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Wednesday, 19 January 2011

Possible by-election

Less than an hour ago, the Selangor speaker of the State Assembly, Teng Chang Khim (also Sungai Pinang assemblyman) has announced that the state seat of Port Klang is vacant. This seat was an UMNO stronghold until a dramatic swing causes it to fall to PKR in the last GE. However, the Port Klang assemblyman, Badrul Hisham Abdullah, has left PKR in 2009 to become a BN-friendly independent.

It remains to be seen whether the Election Commission would accept the Speaker's decision though. They made a rare decision of not holding a by-election for the state seat of Kota Siputeh in Kedah last year, despite the UMNO assemblyman not attending the state assembly for more than 6 months. Will it remain precedent?

In the meantime, when we have more updates on the issue, take a look at the breakdown for the Port Klang seat, which lies under the parliamentary seat of Klang (MP - Charles Santiago [DAP]):

Badrul Hisham Abdullah (PKR) - 12,397 votes
Roselinda Abd Jamil (UMNO) - 7,990 votes
Nazir bin Mansor (BEBAS) - 580 votes
Majority - 4,407 votes
Breakdown - Malay 55.20%; Chinese 27.10%; Indian 17.40%; Others 0.30%

Datuk Zainal @ Zakari Mad Derus (UMNO) - 12,312 votes
Krishnasamy a/l Punusamy (PKR) - 5,075 votes
Majority - 7,237 votes

Number of voters (as of 2008): 28,456