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Thursday, 29 July 2010

Classes so far

It's already the end of week 2 for me as my classes are held from only Monday - Wednesday. Thus, I will publish my list of tutors and lecturers for each subject, and comment a little bit on each of those subjects so far.

BTW2220 - Corporations Law & Trust
Lecturer - Shi Chenxia
Tutor - Samantha Taylor

This is a subject under the 'Professional Accounting Sequence'. It's quite an important subject as it will enable me to get exemptions from some exams when I eventually undertake professional accreditation in the field of accounting (ex. CPA, ACCA, etc...)

The lecturer has quite a funny accent. There are some words which sounds different from what it is supposed to be. For example, own = oin(k); angry = ungry; etc... The tutor on the other hand is Australian, and she's quite good.

AFW2631 - Financial Management
Lecturer - Nigel Morkel-Kingsbury
Tutor - Nigel Morkel-Kingsbury

This subject is under the major of Accounting. It's mostly a calculation subject, with some theory in it. They say it's like maths, but I'm not convinced as the failure rate for this subject is quite high. 40% in Sunway, and 57% here, in Berwick. Surely I'm not making a fool of this subject. It's practice, practice, practice, and understanding the concepts well enough. Nigel has a distinct behaviour from time to time, which is to squish a paper and throw it to the back (it's classic, seems normal to him). But of course, he's quite a decent lecturer and tutor.

ECW2721 - Trade Finance & FOREX
Lecturer - Jaai Parasnis
Tutor - Welikala Ruwangi

This subject is under the major of Economics. My passion for economics is a reason why I undertake economics as my 2nd major. The lecturer gives a very clear explanation about things, which is good for understanding this subject. The tutor on the other hand is awesome as she describes it in pictures and words, which tremendously improved understanding even further as we deal with case studies and whatnots.

ECW2731 - Managerial Economics
Lecturer - Shi He-Ling
Tutor - Shi Hui (couldn't remember the full name though)

This subject is also under the major of Economics. It's quite an interesting subject when the lecturer said this is not a continuation of Introductory Microeconomics. He said that it is time for us to put ourselves into the shoes of a company CEO and think only about one thing: PROFIT. This reminds me of Cost Information last time, one way or another. The tutor on the other hand also has quite a strong accent, but her voice is a bit too soft at times, and she doesn't seem to grasp the authority at hand (although I hope it improves with time).

And so, that is my life and classes in Berwick so far.