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Sunday, 1 November 2009

Exam progress

I've done 2 papers so far, which are Malaysian Studies and Marketing. I hope I can get at least a distinction for Malaysian Studies and a high distinction (HD) for marketing. Although I answered Section B and C quite well, I cannot be certain about their perfect-ness. It is unlikely that I can get a full 10% and 20% from Section B and C respectively, although I can hope for at least 8% and 19% respectively, which totals up to 27%. My internals were 40% out of 50%, so that makes my total 67%. Thus, I need another 13% from Section A, which carries 20%. However, I forgot to answer STP, which cost me 6% overall, thus leaving only 14% up for grabs, in which I doubt I can get mostly perfect, although I can hope for 13%, but nothing is certain for sure. All I can do now is pray to God that I can get HD for marketing, or it may well be another near miss like last semester.

My prediction (based on what I've done):
Malaysian Studies = 36/50 (IA) + 37/50 (exam) = 73/100 (Distinction)
Marketing = 40/50 (IA) + 38/50 (exam) = 78/100 (Distinction)

Now, I have another 3 papers to go. Macroeconomics, Business Law, and Financial Accounting. From the 3, I think Macroeconomics is my best hope for a HD, but I haven't really put an effort into studying for Macroeconomics exam tomorrow. Oh well, the most important thing for me is that I don't panic.

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