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Saturday, 24 April 2010

Why BN will win Hulu Selangor tomorrow

1. Personal involvement of the PM, DPM and Tun Mahathir
2. Goodies being splashed out all over the place
3. It's a semi-rural area
4. Extensive personal attacks on Zaid Ibrahim
5. It's an UMNO fortress among the Malay voters there
6. 13,000 voters have been moved
7. Possible midnight raid to splash even more goodies tonight.

Enough said. I'll eat humble pie if BN loses tomorrow.


Anonymous said...

Salam. I've been reading u on twitter. I understand you are a pkr supporter. Of all the comments, you stand out bcos you are the most realistic and never ever rabid unlike most of the opp supporters.
With young ppl like you, i feel hope for our country's future.
I too long for a convincing two-party system in which we fight on issues. Right now, we see our elected reps (both sides) calling each other names, demo sini sana. Apa lah.
We certainly need good opposition. HS is a gd example of rakyat being the winner.
So old Unc Lim shd be happy for the folk who got something out of this election.
Best wishes,
A watcher

Ahmad Syafiq said...

W'salam. Thanks for the comment Anonymous. To be more accurate, I'm actually a PAS supporter, not PKR. However, I'm not a conservative nor am I a liberal. For me, it's dangerous to be on either side of the extreme.

Being too conservative or too liberal is quite dangerous. So, it's good to have an open mind to see the world, while at the same time, keep good morals in check.

So yeah, I accept PR's defeat with an open mind, as it is not the end of the world. I'm sure there are many more by-elections to come between now and GE13. By GE13, I would be eligible to vote already.

So yeah, I can't wait for GE13, haha.

Osama® said...

Do you think it is good that Zaid will now start his "Know your Ministers campaign"?

At least we can now know who the Ministers mistresses are, whether they consume alcohol, whether they gamble, where they womanize?

Great is it not? What say you from a young man point of view?

Ahmad Syafiq said...

Lol... I'm speechless. Hehe.

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