then took a little nap until 6 'o' clock in the evening. My dad was watching the Scorpions perform on YouTube and then played a little Elvis Presley until 7.50pm. Then, I took control of my laptop again, with which I used to write Part 3 of this HK journey (as you can see in the title above)

8.45pm - 3 hours and 15 minutes away from the New Year (2009). As I end Part 3 of my HK journey, I would like to wish everyone a prominent Happy New Year and may we fulfil our New Year's resolution for the year to come.

I'll finish up on the rest of my journey to HK back in Malaysia. As of now, I only have 1 hour and 25 minutes of Internet left as I had only subscribed for 24 hours of the Net within the hotel.

HAPPY NEW YEAR everyone! Be prepared for possible financial gloom in the year ahead. It won't be a happy new year if nothing is done to stimulate the recessionary economy. Good night and salam.

HK journey (Part 2)

Tuesday (30/12/2008)

8.30am - Me and my parents took a taxi to the Peak Tram station. Once there, we took the tram up to the Peak. The ride was so fascinating as we go up the slope as we start to see the whole of Hong Kong on the way to the Peak.

9.15am - We arrived at the Peak. It was so cold as it is quite high up the hill. I could see the whole of Hong Kong from the Peak. No such things as short buildings here in Hong Kong. Every building was at least 60 storeys high. Can you imagine tall buildings being so close together to one another?

10.15am - Then, we dropped by McD as my dad was hungry. After that, I went to this one shop on the Peak named "Wooden House". I bought some souvenirs there. I wouldn't tell what they are yet. From there, we went to the Hard Rock Cafe shop which sells clothes.

11.00am - After taking some pictures on the Peak, me and my parents went to drink milk and hot chocolate respectively at Pacific Coffee shop. Finally, an interaction with the Net at last. I used the computer there to check my mail and surf some websites.

12.00pm - We went down from the Peak by tram once more. The gradient of the slope was real sharp all the way but the way they designed the floor of the tram that people does not easily slip down the tram while they are standing.

12.20pm - As we embarked from the tram, I can see many people waiting in line for the tram. This is mainly because the Peak is one of the main attractions in Hong Kong that is not to be missed. Luckily we went early in the morning to avoid the congestion of people. Then, we took a taxi to Central Pier 6.

12.45pm - From the pier, we took a ferry to Lantau Island (where Disneyland is situated in HK). But we weren't going to Disneyland yet. My dad decided that we are to visit the Po Lin Monastery (where the largest bronze statue Buddha is situated) and Tai O Fishing Village.

2.30pm - After arriving at the Mui Wo ferry pier, we took a bus to Tai O. We forego the trip to Po Lin Monastery because we're short on time and we are not sure how far it is to Tai O by bus (night time here is 6.00pm).

3.15pm - How my mom was right. We only arrived at Tai O 45 minutes after departure. The road leading to it was full of curves and slopes (not to mention a lot of bus stops along the way, also it reminds me of the way to Cameron Highlands). The first thing we did after arriving there was sitting on the bench, eating biscuits and bread. After that, we explore the shops in Tai O (this place has a lot of bicycles to be rented though). Most of them sell products associated with fish and seafood. We were window shopping most of the time.

4.30pm - After exploring, we decided to go back to the hotel. We took the bus back to Mui Wo Ferry Pier and then, we took a ferry back to Central Pier. It was real cold at the time.

6.15pm - We arrived at Central Pier and then we took a taxi back to the Renaissance Harbour View hotel. We arrived there 15 minutes later.

6.35pm - As we arrived back at the hotel, I started playing Football Manager on the laptop, like I used to during post-IB.

10.00pm - I've decided to use the internet service provided by the hotel, but at a price. 24 hours for HK$120. Quite expensive, ain't it? But I'm so bored without Internet in HK, so I've decided to subscribe it. I started blogging about HK and then chat with a few of my friends.

12.00am - It was time for me to sleep. It's been a tiring day. ZZZZZZZZZZZZZZ.............

That's done for my second day of the trip. I'll blog about Part 3 later as my dad wants to use the Net on my laptop.

Tuesday, 30 December 2008

HK journey (Part 1)

Monday (29/12/2008)

5.30am - My cousin-in-law sent me and my parents off to KLIA. In his Myvi (How Myvi is poular nowadays? I'd describe it as "a car of all situations") This symbolises a start of a 5 day mourning for my cat, who would sit at the gate light and wait for its owners to come home every night until the imminent return

6.20am - I arrived at the airport and we checked-in.

9.15am - Bye-bye Malaysia. On flight MH 72, we were bound for our destination for a man-made island in HK, which is the Hong Kong International Airport, a proud home to the world's longest airport terminal, situated on Lantau Island. I can assure you that I play games on the screen provided by the airline. ZUMA!

12.40pm - As scheduled, we landed on the runway of HK airport. The runway was so long that it took like forever that only would we stop at the terminal 10 minutes after we land.

