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Sunday, 28 June 2009

My review of Semester 1 (Year 1)

First things first. I took 5 subjects for this semester. Islamic Studies, Intro to Management, Principles of Accounting & Finance, Biz & Econs Stats, and Introductory Micro. I've already explained about my orientation day in uni. Just check out my previous posts at the side of my blog.

1. Intro to Management

Management is what I'm going to talk about first. My lecturer is Dr. Elaine Chew and my tutor is Puan Noor Aziana. They're two really cool people. I've learned part of management before back in my pre-U, so I hoped I would learn more new things about management at the time. The theories such as scientific management by Taylor and Maslow's hierarchy of needs has come back to haunt me somehow in this subject. I did learn something new about Fayol's management functions. Planning, organising, leading, controlling. Whatever we do involves at least one of the functions no matter what. At first, I was really into this subject. Then... I got bored because of the huge textbook. Darn it, I said. How the hell am I going to know which is going to come out for exams? During the last week before exam, I only realised that what I need to read is in the outline. OH NO!!! How can I be so stupid at this point? After all, it's been in the guideline. *Sigh* Oh well, come exam time, I think I did OK. It's just that I had trouble managing time when it comes to exams.

2. Business & Economics Statistics

Hmm...seems like a new subject to me, although probability is nothing new. To know which factors are significant or not depends on the p-value. Hmm...sounds simple ain't it? I bet you don't even know what it means. ;P Oh well, it doesn't matter. Now I have another unrealistic life-long dream. To write a book about which factors are significant in determining the results of the general and by-elections. Sounds silly alright. My lecturer is Dr. Soo Siew Choo and my comp-lab tutor is Ms. Jane Teh. Lucky for me, I had allocated my tutorial first before the 2 lectures. It helps me in understanding what I learn in the lectures, although I have to admit that I sometimes fall asleep in lectures. Darn it, I wish I could have paid more attention in my lecture. Overall, statistics is interesting. I don't think anyone can run away from statistics. It's there for the taking. This is the only subject that I rarely studied except when it is near exams. I also thought I did OK for this exam, although I did leave a few blanks because I didn't studied them. *Sigh* what a waste it was.

3. Principles of Accounting & Finance

Welcome back to secondary school. It was almost like what I did last time around. Although, finance is something new to me and fun as well because of the calculations involved. Oh yes, who could forget the add maths formula of compound and simple interest? Yes, it applies in our life. Savings and loans especially. My lecturer and tutor was Dr. Ravi Narayanan. A really cool tutor I must say. He called me the "dominant one" in class because I was always the first to answer, especially for financial accounting. For me, it is important when possible to have the same tutor and lecturer so that I can get used to his teaching style and understang better. However, one part of Accounting that really killed me literally was Management accounting. That involves a lot of memorising, and an integral part of the exams. *Sigh* I knew I screwed up that part during my exam. I don't even know the definition of corporate governance. Great! Hurrah to my ownself for screwing up pretty good.

4. Introductory Microeconomics

Aaaa....the realms of IBDP. *Sigh* Almost everything was child's play to me in this part of economics. Opportunity cost, taxes, subsidies, trade, who wouldn't know it? Even supply and demand. Hehe, I like drawing the diagrams because, the picture tells a 1000 words. My lecturer and tutor is Dr. Ergun Dogan. Quite a boring one, well, almost. :P I can easily get distracted in my microecons lecture, although I did try my best to pay attention in his tutorial and be proactive. I mean...that's what students are supposed to do, right? However, I will always thread my subjects with caution... One of my friends got Distinction grade for every subject except Microecons. Credit only for Microecons. What the... and that's the only subject that he has solid background in. Wow, what a turnaround. Looks like I can't take Microecons as easy as it looked. Na'ah, it's harder than you think. Back to square one. So, I studied this from day one onwards and I don't want to screw this up like I screwed Management accounting. So, for the exams, I exited 40 minutes early before the 3 hour mark was up because I had finished by then and feel good about most of my answers, I think.

The sweet taste of freedom after that because it was my last paper before this short 1 month holiday. Very short indeed... Even 10 days had passed already. Time flies mate. Looks like I'll be wasting the rest of my holiday with games. I wish I would have been in Manek Urai to help the opposition defend its seat. Because my mom can't go, plus my dad doesn't allow me to go because my mom can't go, so I can't help the campaign. How did I plan to help? First, I have to walk among the UMNO people, be an observer at first. Then, if I had the opportunity, I would ask the people discretely to vote for the moon. *Sigh* How can I change events so significantly with that small contribution. Yes, there are no prizes for guessing that party. So...we'll see on July 14.


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