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Wednesday, 19 March 2008

Hmm...After the holidays...

Man oh man! It's school period, again. After a so-called 1 week 'holiday', I feel so lazy to wake up and prepare to go to school that Monday. As usual, I came a little bit late to school. And guess what's the first period. It's the Reed-ing period. As usual, I fell asleep during English like some of my friends. (I'm sure you know who you are English HL students..) To sum it all up for Monday, I feel sleepy for most of the day. During Mr. Azhar's absence, my classmates and I tried to finish up our Business IA. Well, after a hectic rush, I managed to finish off my business IA the next day.

As we all know, the next class test is on the 31st of March. And boy oh boy I'm still reeling from the last class test. It's back to studying, period. There should be no more wasted time for the next 7 months, if I can.

Today is Wednesday. How time flies. As I am writing this, we are now having English class, seeing a presentation of Zorba the Greek by Zahra, Pao, Fatin, Syed and Hafiz. If only I wish I could concentrate on what they're saying. And as usual, Dr. Reed gave her comments. Now, me, Sarah, Kimberly, Meiling and Li Ying are still chaotic about what to present for Chapter 22 of Zorba, the widow's tragic murder. Also, Li Ying is observing me writing this post. I have a tendency to write either a poem or something else based on the current moment.

Ooo...crap. The 4 of them hadn't read Chapter 22. So they're asking me to say what we have discussed and bla bla bla a bunch of crap. Now, Sham's group is presenting. I guess that's all for now. Ciao!

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