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Friday, 14 March 2008


Well, basically, I've done almost nothing during the holidays.

It's quite boring actually to stay at home but I welcome this holiday break just as a saviour from further homeworks being given out. Once we're back at school, the cycle of homeworks will go on and on and on and on until.... (we die lo...)

Here's my homework progress so far during the holiday:
1. Business IA (uh oh... I haven't started yet, Mr. Azhar will go ballistic if I don't finish it by this Monday)
2. Business Case Study (Well, I got 1 question left to answer)
3. Economics short answer questions (2 out of 3 questions done)
4. World Literature Essay 1 (Dr. Reed asked me to come to her house to get my WLE1 back with feedbacks but I'm lazy to do that)
5. CAS Forms (nothing much, just a couple of Diary Forms, I really need to get a move on by doing proposal forms for joining CCA)
6. Maths portfolio (I couldn't remember where I put the question paper. I'm so dead)
7. Physics reports (I only passed up 4 reports. So my chances of getting high marks for that is really small)

Well, cheers to school holidays! Our rhythm to study is broken during this time of the year. But I must not waste any more time..

Time = Gold
Gold = Money
Time = Money

Till then, peace and Salam.

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