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Monday, 11 July 2011

My recent uni results

1st of all, I can't praise Allah highly enough for His endless bliss in my life.

AFW3040 - Accounting Theory
Internal marks: 18.5/30
Exam marks: 52.5/70
Total: 71/100 (Distinction)

BTW3221 - Taxation Law & Practice
Internal marks: 21/30
Exam marks: 49/70
Total: 70/100 (Distinction)

ECW3146 - Regional Development & Policy
Internal marks: 33/40
Exam marks: 48/60
Total: 81/100 (High Distinction)

ECW3830 - Business, Competition & Regulation
Internal marks: 24/30
Exam marks: 57/70
Total: 81/100 (High Distinction)


andy said...

Hi, I am also a Monash student. Could you plz help me about AFW 3040 exam? I have a defferd exam next Monday, so could you remermber the question which showed in your exam? I have huge amount of material to read so I am so worried about the exam! Please help me!
Please contact me with:!

Ahmad Syafiq said...

Oh dear... I'm so sorry I didn't help you in time Andy. I didn't surf my blog for over a week. =( I hope you did well for your deferred exam.