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Monday, 2 November 2009


Today, I had my Macroeconomics paper, which is already the 3rd paper of my exam so far. I must say the questions are real tricky. I can't even determine my exact answer for each question. It seems I've been outgunned by my best hope for a HD.

Internal: 26/30
Exam (based on what I did): 45/70
Total: 71/100 (Distinction)

Based on how I felt I did during the exams so far, that leads to 3 Distinctions out of 3 subjects finished. Another 2 coming up, Business Law and Financial Accounting. So the marks below are how I felt I did so far:

Malaysian Studies - 73%
Marketing - 78%
Macroeconomics - 71%

Although there is a possibility that I may have done better than expected, I prefer to feel pessismistic for now. Only Allah knows the real results. So, I have to pray hard for success after a lot of effort being concentrated for the exams. As the saying goes: "You reap what you sow."

Yup, sounds like a fair proverb. Even if the results does not reflect the hard work you put in, just remember, life is always a challenge.

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