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Wednesday, 6 October 2010

Internal marks for this sem

I've finally known most of my marks for each subject this semester. They are listed as follows:

AFW2631 - Financial Management
Online test (5%) - 4.75%
Mid-semester test (15%) - 9.45%
Total internal marks (20%): 14.2%

I made some costly careless mistakes during the mid-semester, which cost me quite some % there, especially in the MCQ and True/False questions. The theory questions were a screw-up as well. Can't do anything about it. Well, luckily it's only 15%. Thus, I have another 80% to play for in the final exam.

Target (80%) - 65.8%
Total marks (100%) - 80% (HD)

BTW2220 - Corporations Law & Trust
Assignment (30%) - 23%

I was hoping for at least 21/30 to get myself a shot at D. Guess I did better than I expected, although it could have potentially be better had I not left out s 183 and common law remedies. Oh well, 70% in the final exam to play for.

Target (70%) - 47%
Total marks (100%) - 70% (D)

ECW2721 - Trade Finance & FOREX
Online test (30%) - 25.7%
Tutorial participation (10%) - To be known in 2 weeks' time

Well, I was hoping to get at least 28/35 for the online test. I'm glad it went better than it expected, as I thought I might have screwed up a bit. Another anxious wait as I will know how I fare in my tutorial participation come Week 13. Regardless, there's 60% to fight for in the final exam. Thus, I won't set any target yet until I know my participation marks.

ECW2731 - Managerial Economics
Mid-semester test (30%) - 26.1%

Based on the efforts I put in (plus tawakal to Allah), I was hoping to get at least 80/100 for that test. When I got my paper back, I was like shocked to get only 63/100. I checked, and I've seen horrendous mistakes in marking my MCQ. 12 of those answers marked wrong are supposed to be correct. I complained like hell to my tutor and she gave it to the other tutor for remarking. In the end, I got 87/100 after rectifying the marking mistakes in MCQ. Alhamdulillah. I can breathe easy for this subject. As they say, you reap what you sow.

Target (70%) - 53.9%
Total marks (100%) - 80%

And now... to get back to the issue of studying... Ciao!

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