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Wednesday, 16 June 2010

Exam progress

Cost Info was a screw-up.
Internal: 28.5/30
Expected exam marks: 41.5/70
Total = 70/100

AIS wasn't so bad like Cost Info.
Internal: 23/30 (assuming that participation is 6.5/7)
Expected exam marks: 47/70
Total = 70/100

Tomorrow would be my Macro Policy paper and next Monday is Company Reporting. I hope it wouldn't be too bad.


Anonymous said...

Ai yah bro, what programme are you actually pursuing?

Most of your papers are similar to my son's programme, which he had completed with first class honours.

All the best to you bro, you can make it.

Ahmad Syafiq said...

I'm currently taking Bachelor of Business & Commerce in Monash Sunway. So yeah, I'm in my 2nd year now.

Thanks for the wish.