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Saturday, 1 May 2010

What happens when MCA leaves BN?


2 MCA seats within the 15-man state assembly would presumably shift the balance from 13-2 to 11-4 in favour of BN.


The Alor Setar parliamentary seat would make BN 1 seat weaker in Parliament.

Gurun and Bakar Arang state seat would fall back to PR, making them stronger in the state assembly from 20-16 to 22-14 once more, making up for the 2 defections.


Tanjong Malim, Lumut, and Kampar parliamentary seat would be lost by BN. Make that 4 seats weaker in total.

Chenderiang and Jelapang state seat would fall to PR. From 31-28 in favour of BN, it will swing to become 30-29 in favour of PR. Perak retaken yeah!


Pandan parliamentary seat would be lost by BN. Getting weaker and weaker in Parliament.

Kuala Kubu Bahru and Sungai Pelek state seats taken, making PR more secured and entrenched in Selangor.

Negeri Sembilan:

Chennah state seat would fall to PR, making BN's position precarious. From 21-15 to 20-16 in favour of BN.


Alor Gajah parliamentary seat lost by BN.

Machap, Kelebang, Duyong, and Bemban state seats go to PR. Opposition in Melaka would be stronger now. From 23-5 in favour of BN to 19-9 in favour of BN.


Labis, Ayer Hitam, Kluang, Tebrau, Gelang Patah, Kulai, and Tanjung Piai parliamentary seats would be lost by BN. Make that 13 parliamentary seats in PR hands. (BN 138 - 82 PR. After defections and by-election, make that BN 143 - 77 PR. However, if MCA leaves, then it would be BN 130 - 90 PR at this point)

Jementah, Bekok, Tangkak, Yong Peng, Parit Yaani, Penggaram, Paloh, Johor Jaya, Stulang, Pengkalan Rinting, Pulai Sebatang, and Pekan Nenas state seats would be lost by BN. From a very comfortable position in the DUN of 50-6, now BN is only leading by 38-18 in their favour, just barely holding their 2/3 majority in the State Assembly.


Raub and Bentong parliamentary seats lost. Make that 15 seats lost in total at parliament level. (BN 128 - 92 PR)

Tanah Rata, Cheka, Damak, Semambu, Teruntum, Mentakab, and Bilut state seats lost by BN. From a score of 38-4, their majority is reduced to 31-11 in the State Assembly, making the opposition more vociferous.


Bandar state seat lost by BN. Not much difference as the score would be 23-9 rather than 24-8.

MCA never stepped foot in Penang and Kelantan. I'm lazy to cover Sabah and Sarawak, as they are mostly local BN components.

So, what happens when MCA leaves? Only 1 clear conlusion, which is PR will regain Perak if MCA indeed leaves BN, that is, if they ever do of course. ;P


Osama® said...


Nah... the MCA will never have the guts to leave BN, as it is, they are also parasites and depend on the "tongkat" mentality. Not being bias, I surely feel all these BN components parties, are in politics not to serve, but to profit from their positions.

When will the Rakyat really learn and will they bangkit come the next GE? Look at Kamalanathan, is this the kind of Parliamentarians you want? I think he is better off as a social worker.

With regards to MCA, really it is just but a shell, deprived of membership and support. With Perkasa, I feel Ibrahim Ali is working with DAP and is in actual fact a running dog of DAP. Remember, when Ibrahim was in trouble with the authorities during his student leaders day, he allegedly went to seek Lim Kit Siang's help, so it would not be a surprise that this katak has other motive? Just to explore the conspiracy theory? What do you think? There is no way, MCA or Gerakan K, can win back the votes for the next ten years, and ten years from now it will be worse, as the younger generations like you will want to veer away from racial politics.

Anyway, bro, good article and information, MCA will never leave BN and UMNO Baru is just like Perkasa, arrogant, intimidating, and they are just bullying the MCA. If MCA has the guts, it should show it to the Chinese community, and move out now! That will win them tremendous support from the community.

It will be good if more PAS candidates are thrown in to contest against the MCA Parliamentarians who won during the last GE in mixed areas. I am optimistic that those PAS guy will give MCA a run for their money and possibly come out victorious, considering the acceptance of PAS to the Chinese community now.

Cheers bro.

Ahmad Syafiq said...

Thanks for your comment bro. And yeah, I don't mind seeing PAS candidates facing off against MCA candidates in mixed seats. Take PKR out of the equation, I think PAS will be stronger. Not to mention most PAS assemblymen and assemblywomen have good track records when it comes to dealing with people's problems. Seriously, some of them won in the GE because they had long established their presence in their respective constituencies. That I say is a good sign for PAS in the long term because they will have many good politicians emerging from their shells. And not to mention that those constituencies will benefit from having people-friendly representatives.

Anyway, here's a link I'm gonna suggest to you:

It's not racist or anything, but I think more or less gave us a clue on what actually happened during the Memali Tragedy back in 1985. I wasn't even born during that period. The official version (gov't side) claimed that those who died in the tragedy were criminals as they are a threat to national security. But I seriously doubt that official version. You know how history books can be edited to accommodate the whims and fancies of the current government, and this is no different.

Cheers bro. And thanks for being a regular visitor to my blog, although I don't update it as frequently as last time.

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