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Wednesday, 31 December 2008

HK journey (Part 3)

Wednesday (31/12/2008)

9.00am - We used the MTR (Mass Transit Railway) from Wanchai station to the Causeway Station to get to Times Square. We did arrive there but my dad is not too happy about seeing familiar things that can be seen in Malaysia. So, we had to make an alternative plan. So, we went back to the Causeway Bay Station and take a train to Tsim Sha Tsui, where there is a big possibility of finding 'halal' food. And so, off we go.

11.30am - We arrived in Tsim Sha Tsui but the distance to the exit from where we embarked from the train was like forever (so tiring, as HK has long walking distances to and from the trains). We exited from the station and we can see the Kowloon mosque on our left. It's quite a big mosque in the middle of Kowloon. So, we asked the people there if they know any whereabouts of obtaining 'halal' food.

12.00pm - Me and my parents walked to Chungking Mansion after the guy at the mosque tells my mom about halal food at the place. And so, we arrived there and went up to the first floor. And there it was, the 'HALAL FOOD' signboard. The name of this small restaurant is Baba Jee Mess, owned by a former Malaysian who has now lived in Hong Kong for 19 years. He was Pakistani-born but he married a Malaysian wife and now has 3 children, all of them in Malaysia.

12.30pm - Lunch is served. My parents shared a plate of white rice with chicken (maybe rendang, I'm not so sure) while I ate nasi briyani with mutton (umm...yum yum). That's the 1st time I had a proper meal since arriving in Hong Kong.

1.00pm - After I paid for lunch, an exchange of "thank you" between the owner and his workers and my family. The food was delicious. If I was to come to Hong Kong again, I would know where to go for eating.

We then took a walk through the Tsim Sha Tsui area. Most of the shops were branded. However, there is a few shops that sell cheap goods. Like this one shop, they sell branded watches which is full of diamonds (whether it is real it remains to be seen) for only HK$49 each. If we buy 2 of it, it becomes HK$80. If we buy 3, it'll be HK$100. I feel a sense of regret of not buying them. Even more regrets when I didn't buy the HK$10 small purse for a known friend of mine. THE REGRET. ARGH!!!

3.30pm - We walked to the Tsim Sha Tsui ferry pier where we had been there before in the previous day. The RM1 ferry ride back to Wan Chai ferry pier. And so, we took the ferry back to Wan Chai and arrived at the hotel in no time. Then, I continued to blog about the 2nd day of my HK journey.

4.00pm - My dad wants to use my laptop so I had to compromise. I then took a little nap until 6 'o' clock in the evening. My dad was watching the Scorpions perform on YouTube and then played a little Elvis Presley until 7.50pm. Then, I took control of my laptop again, with which I used to write Part 3 of this HK journey (as you can see in the title above)

8.45pm - 3 hours and 15 minutes away from the New Year (2009). As I end Part 3 of my HK journey, I would like to wish everyone a prominent Happy New Year and may we fulfil our New Year's resolution for the year to come.

I'll finish up on the rest of my journey to HK back in Malaysia. As of now, I only have 1 hour and 25 minutes of Internet left as I had only subscribed for 24 hours of the Net within the hotel.

HAPPY NEW YEAR everyone! Be prepared for possible financial gloom in the year ahead. It won't be a happy new year if nothing is done to stimulate the recessionary economy. Good night and salam.