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Thursday, 7 August 2008

Mock exams

The day before the mock exams, I went to Amin's apartment to study French and Physics. In between those study times, I have to relax as I cannot overexert myself on the day before exams, do I?

Then, mock exams came. As I wake up that morning, I was already struck down by flu. That was a serious indication for the rest of the day. Sneezing. It happened during the whole day. I couldn't focus properly during my French and Physics papers. It's really killing me. Not just me, but others as well. They might be distracted from their "train of thought." Oh well, there's nothing I can do about it. So, on we go.

Next day, sneezing continued, but not as frequent as the day before. It really resided during my Econs paper. It was at the time that I could really start thinking again. Business as usual. I haven't touched my Economics book for a long time. So, I have to bank on my memory on what I've learnt. (Do not do this at home.)

I came back home and I watched a bollywood movie with my cousin: "Om Shanti Om".

I was fine at the time and conditions can be really deceiving. As I was taking a bath, suddenly I was freezing... I couldn't imagine how freezing it was at the time, as if I could not let my body be in contact with water. It was as if death is coming towards me in a sudden. It made me remember my past sins and how sorry I was for those things to happen. If only death can be postponed to a later time, then I might be able to change myself into a better person than before.

After that freezing experience, I help myself to dinner. However, I was not in the usual mood to eat as I had my braces scaled during the evening and it was hard to eat. Then, right after eating, I felt a pain sensation inside my head. Headache, fever and cold feet. An indication of exam stress. At that point, I was contemplating whether I should come to school or not the next day.

(To be continued... Zzzzzzz...)


Sarah-J said...

Isn't this just a little over dramatised....??

Ahmad Syafiq said...

It's what I really experienced. No joke. The feeling was unimaginable at the time.