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Friday, 14 May 2010

My uni life and current marks

Uni life is tough. It's like jumping off from a cliff.

Company reporting:
Marks so far: 19.6/25% (Assignment 1 & Online test)
Assignment 2 is due next Monday. I'm glad I'm done with that before the due date.

AIS & Financial Modelling:
Marks so far: 9.5/13% (2 online tests)
I haven't got back my assignment yet. Damn, it's a long wait.

Cost info for decision making:
Marks so far: 13.9/15% (Assignment 1 & presentation)
My 2nd assignment is due this Friday, and I haven't started on it.

Macroecons policy:
Marks so far: None so far
My assignment is not returned yet, and my test is on this Wednesday (6.30-7.30pm). Gotta study for that.


Osama® said...

I wish you all the best and so far it looks like you are doing well.

No wonder you have no time updating you blog for so long as you are preparing for your examination.

Bro, what is your take on Sibu? You did not come back to me at Anilnetto.

Bro, sickening, all those frogs from PKR. Just what can we do?

I think you should join PKR and come contest somewhere near me and I will give you whatever support necessary (within my means). But, make sure you do not disappoint me ok, bro? Tak boleh melompat, ok?

Ahmad Syafiq said...

Lol... Yeah, exams are around the corner. 11 June until 21 June. That's my exam period.

My take on Sibu is simple. Money will easily buy over voters, diluting DAP's chances of winning in Sibu. I can safely say that DAP can cut into BN's majority from 3,000 last time out to probably 2,000 votes. Anything better than that is a real miracle.

Wee Choo Keong, I read about him on RPK's website. He was alleged to have 2 mistresses, 1 of the 2 living in my area where I'm currently staying. So I'm glad that he left.

Nah, I rather join PAS. I don't have much trust in PKR anyway. Ever heard of PAS assemblymen or parliamentarians leaving PAS? The advantage is that they are all under oath. They will never leave PAS for whatever reason that may be, which is good. NO FROGGIES. And that means they are principled in their stand, always.

Haha, maybe I'll contest in like... 20-25 years time. ;P I know my parents voted in the PJS constituency (cause I'm their driver), where MCA obviously lost there. ;P Hehe.

Osama® said...

Thanks bro, if you are with PAS come contest in our area. I can assure you at least 300 workers, campaign workers.

You should take over from the frog Mohsin, or perhaps Nibong Tebal. You can. I assisted Mujahid Yusof Rawa and I have lots of members who can assist.

Next election you will be 21, come and contest in Nibong Tebal or Bagan Serai.

But, before that, you need to study how the wind blows first, the economy will be a factor. Also, only contest during a GE not a by election, as your chances will be slim in a by election. Good you are thinking of PAS, PAS truly is the pillar of the country inview of the current state of politics in our country. Honestly, in view of recent developments, I feel the Rakyat would rather walk with PR, as they have nothing to lose now.

The economy is in shambles, they proudly declared a 10.1 percent growth but which country in this region is not growing if you compare with the same quarter of last year? When the world was gripped in financial crisis and the Dubai problem?

Until and unless, corruption is tackled and bad governance improved, I am afraid that even a smart guy like you will be looking for a job overseas. No problem, you can easily get a job in Australia.

Honestly, politics aside, it is really scary when you think about the future of the country under UMNO Baru.

With regards to Sibu, well, I feel BN will win especially after today, as we do not know how much Najib will blow. As you can see, all PR reps are stopped from going into long houses now. Lots of monies were reported to have change hands. Really, BN must win with a bigger majority, anything less than that is a bad referendum on the Najib administration.

All the best bro, take good care and work hard!

Osama® said...
This comment has been removed by a blog administrator.
Osama® said...

Bro, I think Sibu will fall to the PR.

Follow Anil netto live and you can see what is up in Sibu right now.


Ahmad Syafiq said...

Haha, that's very kind of you Osama. But yeah, if one day I decide to join politics, I prefer to contest a seat which is close to home, so that it's easier to communicate with the electorate, especially the ones in need. But then again, I still need a good team of enthusiastic helpers to help my way around. So yeah, easier said than done.

Yeah, the way they calculated economic growth is like misleading. They don't count from quarter to quarter basis, but instead compared Q1 this year with Q1 last year. Of course, it's easy to claim that we have this much economic growth.

Aaa...bad experience with the PJS UMNO chief eh? Aaa well, that's what happens when you don't have Islam as a way of life. Some UMNO leaders are maybe like that, what can we do? Let this be a lesson to us of what a good leader is really all about and I hope he realises his mistakes one day.

Ok, I'll see what's up in Anil's blog. For me, numbers in ceramah will not necessarily turn into votes. So, we'll see about that tomorrow.

Osama® said...

Bro, it is 7.52pm in Malaysia, and in Sibu, the fourth referee is looking at his watch and the bookies are packing their bags!

Salam Reformasi bro!

Ahmad Syafiq said...

And the final whistle blows!!! DAP has won the match in what is to be one of the biggest shocks ever!!

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