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Sunday, 7 February 2010

UMNO rules by sheer intimidation?

CORRECT. But only if the non-Malays allow them to. So if at all UMNO is guilty of anything, it is the collaborators who should also be penalised.

Ei, musang kerjanya makan ayam, tahu? You nak marah musang ke? I want to know who opened the door to let the musang in. That guy we have to shoot.

You want to blame the musang, he'll say, "God made me memang sifat semulajadi is to eat ayam-lah."

And the same guys, the Chinese, are whacking Melayu ini Melayu itu, unfair apartheid-lah, this that-lah. Hey, guys, why the hell did you give them the power to do it?

MCA, MIC, Gerakan, you are BN, you gave them that passport. So the non-Malays should whack their MCA and MIC leaders and blame them for whatever damage UMNO is doing. UMNO can be checked.

If they realise the non-Malays in BN no longer tolerate any of this shit, UMNO has to change.

Now because we whacked MCA as UMNO's running dog, they want to show they are nobody's running dog and so they speak up a bit more. But they're still in BN, right? Leave-lah!

You make noise sikit-sikit and then you tell UMNO, "I'm going to make a few statements-ah, just to satisfy the Chinese-ah. You just buat tak tahu saja-lah." Then they whack whack whack.

And UMNO says, "OK, and then I will hentam you back as to show the Malays that I also fight." So they play a little wayang here.

So you hold your Chinese, I hold my Malays; together, we are in power.


(Above is part of the hard-hitting interview with Raja Petra Kamaruddin by Kee Thuan Chye, Andrew Sia and Hariati Azizan under the title, "HOW BIG ARE YOUR BALLS?")