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Tuesday, 6 October 2009

Exam mode

I couldn't update my voting pattern analysis because the website was somehow deleted by an unknown source. Malaysiakini had took over from the government in 2008 for running this website. I think that hackers closed this website down in a move to ensure orang Malaysia lupa.

Oh well, my exams will start on the 29/10/2009 (Thursday) and ends on 12/11/2009 (Thursday). Marketing (29th), Macroecons (2nd), Biz Law (5th), and Accounting (12th).

My targets:
Marketing - 80 (HD)
Macroecons - 90 (HD)
Biz Law - 80 (HD)
Accounting - 80 (HD)
Malaysian Studies - 65 (C)

I hope I'm gonna work towards achieving my short-term goals between now and the exams.

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