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Wednesday, 17 March 2010

2nd year

Uni life in the 2nd year is harder than the 1st. With specialization comes into play, I'm currently taking 3 accounting and 1 economics subject. I plan to major in Accounting and Economics. Why? Accounting without economics would mean inflation is disregarded and profits would be misleading, without taking current costs into account. Economics without accounting would mean that economists won't be able to make their prediction without solid financial data.

Now, we have 2 Monash politicians in Malaysia now. One is the Chief Minister of Penang, while the other is the Chief Minister of Sarawak. Both are of different political divides. Maybe I want to be like them, to be in politics one day (that is if I earn enough money before I enter politics). They say politicians have many faces. Who knows, I may have the most faces of all politicians.

Back to babbling about uni life. As I was saying, I'm taking 4 subjects. Below would be my overview of the subjects so far:

AFW2020 - Cost information for decision making

This has something to do with management accounting. Back in semester 1 last year, we did cover a bit of Management accounting, although it is not in depth. This time around is the real deal. The gist of it is that you have to broaden your thinking and be creative and observant with things happening around you. If you don't do that, you will struggle like shit. Yes, at first, I had trouble grappling with the subject because of its general nature. Over time, I get to understand more of how management accounting works in real life. It's not just about $$$, but it's also about the things that would influence $$$. Besides, most CEOs or CFOs of companies nowadays are actually accountants (with many different accounting fields). They know numbers, and they have information, which is very valuable.

AFW2491 - Company reporting

I so far had a liking for this subject. I seem to grasp this subject pretty quickly and with efficiency as well. I always seem to be pro-active in lecture, although I could do more in tutorial. It's still accounting, but this time the focus are on companies and even more accounting standards. So it is gonna be a bit complicated. Not to mention that the 1st assignment was absolute hell. Many people were unsure about what they are doing with it. The lecturer said this assignment has a very high failure rate, so I'm not expecting much from this. As my friend Victor would say, just keep looking forward. There's no point looking back and mulling over what you could have done. When it's over, it's over. He got a point there. So, time to look to the future in the weeks that are coming in fast. This subject will only get interesting as the weeks go by.

AFW2851 - AIS & Financial Modelling

This is a subject where I feel very, very vulnerable. The IT side of this subject is just scary. With so many symbols to remember, and not to mention reading the flowcharts, this subject is my modern-day reality nightmare. Not to mention the subject is dry, the textbook itself is pretty scary. I can't understand a damn thing on what the book says about this subject. It'll be a miracle if I can get a Distinction for this.

ECW2730 - Macroeconomics Policy

It was a breeze in the 1st few weeks, but at this point, things are only getting harder. Not to mention it's made impossible without the textbook (the bookshop should order more of the textbooks so that they don't quickly go out of stock). 3 weeks gone by, I'm still without the bloody textbook. Stupid la! I can't even study a single thing about this subject. Only when I get my hands on that freaking textbook, then only would it mean serious business.

I know I shifted my focus away from politics, cause I'm getting bored about posting on politics. Not to mention so much had happened in the past few weeks. Thus, I am really lazy to keep track of it. Politics only when it matters, that means come the next GE.

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