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Wednesday, 16 December 2009

BN almost embarassed

As the opposition called for a bloc voting in Parliament, that is where they almost caught BN with their pants down during the Budget 2010 debate.

Final score: BN 64-63 PR

Well, that says it all. 74 BN MPs didn't vote on the budget (whether they don't like the budget, lazy to vote, or if they're dissatisfied with the budget, they are afraid to vote for the opposition) while 18 Pakatan MPs didn't vote.

Can you imagine the implications of a Budget Bill being rejected???

When a budget bill is rejected, it is certainly equals motion of no confidence. When there is no confidence in the budget, that means they have no confidence in the PM Najib. Once that happened, the Agong may have to appoint a new PM from the opposition (my choice would have been Nizar).

Lucky for BN, Nazri saved their asses with distress calls to Najib and co. Those last minute votes certainly saved them from defeat. However, that is something not to be proud of for the BN coalition. This certainly shows that complacency roots deeply in them.

Let this be a lesson to the missing MPs to not be absent when there is a very important vote such as the Budget Bill. Nice try Pakatan, but next time, please have all your MPs available so that we can catch BN with their pants down again for next year's Budget Bill.

So, a reminder to some of the Pakatan MPs such as Azmin Ali, Lim Guan Eng, Teresa Kok, Mahfuz Omar, Mujahid Yusof Rawa, Khalid Ibrahim, and the 12 others. Please be present next time, or the people would think you are simply absent from Parliament. Same goes to the 74 BN MPs who didn't turn up for voting when it mattered most. Never think that you are safe with the majority at hand.

And to Speaker Pandikar Amin, don't blame Pakatan for trying to catch BN with its pants down. I know you are a BN fella elected by your party in Parliament to be the main speaker. So, please bash your own BN members for not turning up for such an important vote. Besides, isn't this a parliamentary democracy?

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