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Saturday, 1 May 2010

15 year old kid who got shot by police officer

Another death at the hands of a few police officers. Poor kid. He was only 15, and his offences are quite minor according to the traffic laws. But does it warrant a killing that is unjustified? I mean, the procedure should have been to shoot the 4 tyres first, and after that the kid couldn't do anything after that. He had no choice but to stop. But instead, he got shot in the head.

But of course, we shouldn't generalise that all police officers are bad. Some did their duty well with dignity. We can't simply prosecute them with a machine gun. We have to be more careful in our aiming by using a sniper. Only target the police officers involved in the incident. Leave out the rest of them who had nothing to do with it. So, let's zoom in on those police officers with direct connections to the accident, especially the police officer who shot Aminulrasyid. May the truth prevail, one way or another. For 100% absolute truth, tunggulah sampai di depan mahkamah Allah kelak.