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Thursday, 8 January 2009

IB results

7 January 2009, 1.30am

That is D-Day. For who? For IB people like me.

I've never seen so many people online as the deadline approaches.

1.30am drives people crazy as they badly wanted to know their respective results. I was one of them. With the personal code and pin at hand, I logged in and within a few seconds...

Session: NOVEMBER 2008
Candidate: 002206 038 (cqq029)
Name: Mohd Amin, Ahmad Syafiq
Category: DIPLOMA

Subject & Grade

English A1 EE - C
English A1 HL - 4
French Ab. SL - 4
Bus & Man. HL in ENGLISH - 6
Economics HL in ENGLISH - 6
Physics SL in ENGLISH - 5
Mathematics in ENGLISH - 6
Theory Knowl. TK in ENGLISH - B

EE/TOK points: 1
Total points: 32
Results: Diploma awarded

I was speechless. I don't know what was my reaction. Whether to rejoice or not, I was glued to the laptop. But I was glad that I didn't screw it up. I was hoping for a 35 but 32 is fine with me. Now, I am able to continue my studies in university.

MONASH SUNWAY, here I come!

However, before I end my short post, I feel sad and sympathise for those Petronas scholars who didn't meet the HARSH target of 35, especially as being the first batch, we are the bait and it was real hard. DREAMS shattered. TEARS crestfallen. And joy to those who passed IB with flying colours. I am in between tears and joy. I decided to be in a mode of no reaction.



Faizal Hamssin said...

glad that you're happy with yr result, syafiq. congratulations!

goooooood girl said...

your blog is feel good......

Ahmad Syafiq said...

thanks faizal, congrats to you too for getting 39.