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Wednesday, 28 October 2009

Exams has begun

At 9.04am, I had started my Malaysian Studies exam and was done at 10.50am

20 MCQs and 4 essay questions (answer 2)

How confident was I with my answers?
MCQ - 13%/20%
Essay (Q1 - Origins of Chinese and Indians) - 11%/15%
Essay (Q2 - Parliamentary democracy) - 13%/15%

Total exam % = 37%/50%
Total internal assessment % = 36%/50%

Total % = 73% (Distinction)

Oh well, at least based on what I did, I am currently surpassing my target of just 65% for Malaysian Studies. But I tell you, nothing is easy in Malaysian Studies. I'm just glad I'm over with it.

Now, my next target for tomorrow: Marketing exam

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