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Saturday, 2 May 2009

My feelings toward uni subjects

Principles of Accounting & Finance (AFW1000):
  • I love recalling what I learned for Accounts during secondary school (except that everything was in Malay at the time)
  • I love to do the tutorial exercises for Accounts (except for Topic 1 & 7)
  • I love to be the dominant one in tutorial classes.
  • I love the part where the Powerpoint slide says "Break", but in reality, there's no time for break (Dr. Ravi: "Break. No break!" Everyone LOLed)
  • I love Assignment 1 (but I hate Assignment 2)
  • I hate Dr. Ravi's anti-MU stance (but I do love it when MU wins, muahahahaha)
  • I hate to sit at the front (but I got no choice)
  • Overall, I love accounts.
Business & Economics Statistics (ETW1000):
  • I love reading and analysing statistics.
  • I love to interpret the regression output.
  • I love to build equations from the models presented.
  • I love probability.
  • I love to be active during lectures.
  • I love doing assignments for stats.
  • I hate pivot tables.
  • I hate Excel (no choice, right?)
  • I hate to distract myself during lectures (but I do it almost everytime, duh...)
  • I hate being lost in tutorials (I'm always lagging behind -_-")
  • I hate to bring my heavy textbook for this subject.
  • Overall, I love stats.
Introduction to Management (MGW1010):
  • I love the tutor's character who had never been angry with her students during her 18 year teaching experience (but that doesn't mean we don't do our work, isn't it?)
  • I love to listen to the stories presented by Dr. Elaine during lectures.
  • I love to be active in lectures.
  • I love the general knowledge concept of management.
  • I hate the thick textbook for this subject.
  • I hate falling behind in tutorials.
  • I hate being the leader for my Management group.
  • I hate my tutor's pro-Mahathir stance (but she's a nice person, seriously)
  • I hate management assignments
  • Overall, I hate management. -_-"
Introductory Microeconomics (ECW1101):
  • I love the concept of supply & demand.
  • I love tax diagrams.
  • I love market failure diagrams.
  • I love to draw diagrams.
  • I love to be the dominant one in tutorial class (although my freedom of speech is limited because I kept answering, not giving others a chance. Dr. Dogan: "Anyone else? (other than me)) :P
  • I hate taking notes during lectures (I rarely take notes)
  • I hate doing tutorial exercises (well, it depends)
  • I hate to make myself boring in lectures and tutorials
  • Overall, I love economics. (Thank you Ms. Harjit)