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Sunday, 25 May 2008

Holidays so far...

It's already 11.35p.m. as I am writing this post. Tomorrow is the third day of the two-week 'respite'. How time flies. Now, I bet you guys were wandering about how all our friends spend this holiday so far...

On my part, I didn't really do much on Friday after school. Just the routine Friday prayers and then watch TV. It's kind of dull that day. The next day, I started to get into the groove for studying. Even though it's only 2 hours overall, but it's a good start.

Today, I did some more serious studying. 3 hours and a half in all, covering French, Maths and Econs. I haven't touch Physics for quite some time but I'll do that tomorrow I hope.

Ooo...ya. Assignments during holidays.
1. Maths IA (probably our last IA assignment for this subject)
2. Prepare for Oral Presentation on 11th June (I wonder how I am gonna meet up with my group members for discussion... Besides, I haven't send in my Oral Proposal. Dead meat I would say -_-)
3. Journaling (Sigh -_-)
4. CAS forms (Those IBO guys are coming in September, gotta do more activities, especially when it comes to Action)

So, that's all I can remember as far as I am concerned. How bout you guys who are visiting my blog? Feel free to comment on this post...