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Friday, 22 January 2010

My wish for 2010

1. To kick the ass of 4 subjects in the upcoming semester and earn my right of studying overseas. (Company reporting, Cost information for decision-making, AIS & Financial Modelling, Macroeconomic Policy)

2. To see Perak finally having its long overdue snap elections. (When on earth would the Federal Court announce the decision on who is the legitimate MB I wonder...)

3. To see Selangor fall to BN (which is gonna be an even more interesting debate than the Perak crisis. Not to mention PR are not doing anything serious to defend it).

4. To see the Sarawak state elections being held this year rather than 2011.

5. To make more new friends in uni especially.

6. To see my junior IB-ians pass their IB exams with flying colours in May this year.

7. Not to get in trouble with traffic offences again. (That 1st summon of RM30 made me more careful)

8. To see crackdown on corruption on both political sides.

9. Get more awesome PS3 games.

10. Oh ya, to get a new thumbdrive. I'm really in a pressing need to get a new thumbdrive, especially the 16GB type.

11. To settle my forms for interexchange before the end of this month. (URGENT PRIORITY)

I couldn't think of more wish lists right now. I'm blank.


喝酒 said...

forgive others but not yourself. ....................................................

Ahmad Syafiq said...

No la... I'll forgive everyone, including myself, haha.