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Friday, 18 February 2011

What were my activities in Berwick

I flew back to Melbourne last Sunday night and arrived the following morning. It's a bit weird to be separated once more from my beloved parents and my aunt who took care of me since I was a child until I was 12. 3 months holiday is just too short in my opinion. 2 of those months were used for my internship at KPMG under the Audit P department. It was an interesting work experience, although I felt I could have done a lot better.

It was tiring going through the long lines at the immigration and declaration department at the airport. After that, it was another long wait for the Monash transport to send me to Berwick. It had been an interesting chat with the chauffeur. The other 2 students in the car were from China and Singapore respectively. The Chinese guy is taking international business as his major (if I'm not mistaken) while the Singaporean guy is majoring in law. And the Malaysian guy (which is me) is majoring in Accounting & Economics. And so we have it, 3 different people taking different majors. We are a weird bunch, LOL. Not to mention going to different destinations. ;P

As I reached the Monash Residential Office (MRO), I can see some familiar faces around. I got my keys from Paul and I've been moved to the other Flat as they have closed down Flat #52 as there were no people living there anymore. So we're just left with Flat #51 and Flat #50. As I reached Flat #51B, it was kind of surprising to see familiar faces like Nicholas and Johan Ariff (from Monash Sunway like I was) and to have John Morton (the intellectual Man U fan) as my housemates is just awesome. Now we have 4 people (including myself) in our Flat. So we're just probably waiting for who the other housemate will be. Most likely it'll be a guy since Flat #50A are made up of all girls, haha.

TJ (Teck Juan in short) also came to our flat to spend a night or two as he has to help out with International Enrolment Day (which explains why I have to come back early due to enrolment). Also, Erwin and Alexander are living in the Flat next to ours. Boy, so many familiar faces. We spent 2 straight nights playing UNO cards. Dang, it was so much fun, especially when it comes to playing draw cards (for those who aren't familiar with UNO cards, it's +2 or +4 cards, where the player has to take 2 or 4 cards from the deck, or even more).

I also get to know new people living in the Flats during the Enrolment Day. It's interesting that they are taking some common subjects with me. I guess we'll keep in contact very soon.

Onto other things, I'm becoming active in sports once more. I played ping pong for 2 straight days with a 17 year old girl living in the Hall of Residence. Her attacking play is pretty good, but my defence ruled the day. We played like 23 sets on the 1st of 2 days, and I outscored her 21-2, not to say she was an easy opponent. ;P I have to thank her for rediscovering my defensive form. XD On the 2nd of 2 days (which is yesterday), we played like 19 sets during Karaoke Night for those new residents. Again, I outscored her 18 sets to 1, but that requires me to be at my defensive best, again. She's really my perfect opponent to rediscover my form. With the ping pong competition coming up at the end of March, it's looking rosy.

Anyway, it's time for me to sign off and take my bath and prepare to go to the mosque for Friday prayers at Westall (25 minutes trip by train from Berwick). Salam (to whichever Muslim readers reading this post) and goodbye (to non-Muslim readers) for now.


Anonymous said...

3 month holiday is a short period? LOL. Even a year holiday may not be enough. ^_^

Ahmad Syafiq said...

Hehe, can I have holiday for life? XD