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Friday, 4 June 2010

Latest internal assessment marks

Cost information for decision making:
1st assignment: 49/50 = 9.8%/10%
2nd assignment: 28.5/30 = 9.5%/10%
Presentation: 81/100 = 4.8%/6%
Participation: Don't know yet (out of 4%)
Total so far: 24.1%/26%

Company reporting:
1st assignment: 63/100 = 6.3%/10%
Online assessment: 22/25 = 13.2%/15%
2nd assignment: Don't know yet (out of 15%)
Total so far: 19.5%/25%

AIS & Financial Modelling:
Group assignment: 7%/10%
Online assessment: 14/20 = 7%/10%
Pilot test: 5/6 = 2.5%/3%
Participation: Don't know yet (Out of 7%)
Total so far: 16.5%/23%

Macroeconomic Policy:
Assignment: 45/60 = 7.5%/10%
Mid-semester test: 22/40 = 11%/20%
Total: 18.5%/30%

My 1st assignment for company reporting was really difficult, as most students either pass or fail. Only a few students got D for the assignment, and only a handful (including me) got C for the assignment.

Mid-semester test for Macroecons Policy was a screw-up. It was MCQ and open book. I didn't manage to squeeze in everything in time for the test. I was fearing that I would fail the test, but lucky for me, I passed in the very least. Now, the redemption is to excel in the final exam for this unit. NO BUTS.

7 days to go. IT'S THE FINAL COUNTDOWN...

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