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Saturday, 7 December 2013

2014 World Cup predictions

Group A
Winner: Brazil
Runner-up: Croatia

Group B
Winner: Spain
Runner-up: Chile

Group C:
Winner: Colombia
Runner-up: Japan

Group D:
Winner: Italy
Runner-up: Uruguay

Group E:
Winner: France
Runner-up: Switzerland

Group F:
Winner: Argentina
Runner-up: Bosnia & Herzegovina

Group G:
Winner: Germany
Runner-up: Portugal

Group H:
Winner: Belgium
Runner-up: Russia

What happens in the last 16?
Brazil vs Chile (A1 vs B2)
Colombia vs Uruguay (C1 vs D2)
France vs Bosnia (E1 vs F2)
Germany vs Russia (G1 vs H2)
Spain vs Croatia (B1 vs A2)
Italy vs Japan (D1 vs C2)
Argentina vs Switzerland (F1 vs E2)
Belgium vs Portugal (H1 vs G2)

What happens in the quarter-finals?
A1/B2 vs C1/D2
E1/F2 vs G1/H2
B1/A2 vs D1/C2
F1/E2 vs H1/G2

What happens in the semi-finals?
A1/B2/C1/D2 vs E1/F2/G1/H2
B1/A2/D1/C2 vs F1/E2/H1/G2

I don't even need to say what happens in the final, because it is common sense.

But, let's apply the scenario.

Brazil vs Uruguay (World Cup history, in particular the 1950 World Cup final)
France vs Germany (historically always at loggerheads, but Germany definitely has the better squad)
Spain vs Italy (Tiki-taka vs "Why Always Me")
Argentina vs Portugal (Wow, Messi vs Ronaldo, time to settle it once and for all)

Mouth-watering prospects indeed.

Brazil vs Germany (a repeat of the 2002 World Cup final)
Spain vs Argentina (Barca vs Messi & Co.)

Again... Giant fixtures, you can't really go either way.

Brazil vs Spain

Brazil trying to win it in front of their home fans, but most probably they'll suffer the heartbreak of 1950. Spain just reigns supreme. The core of their squad is mainly from La Liga (in particular Barca and Real Madrid).