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Wednesday, 17 June 2009

Exams in progress

My estimated internal marks for each subject:
1. Islamic Studies - 38/50
2. Accounting & Finance - 33/40
3. Introductory Microecons - 23/30
4. Intro to Management - 35/50
5. Biz & Econs Statistics - 24.6/30

4 subjects down in the exam. 1 to go. Microecons. My best hope for a HD (high distinction). Tomorrow. 1.30pm. I'll be there, or I'll be square, Insya-Allah.

Below is my review over how I felt over the papers done so far:

Islamic Studies - Well, some of the questions are easy and some of the questions have tricky answers up their sleeves. Thus, I hope I can get at least 32/50 from how I answered. 38 + 32 = 70 (Distinction)

Accounting & Finance - I can assure myself I have screwed up in Management accounting. I don't even remember what corporate governance is. *Sigh* I only wish I hadn't slacked in the last 2 weeks leading up to the exam period. My expectations based on how I answered and how I screwed up in Management accounting, I would say 65/100 = 39/60. 33 + 39 = 72 (Distinction)

Intro to Management - I was glad that most of the questions were to my liking. However, my time management is absolutely poor. I couldn't even finish question (a) of Part 3 Essay question. I would estimate I lost 15 marks from there. But from how I answered, I hope I can get at least 70/100 = 35/50 for the paper. 35 + 35 = 70 (Distinction)

Biz & Econs Stats - Hmm...the nightmare of how I did the past year paper as practice seems to be behind me in this case. However, there's one question where I don't even know how to answer. 14 marks lost from there. But I feel good about most of my answers, I hope. So... I'm hoping to get at least 66/100 = 46.2/70 from that paper. 24.6 + 46.2 = 70.8 --> 71 (Distinction)

Therefore, leaving Microecons up for grabs. Sure, it may sound easy because I've learned it before but I must throw caution to the wind. One of my friends who had a strong background in Microecons last time could only manage to get Credit for that paper, while in other subjects where he doesn't have a background, he got Distinction for each. So... it sounds like either strict marking or carelessness that will creep in. I wouldn't want to let my carelessness sneak into my mind. It will be a recipe for disaster if I let that happen.

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