1.00pm - We took a taxi from the airport to the Renaissance Harbour View hotel in Hong Kong Island. The starting price of taxis is the standard of HK$16 (RM7.5) on the metre. Even Malaysia's metre taxis start at only RM2 (maybe that's why some taxi drivers refused to use the metres, because they're too cheap and it doesn't reflect the true costs of operating their respective taxis [my sympathies are with them]). We arrived about 40 minutes later as traffic congestion is not that bad in Hong Kong (at the time).

3.30pm - After taking a small break in the hotel room, me and my parents decided to explore the area around the hotel, starting with the Golden Bauhinia Square, two blocks away. Situated there is a golden statue, one of many main attractions in the whole of Hong Kong. We continued to stroll near the sea, with the sight of small-time fishermen, catching with a passion.

4.30pm - After the stroll and some pictures taken along the way, we took a ferry from the Wan Chai Pier (right in front of our hotel) to Tsim Shat Sui (a place with many shopping complexes, compared to Hong Kong island which is quite dull and is full of commercial buildings). The ferry ride for each person is only HK$2.20 (RM1.05). Can you imagine getting a cheap ferry fare somewhere else? Not to mention the sightseeing part is very nice (even nicer at night, the building were full of colourful lights). All for RM1.

4.50pm - We arrived at the Tsim Shat Sui Pier and as we walk out onto the streets, it's full of PEOPLE! So congested and yet, so smooth in traffic. While strolling through various shopping complexes, I can see people lining-up at a Louis Vuitton shop!!! (Due to the crowd bla bla bla.... as said by the notice board) This particular pattern shows how some HK people are brand conscious. This pattern of lining-up can be seen at other shops. See what strong brand names can implicate on people (Recall Business HL)

6.15pm - After walking inside 'The Gateway', possibly the longest shopping complex in the world, we took the ferry back to Wan Chai Pier, not to mention taking pictures along the way. If Malaysia has ISA, so does Hong Kong (although metaphorically, it's not really the Internal Security Act, it's a brand name of a shop by the way). Hong Kong is just so beautiful at night. The colourful lights can be seen on every major building in HK. (At 6.00pm, it's already nightfall in HK, although HK time is synchronized with Malaysia)

6.45pm - We arrived back at the hotel as the pier is only walking distance from our hotel. For dinner, we ate MAGGI. My mom bought about 20 packets of Maggi as supply for this trip. She also bought biscuits and Milo Fuse 3 in 1. You can describe how hard it is to eat here except bread.

8.00pm - Tired by the walking and all, we retired to sleep. It may still be early in Malaysia but in HK, nothing is too early. ZZZZZZZZZZZZZZ.........................

I'll continue blogging about the 2nd day of my HK journey tomorrow. I need to sleep already as 12.00am approaches. Good nite everyone. Sleep tight. And salam too.

Thursday, 18 December 2008

Post IB

That's one part of life. Now, I'll have to start all over again for uni next March. I'll hope that I have a new lease of life by then.

What have I done during post-IB so far? Well, the main thing on my mind is Football Manager 2008. Yup, a computer game that I'm addicted since I started playing it. Now, I'm managing Dagenham & Redbridge in year 2025. How old would I be by then? 36.

However, it's not all games for me during the holidays. I do read a few books to spare good time for myself. Guess what? I made a huge and sudden breakthrough in my life, which is reading Harry Potter. I bought the final part, "The Deathly Hallows" as I was so eager to know the ending of Harry Potter and his friends. The book may be 850 pages long but somehow, I managed to finish it in only 2 days. (Never skipped a page, I can assure you that)

Not to mention another good book;
March 8: The Day Malaysia Woke Up
Kee Thuan Chye (Author)

That book really reveals how people are not afraid to change status quo within the government of Malaysia. For 50 years BN ruled its roost. Isn't it time for a change as they had become stagnant for the last 10 to 15 years or so? Money politics, gerrymandering, and all other dirty tactics we can think of during the elections. :P

Let's hope the new SPR board is clean and fair, unlike previous ones. :P
To prove it, Kuala Terengganu will be their first task in handling a free and fair elections.

A part of the book by Kee was quite touching, "Just call me Guan Eng"
Who was this Guan Eng guy? To those who are in DAP, they'll know straight away. Yessirry, Lim Guan Eng, CM of Penang and son of Lim Kit Siang.

So down to earth was he and yet show his fangs at the right time, Lim Guan Eng was one of those rare breeds of good politicians other than Tok Guru Nik Aziz, the Kelantan MB. There are other good politicians as well, such as Zaid Ibrahim, the man without a party. And yet, he stands to his principle of life as a lawyer, regardless of the circumstances. Where can we get good politicians nowadays? It's a real sad state for most good politicians. Either they are driven out of politics or become part of the corrupt system, which is breeding fresh until today.

Also, I read a good satire (irony) by RPK. Here's the link:
/malaysia-today-interviews-home-minister.html (Quite a long HTML)

In the main MT website, you can see one comment is bumped over 500 times. Mostly agreed with the comment. LOL.

As I stop at this point, here is a word that we can ponder for the rest of our lives:


All for one, and one for all. Salam and good nite. :D