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Sunday, 9 August 2009

What I'm gonna do today

I've finished my Malaysian Studies assignment yesterday. Now I got to study for the quiz tomorrow. THIS SUCKS! Oh well, I love uni life rather than pre-U life. Pre-U life in Sri KDU Smart School is one hell of a nightmare. At one point, I almost failed before the exams even begin. That is what happens when you are a pioneer batch. You take the hit for someone else.

Ok, back to my title: What I'm gonna do today? Well, there's plenty of things I should do today. The list is as follows:
1. Biz law - Tutorial and possibly, assignment
2. Accounts - Tutorial and possibly, assignment
3. Marketing - Tutorial (very very important)
4. Macroeconomics - Tutorial (least important)

Every marketing tutorial work contributes to my final percentage. It is of the upmost importance that I complete it by today. Biz law tutorial? Well, my tutor is strict about those coming to class unprepared. Luckily I've been prepared since day one. No prisoners taken.

Accounts? I've done the problems necessary. Just the questions part that need finishing. I may also start part of the assignment if I have the time to do so. Macro? My tutorial is this Wednesday, so I'll postpone doing it till the day itself as I have a break between 11.00am and 4.00pm. Plenty of time to do it. Oh yes... I got plenty of time on my hands, but that doesn't mean it will be wasted down the drain on this dull weekend. As I said, this is gonna be my busiest weekend ever in my whole life.

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