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Monday, 15 June 2009

Some political news (random)

Just today, Nizar and 6 other MPs were banned from Parliament for 2 days for raising the issue of dissolving the Perak State Assembly. Guess what Nazri called him. "Short-circuited brain." It's so easy to call someone who is short-circuited that has gone through the painful process of regaining the rightful post and failed at the same time. I'm sure you would have been short-circuited as well Nazri if you were in Nizar's position. :P Duh.

Anwar meanwhile, suggests that Chin Peng be allowed to return to Malaysia on humanitarian grounds. But further he said, it does not mean we accept what he did in the past (as expected, mainstream media twisted his words anyhow, especially Utusan). Yes, true. Chin Peng seeded a lot of fear in the hearts of Malaysians at the time. But we must not forget how Japanese soldiers plundered Malaysian citizens during World War 2 and we forgave them somehow. Of course, if Indonesian rebels/communists are allowed back in to their country and live a peaceful life, what about Chin Peng? A man of 85 years is no more a threat to the country. If you all still think he's a threat, why don't you just put him under ISA then? Duh. :P You can all still put Mas Selamat Kastari under ISA even though he belongs to Singapore. Just extradite him back to where he came from.

Zaid the man has somehow joined PKR after floating on the political market for months since being sacked by UMNO for attending PKR and DAP dinners on invitation from friends. Such low tolerance I must say... Close to zero tolerance as far as I'm concerned. Zaid Ibrahim is an asset to any political party in Malaysia. For UMNO to kick him out is just unfortunate. He had big reforms planned for UMNO and yet they didn't listen to him. Same like Ku Li in this case (except that Ku Li is still in UMNO). By the way, it was Ku Li who had first raised the issue of unity government, not Tok Guru Hadi Awang. If Ku Li became PM, only then the unity government can be realised. But that's just not the case.

Ah well, that's all for politics for the day. Back to playing Football Manager 2009. By the way, I suggest you visit this blog who makes fun of both BN and PR. This should bring a smile to your day. It is this blog who had tricked RPK about the police brutality video. LOL! What a joke! So cool wei...


Anonymous said...

Chin Peng is a mass murderer...

He is the is him who orders the killings...nothing will ever justify him to ever step one foot on Malaysia again...except if he is executed...!

Ahmad Syafiq said...

Dude, it doesn't matter if one is a mass murderer or not. The most important thing is we condemn and execute all murderers. No exceptions.

Murderers like the one who killed Nur Jazlin Jazimin, Canny Ong, etc... we should condemn and execute them as well. Jangan pakai double standard wei. How come Rashid Maidin, Shamsiah Fakeh are allowed back into Malaysia even though they are communists?

And in the Quran also states that whoever kills a human being, he/she has killed the human race. Can you see how Allah values our life so highly? So, what's the difference between Chin Peng, Hitler, Nurin's killer, Canny's killer Nurul Huda's killer and Altantuya's killer?

NO DIFFERENCE. They are murderers. So, if you want to condemn Chin Peng, why don't you condemn the other murderers as well? Then only it'll be fair.