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Tuesday, 7 April 2009

Results of by-election

1) Batang Ai - BN won by a majority of 1854, better than their previous majority of about 800. (Improve by 1050 majority)
2) Bukit Selambau - PKR won by a majority of 2375, about the same majority from last GE.
3) Bukit Gantang - PAS won by a majority of 2789, better than their previous majority of about 1500. (Improve by 1280 majority)

Sarawak has always been a stronghold of BN. So, it's expected. It would have been an embarassment for BN if they lose that place.

Now, Bukit Selambau is a real surprise for me. I thought there might be a wind of change. From the moment the PKR candidate was named, I thought it would spell disaster because many PKR people are unhappy with the choice, but all that was forgotten with the results showed.

For Bukit Gantang, I was almost spot-on with my prediction. Nizar was always a popular figure. This increased majority has vindicated his statement that he is the legitimate MB with the support of the people. So, Zambry, what say you?

Overall, I'm happy with the results because it went better than I predicted, apart from the landslide in Batang Ai.

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