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Saturday, 3 January 2009

HK journey (Part 4 & 5)

Thursday (1/1/2009)

8.00am - New Year's Day. I planned to go to Disneyland today as it is the last but one day in Hong Kong.

8.30am - We walked to the MTR Wanchai Station. It was quite far from the hotel as we had to pass through Central Plaza and then walk through the long overhead bridge in order to get underground.

8.50am - We took a train to MTR Central Station and then interchanged to the Tung Chung line from Island line at Hong Kong station. Another very long walk to the interchange. (Sigh...) From there, we embarked to the MTR Sunny Bay Station where we took another interchange to the Disneyland Resort Lines, a special train ride specifically for Disneyland and the area around it.

9.45am - Me and my parents have finally arrived at Disneyland. We took a few pictures here and there before buying tickets for Disneyland. Adult tickets cost about HK$350 each on a Peak Day like New Year's Day. After we bought the tickets, there was already many long lines to enter Disneyland as they wait for the 10.00am opening time.

10.10am - Finally, Disneyland. This will be my parents 3rd Disneyland trip after LA and Japan. This will be my 2nd after Japan too. As we all know, there are 3 different parts of land within the theme park, which is Adventureland, Fantasyland and Tomorrowland. I decided to explore Tomorrowland first. I took rides like Orbitron, Autopia and Buzz Lightyear blasters (although I only took the ride in the afternoon). After that, me and my parents went to Fantasyland and took the Mickey Mouse ride, "It's a small world".

11.30am - Me and my parents watched the Mickey Theatrical show which lasts for 30 minutes. It's quite good.

12.15pm - My dad decides to rest on the bench right in front of the big Disney castle as he succumbs to illness. My mom had to watch over him and so, my dad let "off the leash". I went back into Tomorrowland and took the rides that I wanted. I took Autopia again and then I entered the Blasters 3 times. The Blasters ride was so cool. Before that, I ate lunch which is popcorn and hot chocolate. Not a balanced diet though.

1.45pm - I crossed into Adventureland. I took the raft to Tarzan's tree house. The tree house was almost exactly like in the cartoons. After I'm done with exploring the tree house, I took the raft back to the main land of Disneyland. Then, I went on the River cruise which is around the tree house area. It was real interesting as some of the visitors got a bit wet. I was home and dry as I sat right in the middle of the boat, invulnerable to the wet threat.

2.45pm - I went back to the castle area to check on my parents. After that, I went through the Main Street to take the Disneyland train. The train stopped at Fantasyland as the Disneyland parade was about to start at 3.00pm. As I'm not a fan of parades, I skipped the parade show and went back to exploring Tomorrowland. I took the Blasters ride was more and then look for souvenirs. As I became hungry once more, I bought mushroom soup, french fries and hot chocolate and went back to the bench where my dad is.

4.30pm - My dad wants to go back to the hotel as he's still down with illness. I had to compromise so I texted my mum who was in Main Street looking for souvenirs that my dad wants to go back. So, we had to wait a little while before my mum appeared.

5.00pm - We bought the necessary tickets and we're on our way back.

6.00pm - We arrived back at the hotel as my dad went to bed immediately.

7.15pm - Another Maggi dinner, but this time with rendang tok. So nice as it is instant from the packet. After dinner, I continue to play Football Manager on my laptop.

10.30pm - I retired to bed. ZZZZZZZzzzzzzzzz...........

Friday (2/1/2009)

6.30am - Last day in Hong Kong. I was up quite early somehow. After taking my bath, I played football manager again.

8.30am - Maggi again for me as breakfast as my parents ate bread. Then, we started packing for our journey home as our flight is at 2.35pm local time.

10.00am - We checked out of the hotel and took a taxi to Hong Kong airport on Lantau Island.

10.45am - We arrived at the airport after a 38km journey from the hotel on Hong Kong Island. We went to the airport bookshop to survey good books. I bought "Yes We Can" by Garen Thomas. This famous expression is by the next US president after George W. Bush. You all know who that is so I don't have to mention his name anyhow.

11.35am - We checked our bags in and then had lunch at Popeye's Biscuits and .... (I couldn't remember the full name of the shop). It's Halal certified and therefore, meat can be eaten, to the relief of my parents. I had French fries (again), popcorn shrimp and hot chocolate.

12.30pm - I logged on to the free WiFi provided by the airport and surfed the Net. I chatted for a while with Sue Ching as she would be off to France that evening for 3 years.

1.30pm - We walked to gate 25 of the terminal for that's where MH 73 is docked. I went to the Internet Zone once more near the gate and utilised one of the computers there. I read Syed's blog and woah! He changed his blog layout, which is damn cool. He now has a new theme for his blog. Nice going dude.

2.15pm - We board the plane bound for HOME.

2.35pm - Bye-bye Hong Kong! I won't be missing you.

6.30pm - After a little delay in landing at KLIA as a result of traffic congestion, we've landed safely at the airport and took the airport taxi bound for home.

8.00pm - HOME SWEET HOME. That's the end of my HK journey. 5 days and 4 nights.

It's business as usual as I reached home. Football Manager 2008 and Internet until IB results are known on Wednesday (7/1/2009), 1.30am. Till then, salam and good night to everyone.

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