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Tuesday, 9 February 2010

My open advice for YB Nizar and his team

I'm a PR supporter like any other. We already felt the injustice all the time, like the Perak case. However, I think it is better to put this case behind us and move forward. If we can wait 1 year for the final jugdment on who is Perak MB, why don't we wait for another year or so for the anticipated snap elections? Only then we'll know who the Perakians want as their MB.

And, we don't want to see BN eating into our support in Perak, which is currently happening. Thus, you and your team will now have to work hard to continue SERVING the people in their respective constituencies. Only then we may have a chance of regaining Perak fair and square. And, I remind you and the others to just come to the State Legislative Assembly as usual, being on the opposition side. Then it will give good public perception that you have accepted the decision with an open mind and it will be business as usual. We must not worry about Perakians forgetting Feb 6 2009. They don't need constant reminding over what had happened. It will be translated into votes.

And cries of injustice is pointless. Injustice happens all the time. We just have to bugger the system then.

Just my wishful thinking.

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