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Monday, 17 May 2010

Sibu by-election

1st of all, congratulations to DAP candidate, Wong Ho Leng, for winning this crucial by-election in East Malaysia. This victory is not possible without the solid vote of the Chinese Foochows, who had made it clear that they want Taib Mahmud to go, as he had been around for far too long, ripping apart Sarawak's natural resources for his own family's gains.

But of course, it is good to note that there is no personal attacks involved in this campaign by either side, which is a good thing for Malaysian politics, unlike the Hulu Selangor by-election. However, we are treated to a customary $$$ offers by BN to voters to ensure that victory is in their hands. Alas, the voters didn't fall for the bait. So what does this tell BN on a whole? $$$ does not buy everything. I hope they learn from that.

Last of all, I hope that whatever promises made by either side (especially BN), will be fulfilled. We don't want to hear of any unfulfilled promises ringing to our ears.

On another note, the Melanau and Iban votes are still solidly behind BN, which is still a good indicator for the Sarawak state elections, expected to be called by next year. This loss may be just a blip, but I have to admit it was a shocker out of the wildest dreams. It was DAP's 1st by-election contest, and they won it against all odds, including the postal votes and the onslaught by Melanau and Iban voters. Not to forget the $$$ splashed.

Also, this win means that BN is still a bit far away from regaining its 2/3 majority in Parliament, although it is still possible if we hear of further defections from PR (especially from PKR) in the near future.

That's all I have to say. Congratulations to both sides for undertaking a good campaign in Sibu. To the winner, I say congratulations and continue to work hard to serve the people. To the loser, do not despair as there is still time to repair mistakes/damages.

Till then, CIAO. XD


Osama® said...

Hallo bro,

Yes, it is good for a democracy, for PR to win after so much adverse news from PR, especially PKR, all troubles in PKR would not have happened had UMNO Baru/BN upheld the true spirits of democracy and hold the moral high ground. But, BN is not, and look at the comments from some in Anil's blog," A win is a win, no matter how they do it" from our dear Gerakan K. Such is the attitude and I am sure if this continues Gerakan, MIC and MCA would be wiped out come the next GE.

Well, with regards to campaigning, while it was good that there was no personal attacks like HS, but, the campaigns of BN was really toothless, meaning to say, they were unable to bring issues of significance to the Siburians.

Instead of countering effectively the issue of Kamillah Allah, which was effectively manipulated by the PR, which is what is actually happening in the Peninsular that is affecting the East Malaysians here, BN resorted to the "kampua mee" issue, " A vote for DAP is a vote for PAS" which is really ineffective anymore, since the formation of PR! The fact is that there was no issue that they brought up with the PR led state Governments in Penang, Selangor, Kelantan and Kedah. Desperate time calls for desperate actions, those BN folks in Sarawak were really made to look very outdated! Infact, even before election, Ramakrishnan had already read the moods of the BN campaigners by saying that the best they can do is to announce resignations from PR parties and the leaving of PR MPs to be independents which actually happened. BN's tactics/strategists are made to look so amateurish, obsolete at best, so much so, PR could read their every move! Really, they are still using strategies used during the Japanese Occupation and the colonial times. Using money to bribe for votes and what not.
The rejection by the Sibu folks must be a big slap in the face for
BN considering the fact that all Ministers were there, so much money spent, yet they lost!

Yes, for PR to do better, they must break into the Iban and Melanaus areas. Mind you while the Melanau/Dayak folks are strongly behind BN, but, $$$$$ must surely have played a hand. Despite, there was improvments as far as votes for PR are concerned from these two areas!

The handling of the postal votes left a bad taste in the mouth. EC should have been more professional. Just imagine if PR did not assign experienced and good election workers to monitor the postal votes? PR would have lost! One thing noteworthy is number of deliberately spoiled postal votes! It shows that there are still many good military/police personnels who just want to stay neutral and I believe that is the way it should be. The numbers are really significant according to MInsider report.

With regards to the 2/3 majority, well bro, I wish to tell you that it may be very possible. You need to understand that RPK mentioned last year, that according to his intelligence, which is often very reliable, I salute him for that, they will use every means to get it. Like charging those PR MPs in courts and ensuring that they are fined above 2,000 or jailed more than 3 or 6 months to disqualify them, and thereby holding fresh elections, besides the normal ways they are enticing PKR MPs to become "independents".

And a good example of the so called "independents" is Ibrahim Ali. If he is truly an independent, he should not have so blatantly called on the Government to look into the matter of Chinese voters. He should have kept his mouth shut and be so pro BN and yet called himself an independent, which is a real slap on his independent status!

So long bro, see you and wish you well.

Anonymous said...

They used Allah's name issue to get voters...zzzzzzzzzzzzz....

Ahmad Syafiq said...

I don't think Allah's name was such a big issue Ariffin. Besides, there were more pressing local issues such as flood mitigations and native customary rights land. You must remember that West Malaysians and East Malaysians mentality are very different. They have different priorities. Thus, West does not meet the East.

But of course, I'm sure you know, as part of the political party, is to be ready for any type of scenario or issues that could go against the party. Thus, rather than complaining the other side is using this and that, how do we address/answer those issues? Yes? That would have put the party in the defence at a much better position.

Anonymous said...

But it's such an irony really...they complained that UMNO and BN always used racist issues to woo voters...yet they are using religious issues to woo voters...which is even worse...

Moral of the story...politics is dirty to the core no matter in what name you do it for...zzzzzzzzzz...

p/s...I deactivated my facebook because I think I am under

Ahmad Syafiq said...

Lol, why are you under surveillance on Facebook? You're no threat to Malaysia, aren't you? Besides, Ibrahim Ali's racial statements in the open did not result in being arrested under the ISA. What more the likes of you??? I think you're being a bit too paranoid here. And I thought you deactivated Facebook because of IB exams. >.<"

Anonymous said...

No me...I am under observation...I I'm not even a tip off from someone that my name came I am asking him to's taking him a while...zzzzzzzz...

Ahmad Syafiq said...

Maybe your friend might be playing a bad joke on you. For me, our security was already compromised the moment we joined facebook, or any other social site for that matter. This is because they have 'cookies'. So, they can track anyone on Facebook. And trust me, this is an international 'cookie', where we are all under possible surveillance, and also vulnerable to hacking, if our password is not safe enough.

Osama said...

Ai yah bro, Apa sudah jadi? Lama tak update blog?

Bro, hope you are preparing yourself well for your exam and I am confident that you will do well.

Bro, apa sudah jadi? Block L&M sudah hilang, tanah di Singapore sudah digadai, kini hospital hospital utama Malaysia pun hendak di gadai. Judi bola sudah di luluskan, protes PAS semakin rancak, GST akan dilaksanakan,
subsidi akan di tarik balik, ai yoh just so much in so short a time, just what is happening bro?

Does not look good or does it look good to you?

Cheers! Salam reformasi! PAS for all.

Ahmad Syafiq said...

Lol, no use updating on politics for the time being. Malaysiakini already covered most of it, haha.

Preparation for exams are not as smooth as I hoped. But yeah, hope to get into better rhythm straight away.

Judi bola tu, Najib tak boleh nak kalahkan Guan Eng. LOL! Ustaz Guan Eng, hehehe. ;P Muslim leaders like Najib and Awang Adek should be ashamed of themselves.

Ala, gadai tanah tu standard operating procedure. Tuduh pembangkang gadaikan negara, tetapi siapa yang sebenarnya gadaikan negara? Siapa yang sebenarnya menderhaka kepada Sultan-Sultan? Tepuk di dada, tanya selera. XD

Bulan di hatiku. =D