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Tuesday, 13 May 2008


It's 1a.m. And guess what, I haven't completed my Crucible Review. Well done, Psycho.

May is a really important month. This when you have to pass all your IA's up by then. Bloody hell, I can die because of this factor alone.

Now, here's the list of IAs:
1. Business IA
2. English crap
3. CAS (not exactly an IA, but if you don't complete it, you're going to die in IB. I can assure you that)

I'm glad Econs is already done and dusted. So do the World Literature Essays. Thank God it's over. Now, I need to focus on my Crucible Review and send it to Dr. Reed by email or she'll be freakin' mad with me in school.

If I have more free time, I might blog once more. So...Peace!


danial syafiq said...

you havent handed in your freaking crucible review?? OMG MAN! YOURE FUCKING SCREWED I TELL YOU!

and dont be so perasan that 'lifes meaningless without you!' frankly, id substitute 'meaningless' with 'better' and now it reads 'lifes better without ahmad syafiq!' ahhahha kidding la syafiq! thats me being among your 'kawan rapat' and not 'kawan paling rapat' *inside joke*

hhehehe... =P

Ahmad Syafiq said...