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Saturday, 1 December 2007


I wonder, how is the holidays for me? This is my answer: boring! I miss meeting my friends in IBDP, especially Syed, Apit, Ikhwan, Li Ying, Sarah and Camellia... I wish that the holiday is just a short one.

However, there are a lot of assignments during the holiday.. This takes up most of my holiday. I'll list down my assignments below:
1. Extended Essay (English)
2. World Literature Essay (English)
3. Economics Commentary 2
4. Business IA
5. Maths portfolio
6. The 'dreaded' physics reports
7. TOK Essay
8. TOK Presetation
9. CAS forms

Those assignments are big monsters... (Ikhwan said this to me because he learned about this from Mr. Shaw). However, they can be taken down once we start cracking.. So far, I made little headway in those assignments. I feel lazy to do it but I have to...

Well, this is all I can write for this post...
As Dr. Reed would say, "Happy Writing."
Till then, assalamualaikum (peace be upon you) and goodbye to all those who read my blog.