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Wednesday, 14 July 2010

2nd part of life in Berwick

Last Friday, I went to my cousins' house and follow them for Friday prayers. After that, I went for lunch at 'Dapur Indo'. I ate rice and 3 dishes (rendang daging, and 2 other vegetable dishes), at a cost of AUD8.50; very nice. After that, I lepak-ed at my cousins' house. I'm a heavy gamer, so I played Command & Conquer on PS3 from 10pm until like around 6am in the morning. I got some sleep after that and woke up at 9am.

That Saturday, I went to meet an old friend in the form of Sabrina Teoh at Queen Victoria Market. I also hang out with 2 of her friends (Farina & Anusya). I didn't buy anything except for a toy gun (AUD12). It's quite a big market, not just about selling food, but also clothes and whatnots. I went back at around 3pm and they had a disruption in railway lines between Oakleigh and Springvale during the weekend. So I dropped off at Oakleigh and took the replacement rail bus to Springvale station. From there, I took the train back to Berwick, just in time to prepare myself for the 'Ice Breaker Night' for new Berwick residents like me. So we carried out a few activities during the night and dinner was provided.

On Sunday, I went bowling with the other new residents and the resident advisors. I haven't played bowling for a long, long time. I expected to score pretty lowly, but I didn't too bad. I got the 2nd highest score at 136/300. But of course, I couldn't beat one of the locals (Malcolm his name), who scored 164/300. He's already of a different class. But yeah, better than most. It was also World Cup night, so I slept around 2am and woke up at 6.30am. I kind of forgotten about the World Cup final, so I just checked my phone, only to discover 20 miss calls. Oh crap, I forgot to teman my friend to watch the World Cup with her. So I went to the Pavilion (mind you, not the big high-class Malaysian shopping centre) to watch the remaining 20 minutes of the match. Obviously we saw the winner scored by Barca's midfield maestro, Andres Iniesta, in which he dedicated it to his late friend Dani Jarque, who died of a heart attack last year while playing a match. So yeah, Spain won the World Cup for the 1st time ever. Bla bla bla, I prefer South Korea to win the World Cup. ;P

On Monday, I had orientation at Berwick campus, but it was pretty dull most of the day, except for the food, and some of its activities. So yeah, I do meet a lot of new people. We also had induction night at the Pavilion for us new residents, which is compulsory for us to come, haha. We were sorted out into houses (Green, Red, Black, Yellow). They already sorted out beforehand, so I go Green (which reminds me of the spill against the USA). So yeah, it was mostly boring talk until they asked questions in which we can get marks for our respective houses. That's the fun part. So yeah, it wasn't all work and no play makes Jack a dull boy.

Yesterday was also orientation, but it was more dull than ever. So, I skipped the 2nd and 3rd part of the orientation. I just went for the 1st part, and then went for the morning tea break and lunch. After that I went back to the Flats. I played ping pong with one of the Berwick residents, Stanley Lam, later in the evening. It was a titanic battle, where I was defensive most of the way. As they say in Risk, if both sides are equally matched, the defender will be the victor. And so I was victorious in miraculous circumstances, withholding the attacking onslaught. 6 sets to 4 the final score. He was pretty good. Then my next opponent was Han, who Stanley considers better than him. So I won the 1st match miraculously as well, but I was on the verge of losing the 2nd match when the trip came calling. And so, we walked up High Street and had our dinner later at Moods restaurant. I ate the vegetarian pasta. I was full at first, and then my new friend (Nor Ashikin, or Ash in short) said she couldn't finish her Thai Green Curry (vegetarian) rice, so she offered me her dish, in which I glutinously ate until it's clean, LOL. My stomach felt like exploding anytime, but it was pretty nice, haha. At least I won't go hungry during the night.

I woke up today hoping to meet a few of my old IB friends somewhere in Melbourne, but there have been slight alterations in the plan. My friend will notify me later on how the plan goes, which explains why I am still at my house in Flats and blogging away my 2nd part of life in Berwick. Today is the 14th of July (Wednesday), check check check. Tomorrow night is obviously results. It will be a very anxious wait to see how I did for my subjects last semester. As they say, hope for the best, prepare for the worst. I just hope I'll do well, Insya-Allah (God willing).

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