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Friday, 31 July 2009

Anti-ISA demo

There are going to be roadblocks everywhere in KL tomorrow. Yup, that's right. To prevent the people from demonstrating against ISA. Najib says rallies are pointless as they are reviewing the ISA. We never wanted a review sir. We want abolishment. And if you say rallies at pointless, why do you need roadblocks then? Just let them demonstrate if they want. Are you afraid of the demonstration sir? Never ever underestimate the power of rallies. Look at BERSIH almost 2 years back. Where does that lead us? Denying BN 2/3 majority.

Of course I won't be going to the demo. I wanted to, but I just can't. But I still support the demo anyway. To those aligned with ISA, please, I don't share your views. I have my own views. So, no point trying to give me whatever links of supporting ISA. That is FINAL. DO YOU HEAR??? Sure, you are free to visit my blog anytime. It's your right. But trying to change my views about why I am against ISA, don't even think about it. Because it won't work.


Nik M Hafizul said...

hey, hebat la kamu berbicara soal politik.

Ahmad Syafiq said...


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