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Wednesday, 31 December 2008

HK journey (Part 2)

Tuesday (30/12/2008)

8.30am - Me and my parents took a taxi to the Peak Tram station. Once there, we took the tram up to the Peak. The ride was so fascinating as we go up the slope as we start to see the whole of Hong Kong on the way to the Peak.

9.15am - We arrived at the Peak. It was so cold as it is quite high up the hill. I could see the whole of Hong Kong from the Peak. No such things as short buildings here in Hong Kong. Every building was at least 60 storeys high. Can you imagine tall buildings being so close together to one another?

10.15am - Then, we dropped by McD as my dad was hungry. After that, I went to this one shop on the Peak named "Wooden House". I bought some souvenirs there. I wouldn't tell what they are yet. From there, we went to the Hard Rock Cafe shop which sells clothes.

11.00am - After taking some pictures on the Peak, me and my parents went to drink milk and hot chocolate respectively at Pacific Coffee shop. Finally, an interaction with the Net at last. I used the computer there to check my mail and surf some websites.

12.00pm - We went down from the Peak by tram once more. The gradient of the slope was real sharp all the way but the way they designed the floor of the tram that people does not easily slip down the tram while they are standing.

12.20pm - As we embarked from the tram, I can see many people waiting in line for the tram. This is mainly because the Peak is one of the main attractions in Hong Kong that is not to be missed. Luckily we went early in the morning to avoid the congestion of people. Then, we took a taxi to Central Pier 6.

12.45pm - From the pier, we took a ferry to Lantau Island (where Disneyland is situated in HK). But we weren't going to Disneyland yet. My dad decided that we are to visit the Po Lin Monastery (where the largest bronze statue Buddha is situated) and Tai O Fishing Village.

2.30pm - After arriving at the Mui Wo ferry pier, we took a bus to Tai O. We forego the trip to Po Lin Monastery because we're short on time and we are not sure how far it is to Tai O by bus (night time here is 6.00pm).

3.15pm - How my mom was right. We only arrived at Tai O 45 minutes after departure. The road leading to it was full of curves and slopes (not to mention a lot of bus stops along the way, also it reminds me of the way to Cameron Highlands). The first thing we did after arriving there was sitting on the bench, eating biscuits and bread. After that, we explore the shops in Tai O (this place has a lot of bicycles to be rented though). Most of them sell products associated with fish and seafood. We were window shopping most of the time.

4.30pm - After exploring, we decided to go back to the hotel. We took the bus back to Mui Wo Ferry Pier and then, we took a ferry back to Central Pier. It was real cold at the time.

6.15pm - We arrived at Central Pier and then we took a taxi back to the Renaissance Harbour View hotel. We arrived there 15 minutes later.

6.35pm - As we arrived back at the hotel, I started playing Football Manager on the laptop, like I used to during post-IB.

10.00pm - I've decided to use the internet service provided by the hotel, but at a price. 24 hours for HK$120. Quite expensive, ain't it? But I'm so bored without Internet in HK, so I've decided to subscribe it. I started blogging about HK and then chat with a few of my friends.

12.00am - It was time for me to sleep. It's been a tiring day. ZZZZZZZZZZZZZZ.............

That's done for my second day of the trip. I'll blog about Part 3 later as my dad wants to use the Net on my laptop.

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